“ZERO PONDS” - Total Green Technology for POME treatment.
An Affordable and Profitable Solution.


KIS GREEN Technology provides complete solution for the Palm Oil Mill Effluent treatment without use of any lagoons (Ponds) with consistently higher biogas generation. And final discharge meeting all required standards.

POME contains high amounts of organic waste materials with COD levels as high as 65,000 mg/l and BOD levels of 30,000mg/l,

Environmental Hazards of Open Ponds ( Lagoons):

1. Underground water pollution
2. Waste of Fertile land
3. Bad Odour
4. Methane emissions causing global warming

90% of methane is captured in our unique Design CSTR reactor and post reactor the POME is treated in secondary and tertiary Aeration treatment there by eliminating the methane emission to reduce the COD/BOD levels less than the Department of Environment regulations and options for utilizing of BIOGAS generated.

The anaerobic process is by an Anaerobic Reactor having agitators which are continuously stirring the effluent. This system has suitable retention time, easy to operate, requiring less space and cost effective. The flow is then passed through the Aerobic process of conventional and extended aeration tank and clarifiers  after which it is subjected to tertiary treatment of Multigrade Filters and Activated Carbon Filters resulting in the BOD levels of <100 mg/l .


  1. Permanent solution to all environmental hazards
  2. Commercial benefits: Revenue from Biogas, Revenue from extra Biomass, Revenue from CER’s.
  3. Revenue from savings in Land,Less space is required for construction of new Palm Oil Mill
  4. Recovery of Sludge oil present in Palm oil effluent.