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Cassava Starch World 2012

22-24 Feb, 2012 - Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

InterContinental Phnom Penh


"Potential for Downstream Value -Added Applications for Cassava Starch (aka Pati Singkong or tinh bột sắn in Indonesian & Vietnamese languages)


"New Improved Varieties to Increase its Competitiveness"


Ministry of Commerce reports that Cambodia's exports of cassava soared 94 per cent year-on-year in the first nine months of 2011, despite the recent flood devastation the agriculture sector has experienced. Statistics showed that Cambodia's export of dry and fresh cassava hit about 22,652 tonnes from January to September, compared to 11,656 tonnes in the same period last year.


Cassava farming is quickly expanding in Cambodia as profit margins on the crop continue to rise. Prices for the plant, which is edible and is used in ethanol production, have risen considerably, fetching more than other cash crops such as cotton that are being grown in the province. Increased farming has boosted cassava shipments and orders not only from Asean region but also in substantial quantities from China to Europe.


According to Yang Saing Koma, President of Center for Study and Development in Agriculture, many people are now investing in cassava in Cambodia. He quoted "They also expect to gain more profit from cassava, as yields are more frequent."


Thailand ,the largest exporter of Cassava products, has been unable to meet increasing demand from China due to recent aphid infestation and floods. Cambodia's cassava output is quickly catching up to fill the gap and more recently signed trade agreement with the Chinese to increase its cassava export to China.


Cassava is one of the most important starch sources used in production of different foods and industrial applications. Ongoing research is carried out to increase the commercial value of starch and improve its quality . Cassava's potential for downstream value added applications is huge.


Trivia: Cassava Starch is known as Pati Singkong in Indonesian and tinh bột sắn in Vietnamese languages

Note to delegates:

Please click here to apply for Cambodia Visa


Centered around the theme on

Finding Value Added Applications for Cassava Starch (
aka Pati Singkong or tinh bột sắn in Indonesian & Vietnamese languages),


CMT's Cassava Starch World conference
is a must attend event for the entire
supply chain of the industry.

Find out key issues on

  • Cassava Starch outlook - markets, economics and its competitiveness with other feedstocks in the starch game
  • Downstream processing of Cassava into ethanol, sweeteners, fermentation products. Find out how industry players use sugar & tapioca starch interchangably
  • Wastewater treatment and implementation of anaerobic process on cassava manufacturing facility. How to reduce global warming and yet gain emissions credit when you invest in methane gas collection and capture for energy
  • Biotechnology approaches to cassava protein improvement. What are the recent developments in improving the nutritional value of cassava ?
    What are the new cassava varieties that can increase its competitiveness ?
  • Can cassava starch be adapted for all purposes and how do companies test for variation in starch quality ?
  • Update on Cassava projects and markets outlook - Country focus on Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Colombia, Brazil

Find out more at the conference and network with the right people in the industry. Register now with hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Whom you will network with

Companies involved in Plantation-sugar and starch based feedstock, Agriculture/Agro Industrial Crops, Fermentation, Enzymes Suppliers, Companies that uses starch & starch derivatives - food, textiles, paper , pharmaceutical industries, Manufacturers and suppliers of Tapioca starch, Trading Cos, Venture Capitalists, Financial Analysts, Ethanol Producers, Fertiliser Cos, Sugar Plantations Co,
Equipment & Technology suppliers

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News Feed

Close to 150 top players will be in Phnom Pehn this week at the 1st Cassava Starch World 2012 meet!

Posted on : 20 Feb, 2012


CMT’s inaugural Cassava Starch World 2012 is well on the way to be an important industry-networking platform, with an excellent mix of participants coming from key sectors across the industry value chain. Here is a breakdown of attendee profiles:



Delegate Profile

Participants at the conference are looking forward to meaningful exchanges with industry’s most influential names and many top executives from Asia and beyond!


Those interested to participate can still register online here or email hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg for details.


Power Unity Cambodia Invests on Cassava processing plant in Siem Reap

Posted on : 03 Feb, 2012


Power Unity Cambodia Investment co. Ltd, a Thai joint venture company plans to export 300,000 tons of dry cassava to China after the launch of its cassava processing plant in Siem Reap. As reported, the US$600,000 plant will be fully operational in February 2012. According to Hour Seak Pheng , Deputy Director of the company, this plant is the first of its kind in Siem Reap and will generate jobs and improve people’s living standards by building a strong cassava market.


Cassava is a rapidly expanding industry in Cambodia. In support of this emergent industry CMT has put together Cassava Starch World 2012 forum on the 23-24 Feb, 2012 to reflect on Cassava markets outlook, market developments & improvements in new Cassava varieties in countries like China, Cambodia and more. The conference in Phnom Penh is already attracting with companies involved in Plantation-sugar and starch based feedstock, Agriculture/Agro Industrial Crops, Fermentation, Enzymes Suppliers, pharmaceutical industries, Manufacturers and suppliers of Tapioca starch, Venture Capitalists, Ethanol Producers, Sugar Plantations Co, Equipment & Technology suppliers and more.


Conference attendees will have the option to tour the TTY Agriculture Plant Development Co a diversified Cambodian Owned Conglomerate and a leading tapioca starch manufacturing company located in Kompong Cham province, Cambodia arranged exclusively by CMT.


Read complete article here.


Nest Fortune to Invest $6 Million in Cassava Industry

Posted on : 12 Jan, 2012


Nest Fortune Limited, a Hong Kong-based cassava-processing company, has invested US$6 million to establish a cassava-processing plant in Indramayu, West Java. MoU on the investment plan had been signed by Nest Fortune Chief Executive Officer William Yeung and Indonesian Cassava Community (MSI) Chief, Marwah Daud.


