9th SugarWorld ASIA

29-30 Apr, 2013 - Yangon, MYANMAR

ParkROYAL Yangon
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About our Event Speakers
We pride ourselves in presenting to you accomplished leaders, authors and advocates with strong track records of achievement and vision in a wide array of backgrounds, professional fields and life experiences. We believe you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward.
U Soe Lin
Soe Lin is currently the President of MSMA ( Myanmar Sugar Manufacturers Association and has been holding this post since 2010. He Has a Sugar plantation in Northern Shan State and previously he was also the Operations Director for Myanmar Dairy Industries. He graduated from the Rangoon Institute of Technology in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

U Soe Lin, President
Myanmar Sugar and Sugar Related Products Merchants and Manufacturer's Association (MS
Welcoming Speech : Revitalising Myanmar’s sugar industry
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 08:40 AM

Mr. Suhrid Patel

Suhrid Patel

Suhrid graduated from the London School of Economics with an undergraduate in Geography and Economics, followed by a masters degree in Development Management. He works as an Economist in the sugar team at UK- based consultancy firm LMC International, where he works particularly closely with the sugar sector in India and in Africa. He has also recently been involved in a major LMC study assessing the prospects for Myanmar’s sugar industry. Over the last seven years, Suhrid has worked, in various capacities, in the sugar and wider agricultural sector across Africa and India

Mr. Suhrid Patel, Research Economist
LMC International Ltd
Latest Developments and Prospects in the Global Sugar Market and Implications for Myanmar
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 09:00 AM
Chairman’s Introduction
Day 2 [Tue 30, April], at 08:30 AM

U. San Thein
 Born in Monywa district, Myanmar in 1947. Awarded Master of Sciences from the University of Florida, United States in 1980. Pursued career over thirty years specializing in agriculture and agro - industrial development. Professional careers were the university lecturer from 1970 to 1992, agronomist and head of agronomy research division of the Central Agricultural Research Institute, Yezin from 1992 to 1995 and research planning director of sugarcane development department (formerly Myanmar Sugarcane Enterprise) of Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation from 1995 to 2009. Currently serve as Vice -President, Myanmar Sugarcane and Sugar -Related Manufacturers and Traders Association. Conduct the part -time assignment as agro-industrial consultant.

U. San Thein, Vice President
Myanmar Sugar and Sugar Related Products Merchants and Manufacturer's Association (MS
Developments in Myanmar’s Sugar Downstream Processing & By Products Market
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 11:10 AM

Dr . Prasert Tapaneeyangkul

Prasert Tapaneeyangkul

Dr. Prasert Tapaneeyangkul is the former Secretary-General of the Office of the Cane and Sugar Board (October 2008-September 2012), and the former Chairman of the Cane and Sugar Fund (2009-2012), Ministry of Industry.  He currently is the President of the Environmental Engineering Association of Thailand, an Executive Board Member of the Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office (Public Organization), and Advisor to Cristalla Co., Ltd.

His past experience involves industrial environmental and safety management, environmental law and renewable energy. He has extensive consulting experiences in both private and public enterprises and organizations.

He is a Graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University and received his Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering with Distinction) from the I.N.S.A..Toulouse, France. And in addition he is also a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University.

Dr . Prasert Tapaneeyangkul, Former Secretary General
Office of Cane & Sugar Board, Ministry of Industry Thailand
Success of Thailand's Cane & Sugar Industry and Lessons Learnt
Day 2 [Tue 30, April], at 09:40 AM

Mr. Rangsit Hiangrat
Mr. Rangsit Hiangrat has done his M.A. from Kasetsart University, Thailand, and his MBA from University of Victoria, Canada. He is currently Director of the Thai Sugar Millers Corporation Limited (TSMC) and has been with this organization since April 9, 2013. Prior to joining TSMC, he was Director of the Cane and Sugar Industry Policy Bureau, Office of the Cane and Sugar Board (OCSB), Ministry of Industry, Thailand, where he had been involved in policies and plans for the country’s sugar industry development for 10 years. Before this, he was senior industrial technical Office for the Bureau of Industrial Promotion Policy and Planning, Department of Industrial Promotion Department, and Chief of ASEAN Industrial Cooperation Unit, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry. 

