2nd Algae World Australia,

16-17 Apr, 2012 - Perth, AUSTRALIA

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle

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Racing Ahead to Prove Commercial Reality - Project updates, Scaling up prospects & Downstream Processing

The race among Algae project developers to demonstrate commercial feasibility is heating up in Australia.


Driven by government support for carbon sequestration projects, the integration of algae biofuels and carbon capture will propel Australia to secure the global leader position in algae development.


From South to Western Australia, algae demonstration projects have been announced, most with willing providers of Co2 feedstock.


With abundant land and solar resources, large scale facilities may soon be a reality.

MBD Energy proposes to recycle waste CO2 emissions from coal fired power stations and other forms of heavy industry into commercial production of algae biomass . Construction of its one-hectare Algal Synthesiser display plant at Tarong Power Station in South East Queensland is due to be completed.


In Western Australia, Aurora ,producer of high-performance, value- based products opened its demonstration facility in Karratha last year marking a significant advancement in the process of constructing the largest commercial scale photosynthetic algae facility in the world.


After more than 2 years of consistent results, the Muradel project in Karratha is said to be one step closer to creating commercial quantities of clean algae biofuel for the future. As quoted by Project Leader Prof Michael Borowitzka from Murdoch University, the Muradel project is the "only biofuel project in Australia working simultaneously on all steps in the process of microalgal biofuels production, from microalgae culture, harvesting of the algae and extraction of oil suitable for biofuels production".


Elsewhere a new project in Eyre Peninsula, South Australia is underway. The Darke Peak Algae Biofuel Commercialization project with academic partner, the Materials and BioEnergy Group of Flinders University, Adelaide recently announced the development of a new method to produce algae on a commercial scale using local grain waste as a nutrient for algae growth and feature local saline algae species found on biologically degraded land and saline groundwater.


It is no doubt that Australia is moving fast in developing the industry and has the potential to be the hub of algae biofuels


CMT has lined up the key authoritative speakers, project leaders and academicians to share with you the latest in the country's algae potential.


Key highlights include

  • Updates on Aurora and Muradel projects in Western Australia
  • Algae for Biodiesel & Drop-in fuels - Lipid quality and conversion to biofuels, analysis of algae biofuel conversion technologies
  • Using algae in a multi-feedstock approach to produce biofuels and fine chemicals
  • Algae for durable production of biofuels and livestock feed
  • Co2 mitigation and Capturing Co2 - systems & techno-economic assessment
  • Assessment of the possible scale of algae cultivation & biocrude potential across Australia
  • Downstream processing and integration of harvesting, separation & extraction processes

And many more


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Algae R&D Center in Murdoch University including the SABC (State Agricultural Biotechnology Center ) where they do a lot of molecular and proteonomic work and the Separation Science and Metabolomics laboratory which has extensive analytical capabilities including analysis of the algae and of the biofuels


The Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory are applying modern mass spectrometry techniques to the characterization of conventional and sustainable energy sources and products to help improve production, recoveries and quality. The Laboratory is now applying GC and LC-MS to characterise the lipid composition of feedstocks under various growth conditions and environmental perturbation to improve the quality of biofuels



Algae Project developers, Renewable energy cos, Cos in heavy industries eg steel, cement, Power plants, Institutional Investors / Fund Managers / Venture Capitalists, Oil & Gas Cos, Refineries, Biotech Engineering Cos, Airlines, Government Depts & Research Consortiums, Cos in nutritional, health, high value added products, Animal Feed Producers, Aquaculture Industries, Food Science Cos, Technology Providers from Algae cultivation to harvesting, dewatering and extraction technologies



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Here's what delegates said about our Algae World Australia held inTownsville on 16 to 17 August 2011
Algae World Australia 2011

"Very Educational"
Uhde Shedden (Australia) Pty Ltd


"Very good mix of academics, technical and commercial discussions."
John Holland Pty Ltdc


Origin Oil


"Good networking + General Knowledge + Leads"
Wintershine Pte Ltd


"This conference was a step-up on previous Algae forums in Australia"
University of Queensland


"It was great event. I've learned lots of things but I wish to hear more
about practical experience of real industry workers"

Korea University


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Algae.Tec accelerates expansion, to build first biofuels facility in China


MBD Energy Limited welcomes new $11m macro algae fuel project

Industry News


The steady growth of the biofuels industry is evident, as conglomerates rush to tap biofuel resources in China. Marking the beginning of a whole new venture is the building of the first biofuels and carbon capture facility by Algae.Tec, who signed a memorandum of understanding with Shandong Kerui Group Holding.


The 250-module biofuels facility to be constructed in Dongying, in Shandong Province will capture 137,000 tonnes of waste carbon dioxide. This facility is slated to produce about 33 million litres of algae-derived transport oil and 33,000 tonnes of biomass per annum at a combined value of over $40 million.


