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6th LPG Trade Summit

31 Oct-02 Nov, 2011 - Istanbul, TURKEY

Hilton Istanbul










Dear colleague,


It is my honor to invite you to join us at the 6th LPG Trade Summit in Istanbul. As the Host & Sponsor of the summit, we see this platform as an opportunity to raise the awareness on benefits of LPG and to seek cooperation for better business practices in the global LPG industry. It is our hope and belief that the conference will help us to achieve this vision.


As we all know, we face more complex challenges than generations past. We are all actors of a global marketplace, where we all share opportunities and risks of global economy. Oil and gas wells, traders on Wall Street, seamen of tanker ships, cylinder gas and autogas consumers are all interlinked. Cooperation is needed to reach common goals and to meet high expectations of our consumers.


Now, while the challenges today are different, we have to find new ways of doing business: How do we increase efficiency and productivity while reducing the cost? How do we make our products more environment-friendly? There's going to be a lot of debate about how we can build strategies between end-users, producers, ship-owners, traders and all the other important actors to make our industry more sustainable and how we harness the innovative potential to create new jobs.


We all understand there's no magic to do it. There will be all sorts of debates. That's why we are going to be in Istanbul this fall, to share our experiences, to find solutions on our common problems and seek cooperation to enhance our capabilities to serve even better our consumers in the future.


I look forward to welcoming you all in Istanbul for 6th LPG Trade Summit.


Yağız Eyüboğlu
General Manager



A Global LPG Meet in Istanbul!


"For some years, forecasters have predicted a step increase in LPG export supplies as new projects started up in the Middle East and Africa. It was expected to happen through 2009 - 2010 but instead global LPG exports in 2009 were below 2008 levels and exports in 2010 were up only 1%. The LPG capacity was there but lack of feedstock and operating problems meant that the new facilities were underutilized. Now there are signs that LPG production in the Middle East is finally starting to lift off, especially in countries like Qatar and Abu Dhabi. Global LPG exports in 2011 could well be up by approaching 10% with a further increase of around 5% in 2012, largely driven by expanding exports from the Middle East. Beyond that the export growth switches from the East to the West - particularly Africa but also the US Gulf.


So where will the new LPG export supply go? The East was thought unable to take all the extra supply volumes and the US Gulf was expected to absorb the Eastern LPG length. Now with the advance of shale gas production in the USA, and a consequent rise in gas liquids output, the US Gulf no longer imports LPG and has itself become a significant propane exporter. This means a reappraisal of LPG markets in the East and the West (including Turkey) to examine their potential to take markedly higher LPG volumes - and which demand sectors in particular this will impact.


In the past petrochemicals have been seen as the sector that will balance the LPG market. However last year LPG demand in Global petrochemicals grew by just 2%, and that was entirely due to greater LPG consumption in Saudi Arabia as new projects came on-stream. Petrochemicals clearly has a role to perform in the future LPG market but the extent of its role will be a function of price."
~ Poten & Partners


Confirmed speakers to-date:

  • Poten & Partners (UK) Ltd
  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
  • SIBUR Holding
  • Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Co. (Tasweeq)
  • Sonangol Limited
  • Oando Supply and Trading
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Petrobras (Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.)
  • Avance Gas
  • Goldman, Sachs & Co


- Producers - Traders - Importers - Exporters - Distributors - Brokers -Ship Owners/Managers - Shipping Agencies - Supply & Trading Managers - Feedstock Purchasing Managers - Chartering Managers - CEOs - Managing Directors - General Managers - Business Development Directors - Director of Marketing - Regional Representatives - Petroleum Downstream Business Directors - Commercial Directors - Global & Regional Oil Corporations - Refineries Managers - Representatives from Storage & Terminalling Companies - Insurance,Trade & Structured Finance Banks



This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry. Sponsorship opportunities include Gold, Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor. Exhibition / catalogue display can be arranged upon request. Email nisha@cmtsp.com.sg
or call (65) 6346 9130

CMT is proud to announce the 6th LPGtrade Summit to be held in Istanbul on 31 October -2 November.