Mr. Rangsit Hiangrat, Director General
Thai Sugar Millers Corporation Limited
Update on Thailand Sugar Policy
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 02:00 PM

Mr. Liu Hande

Liu Hande

Liu Hande

Chief Executive Officer of Guangdong Zhongqing Sugar Group Co., Ltd

Vice Director-General of China sugar association

Vice President of Guangdong Sugar Association.

Mr. Liu graduated in 1989 from South China Agricultural University with master degree majoring in Agronomy, After which he received his doctor degree in 2005

From 1989 Mr. Liu has been engaged in white sugar industry. With 24 years of experience of manufacture, operation and trading, Mr. Liu is familiar with China' cane’s cultivatation, sugar production, technology, industry system, government policy, sugar merchandise and future market, supply-demand relation and pricing.

Mr. Liu Hande, President
Guangdong Sugar Industry Association
Day 2 [Tue 30, April], at 11:10 AM

Mr. Suryo Alam

Suryo Alam

Pak Suryo obtained his MBA from Hull University, England.

His working experience began as a  Government Civil Servant till 1994 at Ministry of Finance Department. Thereafter he becames Director in national / and multinational private sector of various industries and services .

He then worked in the sugar  refinery environment since involved as pioneer in the establishment of sugar factory owned by PT Jawamanis Rafinasi in the year 2001/2002 as Director. Suryo joined Wilmar Indonesia as Corporate Affairs for Sugar Refinery Groups since 2010 – now heads the Government Relations and Export-Import department.

He is also the Chairman of the Indonesian Refined Sugar Association (AGRI) since 2011 and previously served as Secretary General of the AGRI for a period of tenure.

Mr. Suryo Alam, Chairman
Indonesian Refined Sugar Association - AGRI
Indonesia – Increasing Competitiveness of Locally Produced Sugar
Day 2 [Tue 30, April], at 10:40 AM

Ms. Regina Bautista Martin

Regina Bautista Martin

Ms. Gina Bautista-Martin is the first lady Administrator of the Sugar Regulatory Administration. By heart, she is a real sugarcane farmer who understands how to grow sugarcane and knows how a farmer feels when the price of sugar goes below profitable levels. Her passion for sugarcane and for the small farmers turned her into a successful farmer and a civic leader.

She obtained her management prowess through her post-graduate study on Program Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management. Her deep concern for the welfare and development of her countrymen, most especially the grassroots, is manifested by her profession as a Physical Therapist and through her achievements as leader and organizer in the different industry and civic organizations of the country.

Previously, she held key positions in various civic and sugarcane industry organizations such as the Asociacion de Hacienderos Silay-Saravia (AHSSI), AHHSI Planters Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Silay-Saravia Railways Cooperative, BJB Agro-Industrial Company Inc., Sugar Industry Foundation Inc., Lanatan Agro-Industrial Inc., Mulawin Real Estate Corporation, Associate Missionaries of the Assumption Philippines (AMA Phil), SIMAG Foundation, Kabuhi Foundation of Silay City, Association of Foundations, and Negros Economic Development Foundation.

As SRA Administrator, she represented the country in various international conferences and meetings such as the International Sugar Organization (ISO) Conference in London, head of the sugar industry delegation to the USDA in lobbying the country’s sugar quota.

Ms. Regina Bautista Martin, Administrator
Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA)
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 02:30 PM

