7th World SugarTrade,

29-30 Sep, 2009 - Singapore, SINGAPORE

Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore

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7th WORLD SugarTrade CONFERENCE IN SINGAPORE- Specialists, Producers, Bankers & Traders will share groundbreaking insights set to alter direction of the global sugar market.


World Sugar Trade 2009

The 7th World SugarTrade Conference convenes in Singapore on September 29-30, 2009 to make sense of the uncertain times ahead for the world sugar industry and marketplace.


The financial crisis has led to a credit crunch for market participants. Lines of credit are being cut and international trade disrupted. Investment banks and hedge funds are reassessing their positions accordingly.


The crisis has also hit sugar producers, whose access to finance is being cut by banks and trade houses. Cutbacks have extended to crop inputs, field and factory maintenance. Expansion plans are beings called back, and new mill construction projects put on hold. What impact will all these developments have on future production?

Meanwhile, oil price volatilities have made ethanol demand an unknown variable for the industry.

As the world changes around the sugar industry, the world sugar market is going through major changes of its own.


The world sugar market is heading towards global deficit for the first time in four years. India’s reduced sugar production will change the country from exporter to net importer. Sugar reforms in the EU will also cause a shift in the community from exporter into the world's biggest sugar importer. Brazil’s sugar production is also projected to take a hit from the credit crunch. However, massive expansion is already in the pipeline for sugar production in Africa.


The 7th World SugarTrade Conference will offer the industry a snapshot into the future of the industry. Featuring insights from leading industry experts from Brazil, Thailand, India, the USA and the EU will address the audience on regional developments, while specialists, bankers and top traders will make sense of the swirl of current events at critical panel discussions.  

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UPDATES ON SUGAR MARKET FUNDAMENTALS & current global market development from key sugar market analysts.


As mentioned above, the global economic situation, and changes in the global sugar industry has contributed to the emergence of trends that will fundamentally alter Sugar Fundamentals.


Get your Sugar Fundamentals straight at 7th World SugarTrade. Hear from Oscar Tjakra, a key sugar market analyst Rabobank International to share an update on Sugar Market Fundamentals.


In his speech, Oscar will touch on:


- Global supply and demand balance,

- Prices and global fundamentals

- Factors driving sugar prices & trade

- Impact of the credit crunch on global sugar markets

- Role of sugar in overall economic environment

- Role of oil prices in sugar markets


Standard Chartered Bank Asia's John Reeve, Director of Agriculture Commodities will share on Price Risk Management in an environment with record volatility and record credit constraints.


You will also get to hear from HSBC’s Prakriti Sofat, on the Economic Outlook for Global Trade. Prakriti will offer a macro-economic overview of the current economic situation, touching on the impact of the global downturn on trade flows, the restriction on credit and higher costs of financing.


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EVOLVING ROLE OF BANKERS & TRADERS IN SUGAR TRADE. Panel of influential traders & top banks share insights!


7th World SugarTrade also examines emerging global economic trends and their impact on the world sugar markets with two not-to-be-missed panel discussions.


The first panel offers a view into the evolving role of banks in supporting and financing sugar trade strategies, and features insights from Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, with more banks confirming their participation shortly.


The panellists will offer a candid view into:

-Impact of the global liquidity squeeze on banks
-Currency fluctuations on structured commodity finance
-What bank risk appetite can be expected over the next year?
-Understanding the factors affecting price of  sugar and where it will go next year
-What should banks do to mitigate risk and provide financing structures that will meet client needs?
-What structures can banks offer? 


In the second panel discussion, the world’s most influential sugar traders share their reactions to the credit crisis, and offer views on the implications of the credit crunch on sugar trade. We have already confirmed participation from AgroCorp and Sucden India, and more traders and trading experts will be confirming their participation in this panel shortly.


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ANALYZE THE SUGAR-ETHANOL EQUATION with insights from world’s largest Sugar & Ethanol producing country, Brazil.


