SAPET (South America PET Packaging Markets & Technologies),

10-11 Jun, 2010 - Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Mercure Grand Hotel SP Ibirapuera

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SAPET – Buyer & Seller Meet for the South America PET industry

From Mexico to Europe to Middle East/Africa, CMT’s PET conferences provide the latest industry updates and unrivalled networking platform for senior executives in the PET (polyethylene terephathalate) resin & packaging industry. CMT is now bringing the highly acclaimed conference to Sao Paulo, highlighting the immense opportunities in the South America PET market.


SAPET focuses on the latest market trends and technological innovations in the PET packaging business in South America. The conference sessions cover the entire PET value chain, from PET bottle Resin and PET Raw Materials (PX/PTA/MEG), to PET Preformand PET Bottle Productions to Recycling.


Key Sessions at SAPET 2010:

  • Packaging strategies of Brand Owners – featuring speakers from Coca-Cola, Ouro Fino, Danone, and Cargill
  • PET Preform market outlook in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay
  • New PET film developments
  • PET resin & PET Raw Materials (PX/PTA/MEG) Markets & Technologies – featuring speakers from PetroquimicaSuape, M&G, Oxiteno, CMAI, talking about PET and PET raw materials’ capacity and consumption globally and regionally
  • PET Technology Showcase – featuring innovations in Injection Moulding, Stretch Blow Moulding, Lightweighting, Cap and Closure, Barrier and Additive
  • Recycling Developments & Technology – featuring talks on PET Waste Collection and Recycling in Brazil, and Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Technology and Regulatory Outlook

Quick Facts on South America PET market


PET resin consumption in:  

Brazil510,000 tonnes (2009)
Argentina230,000 tonnes (2008)
Uruguay76,000 tonnes (2008)
Paraguay33,000 tonnes (2008)
Chile70,000 tonnes (2008)


All the above markets are predicted to grow at 8-9% per annum


(Source: past CMT PET conferences, estimated figures only, not official data)


More on Brazil - the largest PET market in South America

PETplanet estimates that annual consumption of all packaged beverages (including beer) to be 20 billion litres in Brazil, with growth rate of 7% per annum, mainly in water and CSD. While CSD is mainly packaged in PET, water is packaged mainly in PP and non carbonated soft drinks (NCSD) are mainly packaged in carton, thus presenting opportunities for conversion to PET packaging in water and NCSD sectors.


10 Great Reasons to attend SAPET:

  • Gain access to Buyers and Decision Makers from big brand owners like Coca-Cola, Ouro Fino, Danone, Cargill and others.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive review of the global PET market, with in-depth analysis on regional PET capacity and consumption.
  • Assess how the changing dynamics in PET raw materials affect PET market and prices.
  • Evaluate the opportunities in the PET preform market in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay
  • Analyse the outlook of PET film
  • Discover the latest technology in PET preform and bottle processing, from Injection Moulding, to Stretch Blow Moulding, to Lightweighting, Cap and Closure, Barrier and Additive.
  • Stay in-tune with the latest recycling developments and bottle-to-bottle recycling regulatory and technological issues
  • Benchmark against practices adopted by industry peers, share challenges and lessons learned.
  • Walk away with useful business contacts that you can nurture into customers or partners.
  • Invest today to ride the wave of growth which will be further bolstered by the upcoming FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games in Brazil. Major sporting events drive up demand for bottled water and beverage and their supporting industries in packaging, bottling and filling.


Companies You Will Meet
- Brand Owners - Converters - Bottlers / Fillers - PET film manufacturers - PET resin manufacturers - PET raw materials manufacturers - PET preform / bottle technology providers - PET processing technology providers - Additive providers - Recyclers - Recycling technology providers

provides you with exclusive insights into the South America PET market, it's a one-stop shop for information and meeting of key people in the regional PET industry.

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Industry News


SAPET just a few weeks away! So the time has come to make that crucial decision to attend, especially if you are keen to network and meet the industry’s leading players.


We have an even mix of PET industry players at this meet. See the pie-chart below for the detailed breakdown:


SAPET Industry Profile

Now that we have crunched the numbers to show you exactly what type of people you will meet at the conference, register now by clicking here!


21 May, 2010

Find out more about Coca-Cola Brazil's PET Optimization Plans & Iconic Plant Bottle at SAPET...


The inaugural SAPET conference is packed with influential PET experts from the region, including key brand owners. Among them is Coca Cola who will be speaking about their PlantBottle™Development and PET Optimization.


Coca Cola’s PlantBottle™opened a new chapter in the PET packaging industry by using 30%sugar-cane-based materials.A life-cycle analysis conducted by Imperial College London indicates the "PlantBottle™" reduces carbon emissions by up to 25 %, compared with petroleum-based PET. Another advantage of "PlantBottle™" is that it can be processed through existing manufacturing and recycling facilities without contaminating traditional PET.