Excerpt from theindonesiatoday


CMT’s Cassava Starch World 2012 forum on the 23-24 Feb, 2012 aims to provide updates on Cassava projects and markets outlook in the region, particularly Indonesia. As such, the meeting in Phnom Penh features a presentation on Cassava Traits Improvement to Meet Industry Preference in Indonesia by Dr . Enny Sudarmonowat, Research Centre for Biotechnology – LIPI from Indonesia Institute of Science.  


To view complete Conference Agenda  click here. For additional details email hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Cassava exports jump 94%

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2011


Cambodia has seen an increase in cassava exports in the first nine months of this year. 226,500 tons of fresh cassava and dried chips were exported mainly to Thailand and Vietnam representing 94 percent rise from 116,568 tons in the same period last year, according to the statistics of the Commerce Ministry. Reportedly, Chinese agricultural firm China National Food Industry (Group) Corp recently signed an agreement with local company Ly Ye Rubber Co Ltd to purchase 1 million tonnes of dry cassava to export back to China. Cassava farming is quickly expanding due to growing demand from international markets as well.


CMT’s first ever Cassava Starch World 2012 forum on the 23-24 Feb, 2012 in Phnom Penh is put together to highlight Cassava market outlook in Asian countries such as Cambodia , China, Vietnam. To provide further insights , CMT hassecured the following invited expert speakers:


• Sara Girardello, Head of Starch Research, LMC International  

• Dr. Klanarong Sriroth, Dept of Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture , Kasetsart University

• Dr. Harold Corke. School of Biological Sciences. University of Hong Kong

• Dr. James Wang, Research Technical Leader II, Kimberly-Clark Corporation 

• Dr. Herve Vanderschuren, Cassava Research Group Leader Plant Biotechnology Lab,  ETH Zurich

• Hernan Ceballos, Program Leader -Cassava,  CIAT

• Anuwat Ruthaiyanont CEO , Thai Tapioca Starch Association

• Warakit  Tanburintip, Sales & Logistics Manager Double A Ethanol Co., Ltd

• Prof. Dr. Enny Sudarmonowati, Research Centre for Biotechnology – LIPI Bogor

• Patrick Bürgi, CTO / Regional Director Thailand , South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd

• Dr. James George, Project Coordinator-All India Coordinated Research Project on Tuber Crops, Indian Council of Agricultural Research


To preview their presentation topics, download preliminary agenda here or email hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg for more details.


Read complete article here.


Sarinah plans cassava joint venture with South Korea

Posted on : 11 Nov, 2011


Indonesian State-owned company PT Sarinah has signed an agreement to set up a Cassava processing facility with Korean investors with the total investment of US$90 million. The company  will purchase cassava from farmers and export it for cattle fodder to China and South Korea.  According to its President Director Mr Jimmi Gani , export to China will initially be 5,000 tons per month, and later could be boosted  to over 10,000 tons .


Above is just one of many similar news that points to increasing Chinese demand for Cassava, which in turn has led to a surge in cassava exports and rapid growth in the Starch Industry in China. All because, apart from Corn starch, Cassava modified starch is widely used in China for papermaking, food processing and textile industry.


For an insight into Asia’s Cassava and Starch industry, CMT is hosting a first-ever  Cassava Starch World 2012 forum on the 23-24 Feb, 2012 in Phnom Penh . This inaugural event aims to provide country specific overviews relating to Processing & starch technologies, markets for starch & derivatives, animal feed, biofuels tradefor China, Indonesia, Thailand,  Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and more.


The program details are currently being finalized .To request a brochure , click here  or email Ms. Hafizah Adam at  hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Source: Agronews


Fee Info

Note: Site Visit is fully booked. Email sasha@cmtsp.com.sg to be in the queue list & we will revert to you if any seat becomes available (Applicable for conference attendees only).


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Speaker Profile

Dr . Tin Maung Aye
Cassava Agronomist / Soil Scientist, CIAT (Int Center for Tropical Agriculture)
CIAT Cassava Research & Development in S.E. Asia
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 12:10 PM

Tin is the Cassava Agronomist and Soil Scientist expert for the Cassava Program in Asia for the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIAT in Asia

His research focusses on improved cassava productivity, maintaining natural resources and protection of emerging pests and diseases of cassava for cassava communities in Asia

Read more
Anuwat Ruthaiyanont
Managing Director, Northeastern Starch (1987) Co. Ltd.
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 04:50 PM

Anuwat Ruthaiyanont

Anuwat is the Vice President of the Thai Tapioca Starch Association and Managing Director of Northern Starch, one of Asia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of starch products. He obtained his bachelor degree in Food Technology from Chulalongkorn University and Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from Oregon S....
Read more

Dr. James George
Project Coordinator (Tuber crops), Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR)
Establishment of Sustainable & Profitable Cassava Plantation - an Asian Experience
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 09:30 AM

James George

Dr. James George is currently serving as the Project Coordinator of All India Coordinated Research Project on Tropical Tuber Crops under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. He is the chief executive for implementing tuber crop research programs in 18 State Agriculture Universities in India. He holds graduate and post ....
Read more

Mr. Suwit Maturunyanon ***
Business Development Manager, Papop Co. Ltd.
Treatment of Cassava Waste Using Anaerobic Technology
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 10:30 AM

Suwit Maturunyanon

Suwit is currently the business development manager for Papop. He graduated from the KhonKaen University Thailand with a Bachelor's Deg in Civil Engineering and then obtained his MBA in University of Central Oklahoma. Currently he is charge of all the company's CDM projects

Read more