Hosted by AYGAZ, this summit presents you with first-hand insights from major producers/exporters from Middle East and Russia, and importers (from Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America), who "shape" the other side of the market dynamics.


More than 14 industry executives from Turkey, Middle East as well as from Shipping, Petrochemicals and Financing will gear up to provide focused updates on pertinent LPG markets issues:

  • Growth of Turkey's LPG demand/imports and perspective on distribution
  • Gain insights on LPG production versus export outlook from the Middle East & Russia
  • Evaluate the growth of petrochemicals sector and the corresponding competitiveness of LPG as petchem feedstock
  • Keep track on growth of Autogas in transportation fuels and how regulatory policy can further boost the sector's growth
  • Gain insights on what's happening in China and India and how domestic production can dampen imports
  • Get updates on the market dynamics of Africa's LPG, on export, domestic demand and opportunities for international trade
  • Assess the opportunities available in emerging markets like Brazil
  • Grasp the latest on LPG freight rates and shipping market assessment
  • Be updated on the liquidity of LPG swaps and other risk management tools
  • Deepen your knowledge skills on LPG shipping economics and possible hedging measures

PLUS - Post Conference Workshop on
2 November 2011
8:30am - 5:30pm (full day workshop)


LPG Shipping Economics and Risk Management


Who should attend?
The aim of this innovative workshop is to provide participants with a comprehensive and practical insight into the LPG shipping economics and business, raise market awareness of risks involved in LPG shipping, and discuss various physical and derivatives instrumentswhich can be used to control such risks efficiently and effectively. The scope of this course is wide and its applications can be useful not only to LPG owners, operators, and managers, as well as LPG shipbrokers,traders, and investors, but also to those involved in LPG ship finance activities, researchers, consultants and shipping funds investors.


The workshop will be conducted through a mixture of lectures and presentations, case studies, as well as computer-based exercises. Full and comprehensive study notes will be provided which will offer a valuable source of reference during and after the workshop.


Workshop Facilitator

Amir. H. Alizadeh, BSc, MSc, PhD

Amir Alizadeh is a reader in "shipping economics and finance", the former director of MSc Energy, Trade and Finance at City University Cass Business School (London), and a visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School, University of Geneva, and Old Dominion University. He has been teaching various topics including Shipping Economics, Econometrics, Energy Trading and Economics, Energy and Weather Derivatives, Shipping Finance and Investment, and Shipping Risk Management. His research interest includes, financial and commodity derivatives and risk management, modelling and forecasting commodity and freight markets, as well as shipping investment and finance. He has published in several academic journals in the area of commodity trading, transportation, finance, and economics. He is the co-author of the recently published book on "Shipping Derivatives and Risk Management". Apart from academic research, he has been in close contact with the industry both as an advisor and as a consultant. He is also involved in running the Baltic Exchange course in "Shipping Risk Management" which is offered in maritime centres worldwide, as well as other courses in "Advanced Freight Modelling and Trading" and "Oil and Energy Transportation".


Be sure to attend this October's LPGtrade Summit and make trade happen. Mark your calendar to be at this premier gathering of key stakeholders from the global LPG industry. Sign up with your team today.


News Feed

SIBUR joins as Silver sponsor for 6th LPG Trade Summit on 31 Oct to 2 November 2011 In Istanbul.

Posted on : 25 Oct, 2011





SIBUR is the leader of petrochemistry in Russia and Eastern Europe.  The Company operates across the entire petrochemical process chain from gas processing, production of monomers, plastics and synthetic rubbers to the production of mineral fertilizers, tyres and the processing of plastics.


SIBUR produces over 2000 different brands of products. The Company processes more than half of APG and produces 22% of propylene, 19% of polypropylene, 16% of polyethylene, 44% of synthetic rubbers, 24% of tires, 16% of fertilizers, and considerable part of other petrochemical products in Russian market.


SIBUR incorporates plants that employ over 50 000 people in 26 regions of Russia. The Company is managed along product-division lines: it incorporates Hydrocarbon Feedstock Division, Basic Polymers Division, Plastics and Organic Synthesis Products Division, Synthetic Rubbers Division, and two subsidiaries - SIBUR- Fertilizers and SIBUR-Russian Tyres.