Coca Cola’s session at SAPET will also look into PET Optimization in Brazil and Mercosur region.  PET Planet (Vol. 11) reports that Coca Cola’s PET optimization plan was implemented in Brazil in 2008, and is currently being rolled out in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.


The program, led by the Brazil packaging team, is part of a supply-chain efficiency program based on standard preform families developed in collaboration with Husky (*SAPET speaker), and preform suppliers Amcor, Alpla, Cristalpet (*SAPET speaker) and Engepack. Objectives include achieving lightweighting for all bottle families; accelerated approval process through standardisation; cost reduction through supply chain and preform conversion efficiency; and reduction in environmental impact.


Other Brand Owners presenting at SAPET include Ouro Fino, Cargill and Danone. >>Explore the full conference agenda here<<


Those keen on participating in the conference can register online. Click on the link below to access.





16 Apr, 2010


Dias 10 e 11 de junho teremos em São Paulo o teremos o primeiro seminário sobre PET organizado pelo CMT no Brasil. Esta conferência é um novo marco de sucesso para o CMT que já organiza eventos sobre PET há mais de 11 anos na América Latina, Ásia, Oriente Médio, África e Europa.  


Executivos de algumas importantes empresas de PET compartilham opiniões sobre asconferências organizadas pela CMT:


 O mundo do PET numa sala de reunião" Penafiel AguasMinerales
"Excelente e memorável" - Mega Empack"LAPER traz palestrantes de alta qualidade e atrai audiência qualificada" - Colormatrix
"Extremamente valioso, boa oportunidade para Networking" - PlastipakPackaging
"Uma ótima experiência e como sempre, vários usuários de PET" - GSI Globalservice
"Realmente um panorama interessante sobre viabilidade, capacidade, novos desenvolvimentos e tecnologia de PET" - Envases PET


Capitalizando no crescimento de demanda nos mercados emergentes da América do Sul é o tema central que será apresentado por expert da indústrias no Seminário Sul Americano sobre Mercado e Tecnologia de PET


O focu da conferência será:

  • Mercado de PET na América do Sul: Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Bolívia, Peru;
  • Requisitos e expectativas dos BrandOwners'
  • Últimas tecnologias de PET:  Energy Saving Processes, Light Weighting, Short Neck Finish
  • Desenvolvimento na tecnologia de reciclagem e utilização de matérias PCR
  • emuito mais....

A agenda da conferência ainda não está pronta. Estaremos atualizando e enviando a todos os interessados. Nesse meio tempo, caso tenha qualquer pergunta sobre participação, patrocínio, e oportunidade de mídia, entre em contato com Sra. Carla Castello Branco, Gerente de Promoções pelo telefone +55 11 50493499 ou pelo email


12 Feb, 2010


CMT’s first South America PET Packaging Markets & Technologies (SAPET) conference will meet on 10-11 June in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) industry conference is a new chapter in CMT’s highly successful PET conferences, which have over the past 11 years, offered a platform for key industry executives from Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Central & Eastern Europe to gather and obtain market updates.


Participants from some of the world’s most influential PET companies have shared positive reviews of their experiences at the conference including:


“Where the PET world is in a meeting room” - Penafiel Aguas Minerales


“Excellent and memorable!”– Mega Empack


“LAPET brought high quality speakers and attracts qualified audience” – Colormatrix


“Extremely valuable, Good Opportunity for Networking” – Plastipak Packaging


“Very good experience and as usual, a lot of PET users” – GSI Globalservice


“A really interesting overview about the availability and capacity of PET installations, new developments and technologies on PET” - Envases PET


South America PET Packaging Markets & Technologies (SAPET) will see the industry’s leading experts discussCapitalizing on Increasing Demand in the emerging PET markets in South America. The conference will focus on:

  • - PET Markets in the Mercosur region, Chile, Bolivia, Peru
  • - Brand Owners' Requirements and Expectations
  • - Latest PET Technologies à Energy Saving Processes, Light Weighting, Short Neck Finish & many more
  • - Developments in Recycling Technology and Utilization of PCR materials

... and many more...


The conference agenda is still being confirmed, so do watch this space for updates on speakers and topics.  In the mean time, if you have any enquires on participation, sponsorship & media exchange opportunities, contact Ms. Hafizah Adam at +65 6346 9218 or email at


02 Feb, 2010


Coca-Cola Brazil to share details on PET Optimization Plans & Iconic Plant Bottle at SAPET conference meeting in Sao Paolo-BRAZIL on 10-11 June 2010. >>Find out more here<<

16 Apr, 2010

South America PET Packaging Markets & Technologies (SAPET) conference will meet on 10-11 June in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) industry conference is a new chapter in CMT’s highly successful PET conferences. >>Read More Here<<

02 Feb, 2010