BIOPolymers Markets,

15-16 May, 2007 - Hong Kong, HONG KONG

Regal HongKong Hotel

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"Bioplastics shows signs of a boom in 2006 - Outlook is excellent – further investment required to expand capacities" European Plastics, 21 Nov 06


"Metabolix announces $200m bioplastics factory" 14/12/06


Bioplastics is experiencing strong growth in Europe/USA and some companies are predicting that the market will grow by about 20 per cent a year. Will there be enough raw materials to meet the growing demand? How soon will expansion be completed? Will Asia contribute to the growth or turning itself into a processing powerhouse for the bio economy?


Growing environmental awareness and regulatory pressures are driving companies to look at alternative materials. Bioplastics could be one of the solution to address the problem. Taiwan & Hong Kong are looking into legislation to reduce plastics waste. Does it offers opportunities for bioplastics suppliers?


Adoption of bioplastics is gaining momentum in Korea & Japan, and Toray is setting up a full-scale commercial PLA film & sheet plant in Korea to take advantage of the opportunities.


China being host to the 2008 Olympic games as well as the World Expo 2010 is also exploring the potential of bioplastics use. What are the applications likely to be under consideration, when will a decision be made and the supply criteria?


Research into bioplastics is taking place daily around the world to come up with novel innovations and economically viable solutions to gain market share from hydrocarbon plastics. What are the status of these innovations and what are the new materials available?


CMT’s BioPolymer Markets conference will bring together leading panel of experts to discuss pertinent issues and exchange latest industry development. Some of the issues to be discussed include :


• Global outlook & developments of bioplastics
• Managing carbon – a definitive role for bioplastics
• A technology roadmap – current status and looking into the future
• Brand owner’s perspectives on bioplastics’ application
• Production & processing challenges
• New opportunities & key applications


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You will network with
• CEO/Presidents • MD • GM • Business Development Directors • Sales & Marketing Manager • Commercial Director • Technology Manager, Product Managers • R&D Directors from Biopolymers producers/suppliers • Additives producers/suppliers • Brands owners & retailers • Processors/Converters • Financial & Academic Institutions, machinery suppliers & all who wants to get an update on the opportunities in Bioplastics industry