Over recent years, the company has consistently delivered healthy financial and operational results. In 2010, SIBUR Group plants produced 16,5 million tons of petrochemicals and 15,3 billion cu m of dry stripped gas. SIBUR’s revenue in 2010 reached 239 billion roubles (over US$ 7,5 billion).


SIBUR International GmbH operates as SIBUR’s exports division responsible for supplying the holding company’s products to Europe and Asia. The company has storage facilities in Black and Baltic Sea ports which it uses to receive, hold and unload products.

SIBUR purchased a 100% stake in CITCO, a major liquefied petroleum gas trading company, in 2009 to expand its European marketing opportunities.  In September 2011 the trading company has been renamed to SIBUR International to facilitate further integration into the SIBUR system.


LPG consumption has exceeded 2 million tons in Turkey

Posted on : 21 Oct, 2011


The Turkish LPG market continues to be significant with the consumption of about 2 million 121 thousand 747 tons, from January- July in 2011. Also recent news on  Istanbul Gas* Cylinder Manufacturing Plc’s plan to start distributing liquid petroleum gas (LPG) indicates that Turkey is rising as one of the most important LPG markets. In terms of both the amount of LPG used for transportation and LPG vehicles, Turkey ranks first in Europe and second in the world after South Korea. As a result of its strategic geographical position, Turkey, is now a major industrial investment hub- extending like a bridge between the continents of Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.


For that reason, CMT’s 6th LPGtrade Summit on 31 October -2 November 2011 has chosen Istanbul , Turkey as the venue for this annual LPG  industry gathering that presents in-depth insights from major producers/exporters from Middle East and Russia, as well as key global importers . In keeping with past practices of delivering unparallel networking opportunity, a grand Gala Dinner, at the Rahmi M. Koc Industrial Museum and hosted by AYGAZ, has been specially arranged for conference participants.


A new addition to this year's program is a separately bookable workshop on "LPG Shipping Economics and Risk Management." The full-day program on 2 November is led by Dr Amir Alizadeh, BSc, Msc, PhD.


Read more about the conference here. For any additional queries email huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg


Read full article here : LPG consumption has exceeded 2 million tons

                                   Turkish, Ethiopian Companies to Start LPG Supply *

Will Shale Gas Hamper LNG Imports? Find Out More at the 6th LPGTrade Summit

Posted on : 04 Oct, 2011

The emergence of shale gas here has literally bumped LNG to the back burner. Now that the unconventional gas found a mile beneath the earth's surface can by drilled out using hydraulic fracturing, it has changed America’s energy picture. Estimates are that 100 years of the stuff now exists, which has put a damper on LNG imports that were once thought to be the future darling of natural gas.


(Source: EnergyBiz, Sep 20, 2011)


With an upsurge in shale gas production and rise in the gas liquids output, the US has become self-sufficient in LPG. Further, the US is a propane exporter now. In light of these developments, CMT welcomes Mr. Macgill James, Manager, Waterborne LPG Trading, ConocoPhillips, to present his topic entitled, “Opportunities/Threats Arising from US' Shale Gas Development- On Infrastructure, Production, Exports and Demand Markets.”


Mr. Macgill James’s presentation will offer insights on:

- Infrastructure investment requirement & shift in trade flows

- Expectation on increased NGL production & USGC exports

- Prospects from the petrochemical feedstock market

- Potential impacts to waterborne trade flows


Further details on rest of the speakers and topics, can be downloaded here.


For enquiries, contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg.


6-я конференция по сжиженному нефтяному газу, которая будет проходить в Стамбуле с 31 октября по 2 ноября, обещает стать очередным успешным мероприятием

Posted on : 22 Sep, 2011


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??????????? 2011 ???? ???????? ?? ?????????? ????????????? ??????? ?????????? ???????? ??????? ??? ? ???????????? ?? ????????? ?????????. ??? ?????? ????????????? ???????? ?? ????????????? ??? ? ?????????????? ??????????????? ?????? ???????????? ??????? ?????? ? ?????????? ????????? ???. ?????????? ???? ?????? ????? ???, ? ????? ?????????? ? ????????? ?????? ? ??????? ?????, ?????, ????????, ??????, ??????, ?????? ? ?????? ????? ? ????????.


