9th LAPET (Latin America PET Packaging Markets),

19-20 Oct, 2011 - Mexico City, MEXICO

The Westin Sante Fe, Mexico City

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Enhancing profitability & moving towards rPET


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Recovery in consumer demand growth is matched by investments in new capacity in PET and PTA. The resin majors have announced new projects and expansion…against recent background of M&As and consolidation…What impact will it have on the global and Mexican/Latin American PET prices? Simultaneously many companies are looking to increase their R-PET percentages. Coca Cola is targeting 25 percent R-PET content [April ICIS]. As recycling interest intensifies and becomes a norm… R-PET supply is becoming short. Will its prices escalate beyond virgin PET? Will it still be viable to trade in R-PET?


What are the latest Mexican government’s initiatives for R-PET.? Find out these concerns and many others at CMT’s 9th LAPET conference.


Lightweight bottle is highly sort after by brand owners. What are the new technology and trends in this? Will an increased movement towards this trend reduce demand for virgin resin and also reduce availability of R-PET?  The conference will answer these questions.


Growing numbers of leading beverage brands like Coke & Pepsi have announced adoption of plant or biobased bottles. How much of a challenge will these new plant bottles pose to PET bottle whether 25 percent or 100 percent.  Many questions are outstanding: from the processes and how cost competitive these bio feedstock are?  LAPET 2011 addresses these matters.


Demand for virgin PET is rising in the emerging markets of Central America, from Cuba to Costa Rica to El Salvador to Guatamela. Senior executives of companies in the Central American region will share their market needs and plans for the coming years.




This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry.


Sponsorship opportunities available include Gold, Corporate, Exclusive Luncheon & Cocktail sponsor. Exhibition/ catalogue display can be arranged upon request. Contact cynthia@cmtsp.com.sg






CMT’s 9th LAPET 2011 – Buyer & Seller Meet is the place to be if you are doing PET Chain business in Mexico and Central American.  Be there to meet and exchange information and clarify your concerns with industry experts on:

  • Update on upcoming new PET & feedstock capacity
  • Impact of the New M&G PET plant in the USA
  • Assess availability & pricing of Virgin PET vs RPET
  • Capitalise opportunities in emerging Central America
  • Evaluate developments in specialty resin
  • Find out about Consumer perspectives on PET packaging & RPET
  • Latest on packaging & technology for milk, personal care & home care products
  • Learn about demand & application of R-PET in Mexico and USA
  • Gain insights into bio based feedstock
  • Opportunities in film/sheet market in the region
  • Latest on hotfill technology for food
  • Strategies to reduce cost via cap technology

Lock your calendar for the industry’s essential conference. Capitalise on receiving first updates on opportunities in the region from an impressive panel comprising of decision makers. Your day should not be spent elsewhere! Register now!


You Will Network With
- PET Resin Producers/Suppliers

- Feedstock Suppliers (PX/PTA/ MEG)

- Polyester Manufacturers - Traders

- Converters - Preform Producers - Designers

- Technology Providers including machinery suppliers from blowing, preform to injection molding, robotic systems etc, recycling cos, bottlers/ fillers, brand owners, and convertors



CMT 9º LAPET 2011 : La mayor Reunion de Compradores - Vendedores de toda la Cadena productiva del PET en México y Latino América. Si quiere hacer buenos negocios, conocer los ultimos avances en tecnología, intercambiar información y aclarar sus preocupaciones con expertos de la industria del PET asi como posicionar su marca.


