3rd Biomass Trade & Power,

22-24 Feb, 2012 - Brussels, BELGIUM

Crowne Plaza Brussels - Le Palace




"Ensuring Operational Progress & Sustainable Growth Amidst Overcast Economy"


"Strategic Meeting of Stakeholders in the Global Biomass Supply & PowerGen"



CMT's 3rd Biomass Trade & Power gathers in Brussels on 23th - 24th February at the Crowne Plaza - Le Palace. The conference focuses on drivers of biomass power generation markets, from economics to sustainability, in the EU and Asia. The recent Bioenergy Review by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) reported that bioenergy plays a "crucial role" in meeting the UK's carbon targets and projected that bioenergy can contribute around 10% of UK's primary energy. With Biomass and Wind energy taking lead as the most promising renewable energy resources in Poland, the country is making shift from traditional coal and fossil fuels resources to achieve its target of 14% by 2020.


Aside from the EU, Asia is also developing its biomass sector both in demand and supply. Korea is implementing its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that calls for 2% of total energy generation to be renewable in 2012, and 10% by 2022. India, Japan and China have also announced biomass power projects and added capacity.


The biomass commodity market continues to evolve, on standardization and sustainability issues for industrial wood pellets. At the same time, agricultural residues such as straws and palm biomass (e.g. PKS) are also finding supply off-take in Europe and Asia, especially with favourable shipping freight. On pretreatment technologies, much attention is now focused on the value chain of Torrefaction as the industry sought for details on economics and commercialisation.


Be part of 3rd Biomass Trade & Power and get involved with the development of a cost effective biomass supply chain and strengthening of biomass as a sustainable renewable energy source. Do not miss the opportunity to network with key stakeholders from more than 30 countries of the global biomass power generation markets.

Multiple benefits from the following discussions:

  • Assess the Upward Trends of Biomass Power Generation in UK, Poland, Italy, Korea, India, etc
  • Progress on the Wood Pellets Buyers' Initiative on Contractual Requirements for Industrial Wood Pellets
  • Focus on Biomass fuelled CHP - An Emerging Energy Efficient Solution?
  • Development of the Biomass Commodity Market, Trade flow, Pricing & Standardization
  • Purusit of the Torrefied Pellets Value Chain - Where is it in the Commercialisation roadmap?
  • Insights on Supply Markets - Africa, Central Europe, Russia, US& Asia
  • Maximising Potential from Agricultural Residues (e.g. Straws, Palm Biomass, PKS)
  • Perspectives from various roles - traders, marketers and buyers
  • Meet and network with top panel of speakers and industry players to exchange latest updates!

The pre-conference site visit takes participants of the 3rd Biomass Trade & Power to an exclusive guided tour and presentation of Electrabel's Rodenhuize Power Station, a 180 MW biomass fuelled plant located in Ghent. Powering 320,000 homes, this plant, originally developed as a coal-fired power plant, is now converted into a 100% biomass fuelled unit and operational in September 2011.


Register with your team today for the conference and site visit. Contact Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg for more information.


Confirmed Speakers :
- IEA Task 40/Utrecht University
- Topell - Ekman & Co.
- Weglokoks - Tuzetka (2ZK) -Vattenfall - Wild & Partner KG
- Ecofys - AEBIOM - A.ON - Dutch Energy Solutions - Drax Power


You will network with:
- Biomass/Pellets Producers, Traders & Importers
- Biofuels Producers Importers
- Utilities, Power, Distributed Power
- Agriculture/Forestry/Plantation Companies
- Commodity Brokers & Analysts
- Wood Processing Companies
- Shipping & Brokers (Dry Bulk, Biomass/Pellets)
- Government/Regulators - Pulp & Paper
- Pelleting Equipment/Technologies
- Biomass Pretreatment Technologies
- Enzymes/Catalysts Providers
- Trade/Project Financing Institutions
- Specification & Benchmarking
- Biomass/Bio-Power Associations
- Emission/CDM Traders - Environmental Engineers


Pre-Conference Site Visit (22 February 2012, 1300 - 1830) :

Rodenhuize Power Station, a 180MW biomass fuelled plant, located in Ghent, Belgium.

Rodenhuize 4 was originally developed as a coal-fired power plant. The plant was modified in 2005 and 2008 to enable generation of electricity from both coal and biomass. The plant was converted from a coal-fired unit called Rodenhuize 4 into a 100% biomass unit.

Opened in September 2011, the converted unit can generate enough electricity to power 320,000 homes. An investment of €125m was made into the project. The plant will reduce about 1.2 million tons (mt) of carbon dioxide emissions annually.


2nd Biomass Trade & Power 2011
Testimonials from Biomass Trade & Power Rotterdam events in 2010 & 2011


"Extremely well organised and with interesting participants" Global Wood Holding SA


"This was a great conference both in topics as well as the people that attended" E-Energy Market


"This conference was a good mix of interesting presentations, opportunities for chatting and small talk between participants"
GEE Energy


"As an outsider, I am now enlightened about biomass" Tschudi Shipping Company AS


"Truly impressed. I had no pre-conceptions but the honesty of the speakers and mix of participants provided a medium for understanding across the biomass complex" DONG Energy


" A good opportunity to meet important players of biomass growing market" KEMA Consulting


"The conference was the perfect occasion to get a holistic overview over the current biomass industry and to meet people from all functions within the industry" Choren Biomass


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News Feed

Biomass industry's most influential players are convening at this week's 3rd Biomass Trade & Power conference in Brussels!