??????????? ??????? ????? ??????? (Peter Manning) ?? Poten & Partners, ??????? ? ????? ??????? "????????? ???????? ???????? ?????????? ????????? ???" (The Changing Dynamics of Global LPG Trade) ????? ???????? ? ??????? ? ??????? ?????? ? ???????????. ? ????????? ?????? ???????? ? ??????????? ????????? ?????? (Ercument Polat) ?? AYGAZ, ??????? ????????? ? ???????? ????? ???, ?????? ?????? ???????? ????????????? ??????????, ??????? ? ?????????? ????????????????? ???? ? ?????????? ???????? ? ??????? ?????????????? ????.


???????? ??????:

? ??? ? ???-????: ??????? ???????? ????????????/???????? ???????????? ??????????? ??????, ????????????? ????? ?? ??????? - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

? ??????? ? ????????? ??????????? ????? ??? – ??????????? ??????????? ????? - ????? ??????? – ???? ???????? ????

? ????????????? ?????? ?? ???????????????? ??????? ? ?????????? ????? ?????????? ??????? ??? - Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Co. (Tasweeq)


? ????????? ????? ???? ???????? ????? ?????? "????????? ???????? ? ?????????? ??????? ? ???????? ???" (LPG Shipping Economics and Risk Management). ????????? ??????????? 2 ?????? ????? ???? ????? ????? ?-? ???? ??????? (Amir Alizadeh).

???????????? ??????????? ?????? ??????? ????-????, ?????????? ???????????? ??? ?????????? ? ???????????? ????? ???? ?. ???? ?? ????? AYGAZ. ???????? ?????????????? ?????????? ? ?????????????????? ????? ?? ????? ??????????? ??? ?? ???????? +65 6346 9113.

6. LPG Ticaret Zirvesi 31 Ekim- 2 Kasım Tarihleri Arasında İstanbul'da Başka Bir Başarılı Buluşma Vaat Ediyor

Posted on : 20 Sep, 2011


Dubai, Katar ve Abu Dabi'de başarı dolu 5 yılın ardından LPG Ticaret 2011 daha büyük kitlelere hitap etmek için yeni yeri olan İstanbul'a taşınıyor. Etkinlikte öne çıkanlar arasında gala yemeğinin resmi sponsoru olarak AYGAZ, gümüş ve resepsiyon sponsorları olarak Oteko ve Petrobras, üst düzey konuşmacıların söz aldığı panel, 1,5 gün sürecek inceleme ve etkileşimli tartışmalara ek olarak yoğun bir atölye bulunuyor.


İSTANBUL--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Sıvılaştırılmış Petrol Gazı (LPG) sektörü temsilcileri 31 Ekim'le 2 Kasım arasında, geçen sene 180 uluslararası katılımcının bulunduğu etkinliğe benzer başka bir buluşma için İstanbul, Türkiye'yi ziyaret ediyor. Avrupa'daki en büyük beş LPG şirketinden biri olan AYGAZ'ın ev sahipliğini yaptığı 6. LPG Ticaret Zirvesi, yükselen pazarlar için ihracatta artıştan kaynaklanan zorluk ve fırsatlara dair iç görüler sunuyor.


2011 zirvesi LPG'nin yararları hakkında bilinçliliği artırmak ve global LPG sektöründe daha iyi iş uygulamaları oluşturmak için genel sunumlarla gelecekteki LPG senaryolarını enine boyuna incelemeyi amaçlıyor. Katılımcılar hem global odaklı hem de Çin, Hindistan, Afrika, Rusya, Türkiye ve diğer ülkelere özel LPG piyasa incelemelerini dört gözle bekleyebilir.