Executive Chairman at Algae Tec Roger Stroud remarked that the Algae Tec technology will reduce unwanted emissions and will convert them into locally produces transport fuels which will add to fuel independence.


On that note, Australia on the other hand, is fast-developing into an algal biofuel hub with commercial feasibility and a flurry of prospective CO2 feedstock providers.  As a matter of fact, the 2nd Algae World Australia taking place on 16-17 April 2012 in Perth sets out to examine how the industry is progressing down under weighing on   feedstock availability, conversion technology, downstream processing and many other crucial aspects of biofuel development in the region. And the 1.5 day event is already attracting participation from the sectors below:


2nd Algae World Attendee Profile


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12 Apr, 2012


James Cook University has received a $5 million grant from the Australian government to develop an algae-to-biofuels project. The grant will be used to research, develop and demonstrate Australia’s first freshwater and marine macro-algae to biofuels. It has also created a new AUS$15 million Advanced Biofuels Investment Readiness (ABIR) Program. The project will leverage a further $6 million from MBD Energy and the Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre, taking total funding to around $11 million.


To sum it up, algae production is one of the fastest growing new industries in Australia. CMT's 2nd Algae World Australia on 16-17 Apr, 2012 in Perth reflects on the robust algae developments, assessment of the possible scale of algae cultivation and biocrude potential across Australia and much more!


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An excerpt from Bioenergysite

22 Mar, 2012


(An interview with Dr David Lewis, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Adelaide by Desley Blanch, Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


A joint venture between Murdoch University, the University of Adelaide and commercial partner SQC, has established “Muradel” an Australian biofuel company, whose objective is to make Australia “The Saudi of the biofuels industry”. The spinout company Muradel Pty. Ltd is developing a novel approach by using salt water tolerant algae for second generation biofuel production. Muradel’s focus is to bring to commercial reality a large-scale business that leverages the natural advantages of the Australian environment, producing algae for renewable fuel and co-products from the biomass.


Muradel has built a USD 3.3 million pilot plant in Karratha which is one acre of pond system and can harvest up to sixty tonnes of culture per day. The landscape and environmental conditions in Australia make it ideal for algae cultivation. Sunshine, hot weather, flat land, access to suitable waters and carbon dioxide are just what micro-algae require to reproduce abundantly.


Australia has been in the news for quite some time and has been developing quite an industrial interest in algae.  CMT’s 2nd Algae World Australia in  PERTH on 16-17 Apr, 2012 features key speakers from Muradel including Dr David Lewis and Mr. Gerald Barker sharing more on the possible scale of algae cultivation & bio-crude potential across Australia, and latest updates on Muradel project.


Conference details are currently being finalized and will be released soon. In the meantime one can Pre-Register here.  For other queries email huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg


Extracted from Radio Australia


02 Mar, 2012


Did you miss attending the first Algae World Australia 2011 event? Not to worry, we’ve a sampling of what went down in Townsville, Australia last August.


And to give you advance insight and glimpse of what to expect at our 2012 meet, we invite you to watch the recording of:   


Algae World Australia Video Presentation by  
Origin Oil CEO, Riggs Eckelberry


where he outlined OriginOil's fast-track commercialization process, its technical aspects, the company's strategic partnership with carbon capture pioneer MBD Energy, and commentary on the direction of the algae industry.


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For your interest, our 2nd Algae World Australia will be returning this April, to PERTH, Australia this time. The 2012 event promises more of the same comprehensive and interactive program agenda - with exclusive presentations across key areas designed to provide you with vital facts and winning strategies for “Scaling up to the next level & developments in processing technology from harvesting, separation to extraction”


If you could attend only 1 Australia event in 2012, it should be the 2nd Algae World Australia series, as it offers you the unique opportunity to engage and learn from a diverse selection of experts plus local players from down under!


14 Feb, 2012


In Climate Spectators recent article – ‘You can have your carbon and eat it too’, Riggs Eckelberry, the head of the US firm OriginOil said that Australia has a bright future owing to the perfect climatic conditions and is potentially the perfect venue for this rapidly expanding industry.


Following the success of last year's sell-out event in Townsville, 2nd Algae World Australia returns on demand  in 2012 in PERTH to address the latest issues in the industry like assessment of the possible scale of algae cultivation & biocrude potential across Australia, open pond systems with high saline algae, genetic modification of algae for biofuel production and more. The conference on 16-17 Apr, 2012 will once again bring together an international congregation of algae industry experts.


The details of speakers’ topics and sessions are currently being finalized and will be available soon. Meanwhile one can contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or +65 6346 9113 or PRE-REGISTER here.


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23 Dec, 2011