Eng. Jose Rojo G Alisla

Jose Rojo Alisla

Mr. Alisla is a Civil Engineering graduate of the University of the Philippines. He has extensive experience in rural development management, including projects in agriculture, agroforestry, crop diversification, renewable energy, reforestation, and community development. He also manages farming and food service businesses.
Engr. Alisla started in the sugarcane industry with the Philippine Sugar Research Institute
as GIS Coordinator. He managed the digital mapping of the major sugarcane areas of the
Philippines, finishing about 80% of the whole country before joining the Sugar Regulatory
Administration (SRA) as Chief of Staff.
Engr. Alisla is adviser to the SRA Administrator and the SRA Board on matters relating to
sugar and ethanol policy, regulation, research & development, and strategic industry
direction. He improved the SRA regulatory framework as Chief Regulation Officer and
Action Officer of the Sugar Monitoring and Anti-Smuggling Task Force. He is the main
contributor in the drafting of the Sugarcane Industry Roadmap of the Philippines which
espouses the diversification of the Philippine Sugarcane Industry into Sugar, Ethanol and
Power. As Alternate Member of the National Biofuels Board (NBB), he actively participates
in the crafting of policies towards the development the Philippine Bioethanol Industry.
He has represented the Philippines in international conferences and meetings, notably in
the International Sugar Organization, among others. His insights are reinforced by his
working visits to major sugar producing countries of Brazil, Thailand, and India. He has
presented papers on the Philippine Sugar and Ethanol Industries at the Sugar Asia
Conference, Global Ethanol Conference, Asia Ethanol Summit and other national and
international fora.

Eng. Jose Rojo G Alisla, Chief Regulatory Officer
Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA)
Ethanol Market Developments
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 03:30 PM

Dr. Slyvio Ortega

Sylvio Ortega

Mr. Ortega joined CMAA in 2010 as CFO and administrative director. Prior to that, he has worked in several companies mainly in the agribusiness and construction industry as Executive and Financial Director, such as Pedra, PHB and GAFISA. Mr. Ortega received a BSc in Civil Engineering from FEB-SP and a master degree from FGV with the extension in the Ohio University.”

Dr. Slyvio Ortega, Chief Financial Officer & Administrative Director
Companhia Mineira de Açúcar e Álcool Participações (CMAA)
Sugar Cane Business and Their Products in Brazil
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 11:40 AM
Afternoon Chairman
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 01:50 PM

Mr. Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh Kumar

Mr.  Mukesh Kumar is the Executive Director of  Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Limited. Mr Kumar has done his graduation in the field of Chemical Engineering from Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri, Ranchi University. He has over 25 years of experience in Sugar, Distillation and Petroleum Industry. He has travelled widely through Africa, Asia and Europe.

He is responsible for the operations and strategies of Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Limited, which is a fully integrated sugar company operating in North West Karnataka, India. Presently he is implementing the expansion plans of the company by expanding the sugarcane crushing capacity from 5,500 TCD TO 11,000 TCD, Co-generation power plant capacity from 36.4 MW to 66.4 MW, and the distillery capacity from 35 KLPD to 100 KLPD

Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Executive Director
Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Limited
Integration of India’s Major Sugar Producer & Expansion Plans
Day 2 [Tue 30, April], at 08:35 AM

Dr. Manjunatha S Rao


Manjunatha Rao

Dr. Manjunatha S Rao, is the General Manager (Research & Development) of E.I.D Parry India Ltd, a company with a history of 225 years in sugar. Manju, an agricultural graduate (Genetics & Breeding) from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi began his research career in crop improvement by developing new varieties of corn, peal millet, sunflower and cotton. Manju worked for 12 years in Thailand, focusing on sugarcane research and development for increasing productivity and efficiency through innovative research and technology transfer. The breeding program on diversification for Energy (Multipurpose varieties for fiber & ethanol), farmer acceptance selection and international collaborations with leading research institutes were initiated during his stay in Thailand. He later worked on bio fuels using sugar and lingo-cellulosic crops during his tenure with Shell. Overall Manju has over 22 years of experience in research, productivity improvements, technology transfer, and diversification, in Integrated Sugar Business, Agriculture, Seeds, Tissue Culture and Bio-fuels. Apart from publishing and presenting research papers, Manju is also a member of a several scientific and governmental committees at both national and international level. Manju is a firm believer that "people are the most valuable resource in Corporate Research".

Dr. Manjunatha S Rao, Associate Vice President – R&D
EID Parry India Ltd
Day 2 [Tue 30, April], at 09:10 AM
Chairman’s Introduction
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 08:20 AM

Mr. Kent Chan Sok Heang

Kent is  the Chairman/CEO of the Signatures of Asia Co.,Ltd one of the three largest Sugar exporter/trader from cambodia,  and the  top 10th rice exporter . He is also the CEO for  Bayon Heritage Holding Group Co.,Ltd , company involved in Fertilizer Distribution

He is also the Board Director of the Federation of the association of small and medium enterprise in Cambodia and Member of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce 

Mr. Kent Chan Sok Heang, CEO
Signatures of Asia Co Ltd
Day 2 [Tue 30, April], at 11:30 AM

Ms. Pamela Yates

Pam Yates

Pam Yates has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons), Post Graduate Diploma in Food Science and Technology and an MBA from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. She has 15 years’ experience working in the food manufacturing and food ingredient industries in Oceania and throughout Asia. She has held key technical and commercial positions in Australia, Thailand and Singapore. Previous roles include Business Development Manager for Givaudan Oceania.