Açılışı, "Global LPG Ticaretinde Değişen Dinamikler" adlı sunumuyla arz ve talep hareketlerini ele alacak olan Poten & Partners'dan Peter Manning yapacak. Gündemde ayrıca AYGAZ'dan Ercüment Polat'ın pazarlama stratejileri, güçlü ve sürdürülebilir dağıtım ağı ve bir otogaz vaka çalışması üzerinde durarak Türkiye'deki LPG piyasasına ışık tutacağı bir oturum bulunmakta. Diğer önemli oturumlar şöyle:

  • Abu Dabi'de LPG: Üretim/İhracata Bakış ve İç Talep, Gelecek için Pazarlama Planları, Abu Dabi Ulusal Petrol Şirketi (ADNOC)
  • Rus LPG Pazarının Genel Görünümü - İhracat Artışı Beklentileri, SIBUR Holding - PETF JSC Genel Merkezi
  • Katar'ın LPG Üretimi Projeleri ve Gelecek için İhracat Planlarına Bakış, Katar Uluslararası Petrol Pazarlama Şirketi (Tasweeq)

Bu yılın programındaki yeniliklerden biri de ayrı olarak yer ayırtılması gereken bir atölye: "LPG Sevkiyatı Ekonomisi ve Risk Yönetimi". 2 Kasım'daki tüm günü kapsayan programa Dr. Amir Alizadeh (BSc, Msc, PhD) başkanlık ediyor. Konferansın son dikkat çeken etkinliği, katılımcılar için özel olarak düzenlenen, AYGAZ'ın ev sahipliğini yaptığı Rahmi M. Koç Sanayi Müzesi'nde gerçekleştirilecek olan büyük Gala Yemeği.


Ayrıntılı bilgi ve kayıt yaptırmak için etkinliğin web sitesi'ni ziyaret edin veya +65 6346 9113'den Huiyan'a ulaşın.

Petrobras joins as sponsor for 6th LPG Trade Summit on 31 Oct to 2 November 2011 In Istanbul.

Posted on : 29 Aug, 2011


SIlver sponsor

CMT is pleased to announce Petrobras as a major sponsor in this year's LPG Trade Summit to be held in Istanbul on 31st October to 2nd November 2011.


Petrobras performs an integrated operation in the entire energy chain with expanding activities in Brazil and overseas. Petrobras is the main local LPG supplier to several distributors including its subsidiary responsible for the bottling, distribution, and commercialization. Petrobras is also very active abroad with worldwide operations through its Head-Office in Brazil and offices in Houston, London and Singapore.


6th LPG Trade Summit in Istanbul explores growth outlook & emerging African LPG market

Posted on : 22 Aug, 2011


LIQUEFIED petroleum gas (LPG) is said to be an efficient source of energy and the government has been advocating switching to it from electricity. But in the past few days gas users have gone through the frustration of gas unavailability, at a time when temperatures have dropped significantly.


According to the government and gas suppliers, the cold weather has led to higher demand for gas and the supply has run out. Gas sales typically peak in winter.


For the government, the increase is not necessarily a bad thing, as the Department of Energy’s deputy director-general of hydrocarbons and energy planning, Tseliso Maqubela, said this week.


It means more people are using gas instead of electricity, and that augurs well for efforts to curb power consumption. The department encourages residential consumers to use LPG for heating and cooking.


But this surge, especially in winter months, leaves the government and the energy industry with a big task — how is this demand going to be met? It is well and good to push consumers to use gas, but that drive is pointless if they are not going to find it, as is the case now.


(Business Day, 8 Jul 2011)


As suggested in article above, it is quite clear that gas supplies will continue to remain tight, chiefly due to efforts by regional government to curb power consumption as well as encourage consumers to use LPG. This state of affairs not only lead to increased demand and imports, but also greater LPG production in the African continent, with PetroSA increasing its’ production and even in Angola and Nigeria.


It is therefore apt that the 6th LPG Trade Summit to be held in Istanbul’s Hilton Hotel, on 31 October – 2 November, presents informed insights on the LPG economy in Africa with specific topics focusing on the region. This summit will among others, feature presentations on the current status of the LPG sector; the impact on competitiveness of the regulatory and policy frameworks; future local production, plus imports and demand scenarios. Speakers from across the LPG value-chain will also be unveiling opportunities and challenges confronting this exciting sector.