Brazil, the world’s largest sugar producer will have a significant impact on global sugar trends. In fact, in May 2009, the International Sugar Organisation said sugar production in Brazil might fall in 2009/10 by about 3 million tonnes.


In addition to a reduced output, Brazilian cane production is also allocated to manufacture ethanol biofuel, depending on relative demand and prices.


At 7th World SugarTrade, we look at developments within Brazil, one of the key drivers of global sugar supply and deficit for 2009/2010, and how global ethanol demand will affect Brazilian sugar production for 2009/2010.


We have invited NewEdge, one of the world’s most influential sugar broking houses, to share perspectives on the topic. Michael McDougall, NewEdge’s Senior Vice President heads a team of Brazilians and represents a leading Brazilian clientele, will discuss the effect of the credit crunch on Brazil's sugar industry.


Mr. McDougall will also address one of the most important questions dominating the industry for 2009,

"Can Brazil still raise output to fill up global production deficit?"


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OBTAIN A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of policy initiatives, market drivers & raw sugar trade in India, Indonesia, USA, Thailand, Africa & the EU.


7th World SugarTrade examines the policy initiatives and market drivers for Sugar in major markets including India, the USA, Thailand and the EU.


Hear from Yatin Wadhwana, MD of Sucden India, as he discusses India’s sugar production outlook. As India swings from net exporter to net importer, find out how India’s sugar deficit will affect the global sugar markets. Mr. Wadhwanaalso speculates on the amount of sugar stocks India has left, and how much the country plans to import for 2009/2010.


Mr. S.C. Sharma from the Mehta Group will also share on the Sugar production outlook in Africa, an emerging player in the global sugar industry.


Dr. Pichai Kanivichaporn, a Board Member at the Thai Roong Ruang Group of Companies, Thailand’s second largest sugar producer, will share an update on Thailand's sugar production outlook.


He will be joined by Melvin Sakiris Korompis, Chairman, Indonesia Refined Sugar Association, who will present an update on Indonesia's Sugar Markets and touch on future export opportunities.


You will also hear from John Ireland, Head of Research at ED & F Man Sugar Ltd on the EU Sugar Regime.


We’ve also invited Patric McGonigal from Barlow Lyde & Gibert LLP to talk about recent trade disputes on Sugar, resultant policy shifts and changes, and the implications on the global sugar market.


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At 7th World SugarTrade, we examine two important global developments that will impact bulk sugar trades and sugar prices.


Philip Williams from The Baltic Exchange will share an update on The Bulk Shipping Freight Market. He will also pinpoint key important factors affecting future freight levels in bulk sugar trade.


Connie Lo of Nexant Asia will also comment on the implications of oil price volatilities, its impact on the ethanol demand and supply. Drawing the link between ethanol and sugar prices, Ms. Lo will proceed to explore the outlook for the ethanol industry, and examine the emerging role of Sugarcane as a feedstock crop for ethanol production.


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STEVIA's RISE & IMPLICATIONS FOR SUGAR MARKET! Impact of Stevia, zero-calorie, all-natural sugar-substitute on global sugar marketplace.


In the keynote speech given in Shanghai at Stevia World 2009 (May 14-15), the annual Stevia sweetener conference for producers and food and beverage companies, Dorn Wenninger, Corporate VP Supply Chain with PureCircle, the major Stevia sweetener producer, announced that Stevia Sweetener (Reb A) is “fully competitive with sugar for global brands with global volume”.


Will Stevia, the zero-calorie & all natural sugar-substitute compliment sugar in the natural sweetener market?


Dorn Wenninger himself will be at 7th World SugarTrade to share his perspectives on the topic “Stevia and Sugar: Nature's Complementary Sweeteners”.


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7th World SugarTrade is the "can't miss" event in 2009’s sugar industry calendar.


7th World SugarTrade, held in Singapore on 29-30 September in times of market uncertainty, will be an event of strategic importance to the sugar industry where the who’s who in the sector will meet, network and alter the course of the sugar industry in the months ahead.


You cannot afford to miss 7th World SugarTrade!