Posted on : 20 Feb, 2012


CMT’s 3rd Biomass Trade & Power is all poised to be an important industry-networking platform, with an excellent mix of participants coming from key sectors across the industry value chain. Here is a breakdown of attendee profiles:


delegate profile

Attendees are all looking forward to 2 days of meaningful exchanges with industry’s most influential names and many top executives from Europe and beyond!


Those interested to participate can still register online here or email hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg for details.


De derde Biomass Trade and Power Summit in februari te Brussel!

Posted on : 31 Jan, 2012


Biomassa (houtpellets, houtsnippers en agrarische residuen) draagt ​​voor meer dan de helft bij in de productie van hernieuwbare energie als een schone, veilige en competitieve energiebron in de EU. Naast de EU is Azië, voorzien van een overvloed aan van biomassa uit bosbouw en agrarische residuen, bezig met de ontwikkeling van haar biomassa-sector, zowel in vraag en aanbod. Gevolg is dat de biomassa handelsstromen niet langer beperkt zijn tot de EU maar uitgegroeid zijn tot een wereldhandel.


Na twee geweldige jaren in Rotterdam verhuist de Biomass Trade en Power Summit naar Brussel. Op 23 en 24 februari staan de volgende onderwerpen op de agenda: de globale handel in biomassa en de groei en kansen van elektriciteitsproductie in regio's zoals de EU, VK, Azië en de VS. Het 2012 event voorziet een bezoek aan de elektriciteitscentrale van Rodenhuize, een 180mW biomassa gestookte centrale, gevestigd in Gent, België voor de aanvang van de conferentie.


Gespreid over anderhalve dag en met thema 's zoals de garantie van de operationele vooruitgang en duurzame groei in een transparante economie en met een strategische bijeenkomst van stakeholders uit meer dan 30 landen uit de sector van het aanbod van biomassa & elektriciteitsproductie, is het evenement voorzien van zinvolle interacties en netwerking.


Op de conferentie zijn een indrukwekkend aantal experts aanwezig, waaronder:


  • De heer Shanmugam Pattu, directeur van Cetex Energy Generation Co Pvt Ltd met zijn studie "de huidige situatie van India voor groene stroomproductie uit bio-energie.
  • Edita Vagonyte, Manager Europese Zaken van de Europese Biomassa Associatie - AEBIOM - geeft een evaluatie over de inspanningen van de Europese Raad van Pellets & de vooruitgang van de industriële integratie van het ENplus Pellet Certificatie Schema.
  • Dr. Marieke Harteveld, Consultant Bio-energie & Biobased Economy met Ecofys Nederland BV heeft het over de duurzaamheidscriteria voor vaste biomassa & ILUC.
  • De heer Robin Post van der Burg, directeur Business Development bij Topell Energy BV presenteert de Productie Waarde Keten van Getorrificeerde Pellets
  • De heer Jonas Wilde van Vattenfall AB, de heer Rob Prange, Algemeen Director van het Nederlandse Energy Solutions en Rob Verheem, adjunct-directeur bij NCEA dat Afrika's focus van biomassa op lopende projecten, infrastructuur en Investment & Trade analyseert.
  • De heer Johan Granath, hoofd van bio-energie bij Ekman & Co AB geeft de stand van zaken over Vyborgskaya Cellulose Pellet Plant & het onderscheid tussen het werken met een agent en een trader.
  • De heer Michael Wild, hoofd van Wild & Partners KG over de case studie van getorrificeerde biomassa/pellets- het is eindelijk zover!.
  • De heer Patrick de Jamblinne, CEO, Tuzetka (2ZK) onderzoekt de ontwikkeling van bio-energie in Centraal-Europa & de integrale keten van biomassa pellets (houtachtige en agro-residuen),

Daarnaast zullen er updates worden gepresenteerd over de internationale groei van de elektriciteitsproductie en handel van biomassa/vraag in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en Polen door Mairi Black van Drax Power Station en de heer Piotr M. Nowak, Manager van het buitenlandse handelsdepartement van vaste brandstoffen van Trading Department Weglokoks SA. Ondertussen zal Dr Yves Ryckmans, de Chief Technology Officer Biomassa bij Electrabel - Laborelec een overzicht geven over de vooruitgang van het Houtpellets Kopers Initiatief voor duurzaamheid & specificaties voor industriële houtpellets.


Voor meer informatie en om uw team te registreren voor de conferentie en de site te bezoeken gaat u naar de officiële event pagina op http://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=120208.


*Translated by ODE-Vlaanderen medewerker


UK’s RWE npower world’s largest wood pellet-based biomass power to start operations this month

Posted on : 31 Jan, 2012


RWE npower is all set to start commercial operations at UK’s biggest biomass power station at Tilbury. The third of three units at the 750-megawatt (MW) power plant will start producing power and will be commercially operational by the end of January. 