If you want to have the latest market updates or meet with the movers and shakers of the LPG industry, then this is your must attend global event.


For more information on other topics and speakers line-up, please click here.


6th LPG Trade Summit in Istanbul provides updates on market dynamics of Africa’s LPG sector

Posted on : 20 Jul, 2011


Plans are heating up for 6th LPG Trade Summit and with an exciting line up of speakers, the conference is attracting tremendous buzz in the industry.


6th LPG Trade Summit is a unique occasion to address the current ever changing dynamics of the global LPG business and is set to become one of the most prestigious events in the region.


Furthermore, its location Istanbul, plus the support from Aygaz as the official host, gives the summit the perfect platform to present, discuss and network with key major players expected to attend and deliberate on the rising global LPG demand growth, as well as the additional supplies coming from several new gas projects within the Middle East.


The 6th LPG Trade Summit taking place from 31 Oct- 2 Nov 2011 will also provide informed insights on:


Growth Outlook for Angola’s LPG Production And Perspectives

Ms. Sandra Julio, Senior Crude Oil and LPG Marketer
Sonangol Limited 


Trader’s Perspective on the Emerging West Africa (Nigeria) LPG’s Market

Ms. Wunmi Onile-Ere, Trader

Oando Supply and Trading


For more information on other topics and speakers line-up, please click here.


Those looking for more details and/or keen on attending the conference can write to Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg.


LPG consumption in Turkey stood at an estimated 3.68mn tons, representing 17.8% of total fuels consumed

Posted on : 27 Jun, 2011


Unlike many European countries, LPG is a very popular type of fuel in Turkey. The Turkish LPG market ranks 14th in the world (1.5% of worldwide consumption in 2009) and 2nd in Europe, trailing only Russia. In 2010, LPG consumption stood at an estimated 3.68mn tons, representing 17.8% of total fuels consumed in Turkey. 85% of the LPG that reaches the Turkish consumer is imported, coming mostly from Algeria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Norway and Nigeria. The segmental split of LPG consumption in 2010 was 68% auto-LPG, 29% cylinder LPG and 3% bulk. Aygaz maintained its market leadership position in 2010, with 1.04mn tons of LPG sold and an overall market share of 29%. Aygaz services the Turkish market with the Aygaz and Mogaz (100% subsidiary) brands.


(Source: Balkans, 21 Jun 2011)



The 6th LPG Trade Summit taking place in Istanbul from 31 Oct- 2 Nov 2011, is proud to be addressing the above developments via two distinguished sessions:


Overview of Turkish LPG Market

Mr. Ercument Polat, Marketing Director



Growth in LPG Terminalling Facility in Russia’s Tamanneftegaz and Opportunities

for the Mediterranean and Turkish LPG market

Craig Powers,


<<< Click here for Full agenda! >>>


Preliminary agenda released for 6th LPG Trade Summit in Istanbul!

Posted on : 01 Jun, 2011


CMT’s Must-Attend event for all LPG stakeholders involved in production, import/export, marketing, shipping and logistics of LPG across the Middle East and the world, will take place in Istanbul on 31 Oct – 2 Nov 2011.


The 6th LPG Trade Summit will feature 2 post conference workshops –  one on `Efficient Handling in LPG Distribution & Logistics’  and the other on `LPG Shipping & Risk Management’, thus offering participants a more comprehensive program that delivers all-encompassing understanding of the LPG business.


Now that the preliminary agenda has been released, pre-registrations for the much-awaited event, that features high calibre speaker line-up such as AYGAZ, Poten & Partners, Tasweeq, ADNOC, Sonangol, ConocoPhillips, Petrobras, SIBUR, OTEKO, Oando Trading,  Avance Gas and more, has begun!

Please click here to download the agenda or email huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg to participate or submit any enquiry.


In the mean time, stay tuned for next exciting updates on the conference agenda and workshop details!