Take maximum advantage of this Cost-Effective avenue to raise your company’s profile, confer with the leading players in the industry and keep up to speed with key industry developments around the world at this timely conference!


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You Will Network With
- White / Raw Sugar Manufacturers - Sugar Refiners - Agriculture Cos - Agriculture & Trade Policy Enforcers - Sugar & Commodity Traders/ Brokers - Grain Manufacturers/ Traders - Sugar Equipment Suppliers - Bankers/ Analysts - Renewable Energy Cos - Food & Beverage Cos

News Feed

Politics & Record High prices make sugar a bitter pill for US & Indian F&B manufacturers. Europe is home safe due to sugar reforms. Lessons from 2009 shared in 7th World Sugar Trade!

Posted on : 03 Sep, 2009


Jess Halliday, editor of FoodNavigator.com wrote an excellent editorial on the politics and policies of key stakeholders in the Global sugar marketplace.


She drew a comparison between the US, India, and the EU highlighting good (market-friendly) and bad (protectionist) policies. In India for example, limits on storing sugar means there are very little reserves available to meet deficit. In the US, tariffs on imported sugar mean higher prices for F&B manufacturers. In the EU however, sugar reforms introduced in 2006 have led to a 30% decrease in sugar production, and the EU no longer imposes tariffs on imported sugar from the ACP (African, Caribbean & Pacific) countries, and other less developed countries.


Are policymakers making a bad situation worse?


While the answer is not a straightforward ‘yes or no’, the 7th World Sugar Trade conference will offer clarity into the policies, economics, consumption patterns and other key market determinants of leading sugar markets around the world. Held in Singapore on 29-30 September 2009, the conference panellists will provide up-to-the minute market updates and analysis of the current situation in:

  • India: addressed by Yatin Wadhwana, MD of Sucden India.
  • The EU: addressed by John Ireland, Head of Research at ED & F Man Sugar Ltd.
  • Brazil: addressed by Michael McDougall, Senior Vice President, NewEdge USA LLC
  • Indonesia: addressed by Melvin Sakiris Korompis, Chairman, Asosiasi Gula Rafinasi Indonesia
  • Thailand: addressed by Pichai Kanivichaporn, Advisor to Board of Directors, Thai Roong Ruang Industry Co Ltd

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Yatin Wadhwana shares insights on Prices, Policies & Politics of India's Sugar Supply at upcoming 7th World SugarTrade meet in Singapore

Posted on : 31 Aug, 2009

As thousands of farmers in India’s “Sugar Bowl” shifted from planting Sugar to other crops, the price of refined sugar on international markets jumped 80 percent, to hit a 28-year high of 21.55 cents a pound.


In the world’s largest sugar consuming nation, Sugar is a political commodity, and in India policy makers have to walk the line between helping consumers, and farmers, many of whom live below the poverty line.


According to industry insiders, the bulk of India’s sugar problems can be traced back to 2006, when the government banned exports to bring down prices. The ban was very successful, and as prices began to fall, it became evident that farmers had planted too much sugarcane for domestic consumption alone.


The New York Times reported that in 2007-2008, sugar farmers burned their sugar cane in the fields, as there was no interest from sugar millers to purchase their crop. Farmers also started switching to other crops. Despite government efforts to subsidise exports, the scene was set for the current shortage.


The bottom line is that India’s sugar industry regulations are complex and extend beyond international trade. Policies dictate how much sugar each mill can sell each month, set a minimum price paid to farmers, and require factories to sell 10% of their output at below market prices for distribution to the poor. Policy makers have also banned futures trading in the commodity.


While industry officials are pushing to ease government control over sugar, politicians are hesitant to back a policy that could ‘drive up food prices’.


The recent rise in sugar prices have lured some farmers back to sugar cane, but according to recent reports published in Bloomberg, India will not produce enough to satisfy domestic demand until 2010 or later.


At the upcoming 7th World SugarTrade summit, which convenes in Singapore on 29-30 September 2009, a leading Indian sugar industry official shares his views on policy initiatives and market drivers for Sugar in India.