Estos seran los temas principales a tratar durante la conferencia:

  • Actualización y lo nuevo en cuanto al PET y la capacidad de materia prima
  • Impacto de la nueva planta de PET de M & G en los Estados Unidos
  • Evaluar y comparar los precios de PET Virgen vs RPET
  • Aprovechar y capitalisar las oportunidades en la emergente América Central.
  • Evaluar la evolución de la resina de especialidad.
  • Perspectivas de consumo de envases de PET & RPET
  • Lo más reciente en empaque y tecnología para leche, cuidado personal y productos de cuidado del hogar
  • Más información sobre la demanda y aplicación de R-PET en México y Estados Unidos
  • Obtenga una visión de la materia prima bio base
  • Oportunidades en el mercado de la pelicula/ hoja de PETen la región
  • Más recientes en la tecnología de hotfill de alimentos
  • Estrategias para reducir los costos mediante la nueva tecnología de reduccionde peso de las tapas

Aparte la fecha en su calendario para la Conferencia mas importante en la industria del PET. Recibir actualizaciones de primera mano sobre oportunidades en la región ya que contamos con un impresionante grupo de ponentes asi como asistentes de muy alto nivel para toma de decisiones. Para mayores informes y registro favor de ponerse en contacto en Mèxico: tanya@cmtsp.com.sg


News Feed

9th LAPET conference - The best occasion to gain a competitive edge for your business & form valuable contacts!

Posted on : 14 Oct, 2011


The Latin America PET packaging industry decision makers, are convening in Mexico City for the 9th LAPET (Latin America PET Packaging Markets) conference next week on 19-20 October!


While obtaining industry updates is key reasons to attend, many revealed that they were also looking forward to create new collaborations with the key stakeholders in the industry. Supported by an international panel of experts, the event is recognized by the industry as a key platform to keep up-to-date with latest PET market developments, regional opportunities, upcoming trends and emerging challenges affecting PET packaging markets in Mexico and Latin America.


Refer to pie chart below for a preview at profile of industry players who are attending this Mexico meet.



Coca-Cola’s Take on RPET Processing at the 9th LAPET Conference

Posted on : 28 Sep, 2011


UK authorities have given green light to a £15m joint venture between Eco Plastics and Coco-Cola to supply recycled PET (rPET) to the global drinks giant.


Source: Food Production Daily, 6 May, 2011


CMT is privileged to welcome Ms. Gabriela Hernandez, Sustainable Package Manager, Coca Cola de Mexico, to the 9th LAPET Conference, as she shares her views on RPET processing. Ms. Hernandez will also address related issues, including:

  • The quality requirement of RPET
  • Processing challenges and considerations to ensure good quality PCR bottles
  • Varying percentage of PCR materials and their impact

For more details on the programme schedule, please contact Ms Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg.


Los principales expertos PET de América Latina consideran los desafíos de R-PET (PET reciclado) en la Novena LAPET en Ciudad de México

Posted on : 08 Sep, 2011


CIUDAD DE MÉXICO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--La industria más influyente de la región se reúne en la Novena LAPET para presentar las ideas de los expertos sobre cómo mantenerse competitivo, estrategias innovadoras, ofertas de productos y PET reciclado.


Entre el 19 y el 20 de octubre, la novena conferencia LAPET (Mercados de empaque PET de América Latina) en Ciudad de México, identificará las oportunidades regionales, las tendencias en R-PET y los desafíos que afectan a los mercados de embalaje PET en América Latina.


Así como Coca Cola se fija un objetivo de 25 por ciento de contenido R-PET, muchas más compañías también intentan aumentar sus porcentajes de R-PET. Aún no está claro si los precios subirán o si el R-PET es tan rentable como el PET virgen, si sigue siendo viable comerciar con R-PET y cuáles, si las hay, son las últimas iniciativas del gobierno mexicano en relación con R-PET.


La Novena LAPET de CMT pretende dar una respuesta a estas preguntas tan relevantes. Reconocida no sólo como la mayor reunión de proveedores y compradores de PET en la región, la Novena LAPET es conocida también por sus conferencistas de primer nivel y sus sesiones altamente informativas. Una de las más esperadas es la sesión por Coca Cola de México que analizará los métodos de procesamiento de R-PET, sus desafíos y consideraciones para garantizar botellas PCR de buena calidad.


El evento también contará con Nextek Limited tratando los últimos desarrollos en R-PET y los desafíos para aplicaciones en jugos y agua, así como Netstal hablando de los avances en el envasado de la leche en una sesión titulada ‘Envases PET con sistemas de barrera contra la luz para la leche UHT’.


