Fuel Ethanol & Biodiesel Trade,

07-08 Jun, 2007 - Singapore, SINGAPORE

Swissôtel Merchant Court, Singapore

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From Vietnam to Singapore to Indonesia, Asia is growing its biofuels production base for fuel ethanol and biodiesel, ready for usage as well as export to India, China, Japan, Europe and US.  The current pause is seen as transitory as the global emphasis on renewable energy is here to stay.
The recent Philippines Biofuels Act offers a booster for the regional biofuels industry.  It is estimated that the annual demand for ethanol will grow to their range of 200m and 400m litres.  When will the other Asian countries roll out their biofuels mandate?
The “upstream” of biofuels poses a constant challenge of sustainability.  Supply of food-based feedstock threatens the food and livestock market.  What alternative feedstock options are there?  China predicts that this shortage is evident. Thus, to sustain the ethanol supply, the country is looking into developing cellulosic ethanol from biomass and plant cellulose.
While waiting for the biofuels usage to be mandated, the industry is transiting from its infancy stage to tackle teething challenges in the supply chain, making sense of the economics and ensuring profitability. Key sessions at this conference include:
• upstream feedstock & production integration
• trading and risk management
• shipping, storage and handling
• legislation and tariffs on import/export
• blending and quality assurance

CMT’s Biofuels & Supply Chain provides insights on what you
need to know about the trade flow, mandates and supply chain challenges.  Leading industry panel will share on the following:
• What are the import capacities and requirements in USA/Europe?
• When will the Asian mandates come into force?
• Storage and handling of biofuels – What are the “should” and “should not”?
• Considerations to be accounted for in preparing new designs for shipping biofuels
• Harmonisation of specifications and measurements
• Oil price analysis & its impact

Presenting a complete and up to date overview of the industry, CMT’s Biofuels & Supply Chain features key organisations and senior decision makers, providing attendees with exceptional networking and business opportunities.
A must attend event for your 2007 calendar. Don’t hesitate! Register online @ www.cmtevents.com with your team.
• Current and Potential Biofuels Producers • Regional Port Authorities • Logistics Providers • Industry Suppliers/Vendors • Build Design Engineering Companies • Regional Plantation Owners • Agricultural/Feedstock Suppliers • Venture Capitalists • R & D Institutions • Energy & Environmental Organizations • Additives & Catalysts Suppliers • Fuel Marketers / Traders • Government Regulators, Investment Financiers and all executive decision makers including CEOs, Managing Directors, General Managers, Project Directors/Managers, Strategic Planning Directors/Managers, Business Development Directors, Project Financiers, Project Investors, Technical Directors/Executives, Supply Chain Directors