Aygaz Confirmed as Official Host for the 6th LPG Trade Summit (31 Oct-02 Nov 2011, Istanbul)

Posted on : 25 Apr, 2011

CMT is pleased to announce Aygaz as the official host for the 6th LPG Trade Summit. As one of the five largest LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) companies in Europe, Aygaz will contribute its valuable experience spanning a half-century into this globally renowned industry event.


Celebrating its 50th year of establishment since 1961, Aygaz is a leader in the LPG sector and a household name in Turkey. Aygaz is the 8th largest industrial company in the Turkish private sector, and the first and only public company operating in the LPG sector. It is also the first company in Turkey to have a fleet of LPG ships.


At present, Aygaz has almost 3,300 cylinder gas dealers and auto gas stations in 81 provinces. The company also produces LPG cylinders, valves and regulators and exports them to 15 countries located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


The 6th LPG Trade Summit is scheduled to take place on 31 Oct-02 Nov 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. Besides support from official host & LPG market leader Aygaz, delegates can look forward to a lineup of international experts presenting latest insights on the LPG industry’s most pressing issues, global outlook, project updates and more.


Finalized program details will be released shortly. Pre-register your interest now by contacting Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg, or send your enquiries on participating as a speaker, sponsor and/or media partner via online form.


The 5th LPG Trade Summit held in Abu Dhabi on 25-26 October 2010 was a huge success drawing a total of 180 global participants.

Posted on : 17 Mar, 2011


Major players including representatives from ADGAS made up the international delegation from close to 30 countries. Abu Dhabi was the strategic choice of venue, due to her aspiring role to be a major LPG producer and exporter along with key expansions in production from this year.


The summit focused on production arising from the Middle East and the plans on export capacity. It also assessed demand with reference to key import countries including Korea, China, India, Brazil, Vietnam and Thailand. Speakers also provided latest updates on feedstock economics for the petrochemicals sector.


Official host ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) sponsored an exclusive gala dinner for the delegates on the opening night. ADNOC’s Gas Sales Manager, Mr. Abdulla Sultan Al Nuaimi, also spoke at the 5th LPG Trade Summit addressing the growth in Abu Dhabi’s LPG.


Apart from the main summit, an optional pre-conference workshop was held on 24 October for delegates. Led by renowned consultant Dr. Amir Alizadeh, the workshop gave practical insights on LPG shipping economics and risk management.

 Do stay tuned for the 6th LPG Trade Summit, to be held in Istanbul, Turkey on the 31 Oct - 2 Nov 2011. For more details on pre-registration please contact Ms. Fu Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg. 

In the meantime here’s  a short video of selected photos from the 2010 event.



(please click here if you cannot view video)


If you prefer to view all photos, click here to download from our ALBUM GALLERY.


Fee Info

Register a team of 3 or more to save min. EURO900!


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Speaker Profile

Dr. Amir Alizadeh
Reader; Director of MSc Energy; Trade and Finance, Cass Business School
Workshop outline
Day 3 [Wed 02, November], at 08:30 AM
Amir. H. Alizadeh, BSc, MSc, PhD
Amir Alizadeh is a reader in "shipping economics and finance", the former director of MSc Energy, Trade and Finance at City University Cass Business School (London), and a visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School, University of Geneva, and Old Dominion University. He has been teaching various topics including Shipping Economics, Econometrics, Energy Trading and Economics, Energy and Weather Derivatives, Shipping Finance and Investment, and ....
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Introduction to LPG Shipping: Fleet, Market, and Freight Rates
Day 3 [Wed 02, November], at 09:00 AM
International trade and the shipping industry
Day 3 [Wed 02, November], at 10:00 AM
A Practical Analysis of the LPG Market
Day 3 [Wed 02, November], at 11:00 AM
LPG Shipping Risk Analysis and Measurement
Day 3 [Wed 02, November], at 01:00 PM
Freight Rate Risk Management
Day 3 [Wed 02, November], at 02:00 PM
Freight Rate Options
Day 3 [Wed 02, November], at 03:00 PM