Yatin Wadhwana, MD of French multinational trading house, Sucden India, will offer perspectives on India’s sugar production outlook. Mr. Wadhwana, one of India’s most respected and recognisable sugar industry officials, has been involved in India’s sugar industry as a Miller and a Trader for over 22 years. He has served as a voice for India’s sugar industry, stepping in to offer views to leading news agencies including Reuters, Bloomberg and Forbes.


At the 7th World SugarTrade conference, Mr. Wadhwana will provide insights on the amount of sugar stocks India has left, how much the country will import for 2009/2010, and when the deficit should end.


Mr. Wadhwana will also share his views at a round-table on sugar trading that will put today’s markets in perspective, and offer a vision into the future of global sugar trade.


Those who wish to find out more about the Sugar Industry in India, and its impact on global sugar trade flows, are encouraged to attend 7th World SugarTrade to find out more.


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Sugar Prices Jumps to Highest in Three Years on Output Deficit! More Shared in 7th World Sugar Trade.

Posted on : 27 Jun, 2009


As plans for the 7th World SugarTrade conference in Singapore pick up steam, Sugar prices touched new peaks in June on signs that a production deficit could extend into its second year.


The conference, which convenes in Singapore on September 29-30, 2009 will explore Sugar trends, market fundamentals and lenders appetite for supporting growth of sugar sector.


Bloomberg reported that Raw-sugar futures for October delivery rose to 17 cents a pound on the ICE Futures in New York in June 2009, the highest for a most-active contract since July 2006!


This comes amidst the announcement from the Australian government on their revised  sugar output, which has been lowered 3.1 percent. There are also concerns that the lull in the 2009 Indian monsoon could influence upcoming production.


Even with the global economic slowdown, Sugar futures gained this year over a drop in output, and India’s transition into a net importer for the first time in three years. The country is the world’s largest consumer of sugar and biggest producer after Brazil. With the weaker dollar, the appeal for trading commodities will continue to strengthen sugar’s position.


With analysts predicting that, the global sugar production deficit will make an impact in the fourth quarter, the 7th World SugarTrade conference convenes at the RIGHT TIME for the sugar industry to get on-the-minute updates on September 29-30, 2009.


Investors are increasing their stake in sugar, and hedge fund money already coming into sugar futures. The resultant upward momentum could spin off more growth for the sector!


The world’s leading financiers, traders, sugar producers, millers, refiners, key officials of government trading corporations and shipping executives are already confirming their participation at this global conference on September 29-30, 2009 to meet, network and alter the course of the sugar industry in the months ahead.


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7th Global SugarTrade meet in Singapore explores Sugar Trends, market fundamentals and lenders appetite for supporting growth of sugar sector.

Posted on : 14 May, 2009


Source: Globalisation101.org

The 7th Global SugarTrade summit will be held on 29-30 September 2009 in Singapore.


World’s leading financiers, traders, sugar producers, millers, refiners, key officials of government trading corporations and shipping executives will convene at this global conference dedicated to exploring the evolving dynamics of the global sugar markets.


CMT’s first Sugar Trade conference was held in Dubai 7 years ago. Since then we’ve brought the event across to Mexico City and Miami, for regional overview on current trends, local issues and the rising prominence of sugar-cane ethanol.


This year, the conference comes to Singapore, Asia-Pacific’s commodity trading hub. 7th Global SugarTrade aims to tackle the industry’s most pressing development, the current liquidity crunch.


According to the International Sugar Organisation, Sugar prices, which just reached three year highs, will probably get further support because the 2009/10 global sugar market will remain in deficit. With global sugar demand increasing annually, securing funding and increasing production are central to the industry’s sustained growth.


Some of the key current issues to be covered at 7th Global SugarTrade :

On that note, we encourage you to take advantage of lucrative opportunity to increase your organisation’s visibility to the industry’s key players and investors. Do drop an email to jaime@cmtsp.com.sg for details on possible media partnership arrangements and nisha@cmtsp.com.sg on event sponsorship packages at our 7th Global SugarTrade conference.