According to Dan Meredith, Corporate Public Relations Manager for RWE npower, at full capacity the plant will use approximately 2.5 million tons of wood pellets by the time the plant switches from coal to only biomass. This switch would account for 10% of renewable energy output for the U.K. going into 2012.


To provide updates on global growth in biomass based power generation & trade/demand , latest on on-going projects, infrastructure, investment & trade, CMT will be hosting its 3rd Biomass Trade and Power on 23-24  Feb 2012. The conference in Brussels is a perfect networking & information exchange platform for all Biomass Power producers, Biomass producers, Traders, Key European regulators and technology experts and more.


CMT has also arranged an exclusive Pre-Conference Site Visit on 22 February 2012 to Rodenhuize Power Station, located in Ghent, Belgium. The site visit is open for bookings on first-come-first basis to the conference registered delegates only.  


Download Brochure or submit your queries to hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Source: Biomass magazine


Amsterdam gearing up for Biomass Boom

Posted on : 12 Jan, 2012


The increased focus on renewable energy and new Dutch government proposals that will see the use of some biomass mandatory in the country’s coal-fired power stations by 2022 is expected to lead to a boom in biomass traffic in Dutch ports such as Amsterdam. Currently, Dutch ports handle around 1.5million tonnes of biomass annually, but due to the forecast growing demand for the alternative energy source in North European countries, the figure is expected to increase to about 13.5million tonnes by 2020.


The MD of the Commercial Department of Port of Amsterdam, Koen Overtoom,  estimated that by 2020, The Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and the UK will require 15Million tones of biomass a year. As a result, the port of Amsterdam will acquire a significant market share in the north-west European market for biomass transhipment, said Overtoom.


With this backdrop, CMT’s is pleased to be hosting 3rd Biomass Trade and Power on 23-24  Feb 2012 to be held in Brussels focussing on the evolving Biomass commodity market especially in the EU region. The conference also features an exclusive Pre-Conference Site Visit on 22 February 2012 to Rodenhuize Power Station, located in Ghent, Belgium. This site visit is especially arranged for and opened for bookings on first-come-first basis to the conference registered delegates only.  


Register your team now or email hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Read complete article here.


Tolaram of Singapore Plans Biomass Power, Heat Plant in Estonia

Posted on : 01 Dec, 2011


Singapore’s Tolaram Group plans to build a heat and power plant in Kehra, northern Estonia estimated to cost 30 million euros ($41 million). The annual capacity of the plant is planned at 108 gigawatt-hours of thermal energy and 63 GWh of electric energy. The aim is to launch the plant by the end of 2014, commented Sonny Aswani, the company’s managing director. Tolaram is preparing the project in cooperation with Estonia's state-owned energy group Eesti Energia and will be finalizing investment decisions in 2012.The energy produced by the cogeneration plant will be used by Horizon Pulp and Paper also owned by Tolaram.


Global demand for Biomass is rapidly growing , especially in Europe. As fuel stock for power and heat,  biomass investment has been hailed to be more lucrative than any other renewable - offering higher yields, earlier returns and greater potential for economies of scale.  CMT’s 3rd Biomass Trade and Power, 23-24  Feb 2012 to be held in Brussels emphasizes the Global Biomass Trade & Power generation growth and opportunities in regions like EU, UK, Asia & US.


The details of speakers’ topics and sessions are currently being finalized and will be available soon. Meanwhile one can email Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sgto Pre-register interest .


9 Nov, 2011- Bloomberg


UK incentives to boost companies generating electricity from Biomass – Drax expected to soar high!

Posted on : 31 Oct, 2011


As reported by Bloomberg, U.K. incentives are boosting biomass power. On 21 Oct, 2011 the Department for Energy and Climate Change has proposed doubling the tradable ROCs, or Renewables Obligation Certificates, given to enhanced biomass co-firing plants. The proposals, which will take effect in April 2013, or April 2014 aimed at ensuring the U.K. meets its European Union target of getting 15 percent of all energy for heat, power and transportation from renewable energy in 2020.  


Inevitably, this would allow some of the thermal power plants, which have converted to biomass, to boost their production. Drax, owner of the UK’s biggest coal-fired power station, hopes by 2016 to use biomass for 50% of the output from its 2GW operation. Drax will increase its use of co-firing biomass thanks to the increased incentives commented Dorothy Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Drax. She added that an additional uplift on the proposed level could further the opportunity for burning more biomass. It is now poised to source half its fuel from Biomass.She commented that is not surprising if biomass is going to become an increasingly important commodity and will eventually replace fossil fuels. Drax is expected to soar higher if high subsidies for enhancing co- firing are introduced.


Many Biomass power plants have been approved in the UK early this year implying the increased competition for biomass-generated power. Against this backdrop, CMT’s 3rd Biomass Trade and Power, 23-24  Feb 2012 in  Brussels aims to share insights on Global Biomass Trade & Power Generation Growth in EU, in particular UK region. Finalized program details will be released shortly . Meanwhile one can email Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg to Pre-register interest or send in enquiries.