La 9°LAPET tiene el privilegio de tener a M&GFinanziaria S.r.l., actualmente el productor más grande de PET para aplicaciones de embalaje y líder tecnológico del mercado del poliéster, que brindará su aporte a la conferencia. La Sra. Cecile Bourland, Gerente de Comercialización de M&G hablará sobre sus planes de innovación y sostenibilidad en los avances en PET y se ocupará de temas relacionados como las oportunidades para el desarrollo de mercados PET globales de especialidades y las nuevas biotecnologías / inversiones y oportunidades.


IHS-CMAI, Total PET Packaging, Bericap Gmbh & Co, Avon México, Graham Packaging, Croda, SEMARNAT, Polindustrias S.A. y PCI PET Packaging Resin & Recycling Ltd también están aportando artículos sobre:

  • Tipos de nuevas materias primas / PET biológicas disponibles en el mercado.
  • Oportunidades emergentes en nuevas áreas de crecimiento como Cuba, Guatemala y Costa Rica.

Para más información sobre la 9° LAPET (Mercados de Embalaje PET en América Latina) o registrarse para la conferencia, por favor comuníquese con tanya@cmtsp.com.sg o visite el sitio oficial de la Novena LAPET.2



Principais especialistas em PET da América Latina avaliam os desafios da R-PET (PET reciclada) durante a 9ª LAPET, na Cidade do México

Posted on : 08 Sep, 2011


CIDADE DO MÉXICO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Reunião da indústria mais influente da região, a 9a LAPET vai apresentar os pontos de vista de especialistas sobre como manter-se competitivo, estratégias inovadoras, ofertas de produtos e PET reciclada.


Nos dias 19 e 20 de outubro a 9ª Conferência LAPET (Mercados de embalagens PET da América Latina), na Cidade do México, vai colocar em destaque as oportunidades regionais, as tendências para R-PET e os desafios que afetam os mercados de embalagens PET na América Latina.


Assim como a Coca-Cola, cuja meta é de 25% de conteúdo R-PET, muitas outras empresas também estão buscando aumentar suas porcentagens de R-PET. Assim sendo, ainda não está claro se os preços vão escalar ou se R-PET oferece a mesma relação custo-eficiência que a PET virgem, se ainda é viável negociar com R-PET e quais são, se houver, as iniciativas mais recentes do governo mexicano com relação à R-PET.


A 9aLAPET tem o objetivo de responder as perguntas pertinentes acima. Renomada não apenas por ser a maior reunião de fornecedores e compradores PET da região, a 9ªLAPET é também conhecida pela presença de palestrantes do mais alto calibre e por suas sessões altamente informativas. A mais esperada das sessões será apresentada pela Coca Cola de Mexico que vai abordar métodos de processamento de R-PET, seus desafios e os aspectos necessários para garantir a boa qualidade das garrafas PCR.


O evento também contará com a participação da Nextek Limited tratando dos últimos desenvolvimentos de R-PET e os desafios para aplicações de suco e água, assim como a Netstal falando sobre os avanços nas embalagens de leite através da sessão intitulada "Contêineres PET com sistemas de barreira contra a luz para Leite UHT".


A 9ªLAPET da CMT tem o privilégio de contar com a contribuição da M&GFinanziaria S.r.l.,, atualmente a maior produtora de PET do mundo para aplicações em embalagens e líder tecnológica do mercado de poliéster, durante a conferência. Cecile Bourland, gerente de marketing da M&G, vai falar sobre os planos de sustentabilidade e inovação da empresa para continuar avançando com a PET e vai abordar problemas correlatos, como as oportunidades de desenvolvimento do mercado global de produtos PET especiais e os novos investimentos e oportunidades em biotecnologia.


IHS-CMAI, Total PET Packaging, Bericap Gmbh & Co, Avon Mexico, Graham Packaging, Croda, SEMARNAT, Polindustrias S.A. e PCI PET Packaging Resin & Recycling Ltd também vão apresentar trabalhos sobre:

  • tipos de novas PET/matéria prima bio-baseada disponível no mercado;
  • oportunidades emergentes em novas áreas de crescimento, como Cuba, Guatemala e Costa Rica.