Pam joined Mintel in 2011 and now works closely with food ingredient companies and food and drink manufacturers throughout Asia Pacific.

She is based in Singapore as a Senior Global Food and Drink Analyst, specialising in the Food Science, analysingglobal and region trends in ingredients, emerging science and technology, nutrition, health and wellness, and food safety, regulation and labeling.

Ms. Pamela Yates, Global Food Science Analyst
Mintel (Consulting) Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Stevia and Trends of Natural/Artificial Sweeteners as Replacement for Sugar
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 04:00 PM

Mr. GSC Rao


President, Sugar Technologist's Association of India
CEO and Executive Director, Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd, New Delhi
Director, Integrated Casetech Consultants (P) Ltd,
Elected for 2nd term as a President of Sugar Technologist Association of India which is the apex body of all the stake holders of Indian sugar industry including sugar engineers, technologist, machinery manufacturers, scientist, and farmers etc.
Responsible for operations and strategies of Simbhaoli Sugars which has three sugar and distillery units producing raw and refined sugar, cogeneration of power and ethanol. Build solid rock track of success in critical time of sugar industry and took company to $333 million turnover.
Primary driving force of Integrated Casetech Consultants Pvt Ltd, a technology vertical company presently executing number of projects in more than 10 countries including Myanmar.

Mr. GSC Rao, CEO
Simbhaoli Sugars Limited (SSL)
Development Strategies for Myanmar Sugar Industry: An Indian Perspective
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 09:35 AM

Dr . Sanda Kyaw Win

Sanda Kyaw Win

Dr. Sanda Kyaw Win obtained her Ph.D in 2010 major in Agronomy from the University of the Philippines, Los Banos and a professional sugarcane agronomist in Myanmar. Since she has graduated from the Yezin Agricultural University for her first degree in 1996, she joined to the Myanmar Sugarcane Enterprise under Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. She also obtained Master of Agricultural Science major in Crop Science from Yezin Agricultural University and was trained one year in Israel for green house crop production. Prior to transferring Head Office of Department of Industrial Crops Development, she was a sugarcane researcher in Sugarcane Research and Seed Farm, Pyinmana, Myanmar andalso takes responsible for International Relation Unit in Planning and Research Division of Sugarcane Education and Technology Development Division.She has 17 years of experiences in the field of sugarcane production and management.

Dr . Sanda Kyaw Win, Sugarcane Education & Technology Development Division Department of Industrial Crops Development
Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation
Establishing Large-Scale Sugarcane Plantations in Myanmar-Future Prospects
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 10:40 AM

U. Zaw Win

Zaw Win

Mr. Zaw Win obtained his bachelor degree in Agricultural Science from the Yezin Agricultural University  (YAU), Myanmar in 1977. He  obtained the World Bank Scholarship to  pursue  his Master study program in  Plant Breeding   at the Ohio State University , USA  from 1988 to 1990.He has worked in Ministry of  agriculture and Irrigation  (MOAI) for (33) years. He was assigned as Estate Manager in Mudon Rubber Estate from1993 to 1996. He tried to get the improved rubber varieties, and conducted the rubber training to smallholders of rubber plantation. After that, he also assigned as Regional Director in Tanintharyi Region about (6) years from 1996 to 2002.  Next, he worked as Head of Planning and Extension Education  division in Myanmar Perennial Crops Enterprise (MPCE) in Yangon from   2002  to  2008.  And then, he also promoted as Director of Planning Division of Department of Industrial Crops Development (DICD) in Nay Pyi Taw.

U. Zaw Win, Director Planning, Dept of Industrial Crops Development
Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation
Opening Speech
Day 1 [Mon 29, April], at 08:30 AM