Para outras informações sobre a 9ª LAPET (Mercados de embalagens PET da América Latina) ou para fazer sua inscrição, entre em contato com Hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg ou acesse o site oficial da 9ª LAPET.


Profile of PET players who attended 8th LAPET (Latin America PET Packaging Markets)!

Posted on : 19 Aug, 2011


Marking the series’ 9th consecutive year, the premier 9th LAPET (Latin America PET Packaging Markets) conference returns to Mexico City on 19-20 October 2011.


Supported by an international panel of experts, the event is recognized by the industry as a key platform to keep up-to-date with latest PET market developments. Regional opportunities, upcoming trends and emerging challenges affecting PET packaging markets in Mexico and Latin America, are just some of the presentations lined up on this year’s agenda.


For an idea of the event’s target audience, here’s a summary of the industry profile that attended last year’s 8th LAPET:




Delegates Profile



Click here to review 2011 program agenda, reserve your seats or send enquiries to Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


World’s largest producer of PET for packaging applications Mossi & Ghisolfi Group to speak at 9th LAPET in Mexico City!

Posted on : 22 Jul, 2011


Mossi & Ghisolfi Group (M&G) begins construction of the world’s first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant. The plant will produce 13 million gallons of ethanol per year from biomass. The price of ethanol will be competitive with gasoline.


(Source: Novozymes, 12 Apr 2011)


Given that M&G is presently the world’s largest producer of PET for packaging applications and a technological leader in the polyester market, CMT’s 9th LAPET (19-20 Oct) is privileged to have its representative share their experiences at our conference. M&G’s Marketing Manager, Mrs Cecile Bourland,will be speaking about their innovation and sustainability in moving forward in PET, and addressing related issues below:


-      Opportunities for specialty resins for global PET market development

-       New bio PET technology/investments & timing


For more information on early registrations, one may contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Exclusive insights on Latin American PET Markets anticipated at 9th LAPET in Mexico this October

Posted on : 01 Jul, 2011


CMT's 9th LAPET spotlights regional opportunities, upcoming trends and emerging challenges affecting PET packaging markets in Mexico and Latin America.


On 19-20 Oct in Mexico City, leading PET suppliers and buyers in the region will gather for a dialogue on bio-based feedstock for PET, as well as the market for post consumer PET bottles. Among the key questions to be discussed are: 

9th LAPET offers the perfect platform for face-to-face interaction with key players in the Latin America PET packaging market.


For more information on final agenda please email to hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


9th Latin America PET Packaging Markets focuses on Enhancing profitability and moving towards rPET

Posted on : 06 Jun, 2011


Mexico is moving forward to recycled PET and biobased raw materials.

·         What does this hold for the PET industry as a whole?

·         How can players come together to ensure an effective recycling environment?


Coke has already spearheaded this drive and Pepsi is joining the bandwagon.

·         What other initiatives can we expect?


How can the Mexican industry learn from the various innovative packaging in PET from North America? 9th LAPET conference to be held on 19-20 Oct 2011 in Mexico City seeks not only to discuss the outlook for PET market in Mexico, but also uncover new growth markets in counties of Central America such as Cuba, Costa Rica, Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and El Salvador. Additionally, the summit aims to explore new applications in wide mouth and hotfill.


Special features of this conference to include a site visit to a latest recycling facility, and a PET Technology Showcase, exhibiting the Preform Molding and Blow-Molding processes. Another key feature o f9th LAPET is the Brand Owners’ Roundtable Latest PackagingTrends. Speakers invited include esteemed companies like Jumex, Mc Cormick, Herdez, La Costena, Coca Cola, Bonafont and NestleWaters.


9th LAPET will assemble key executives representing the world’s most influential PET producers, Feedstock Suppliers, Polyester Manufacturers, Traders, Converters, Perform Producers, Brand Owners and other professionals from the relevant field.


The agenda is currently being finalized and will be available online shortly. In the meantime, click here to pre-register, or send questions on speaking and/or sponsorship opportunities to Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg.