2nd RubberPlant Summit

06-07 Feb, 2012 - Bali, INDONESIA

The Ayodya Resort Bali
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About our Event Speakers
We pride ourselves in presenting to you accomplished leaders, authors and advocates with strong track records of achievement and vision in a wide array of backgrounds, professional fields and life experiences. We believe you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward.
N.S. Jayawardene
-Mr Sriyan Eriyagama has over 30 years of experience in plantation industry as an active planter in all plantation crops (Tea, Rubber and Oil Palm). He is a Diploma Holder from theNational Institute of Plantation Management, Sri Lanka and a B.Sc Degree Holder in Plantation Management. Currently he is the Director of Lankem Tea & Rubber Plantations.

N.S. Jayawardene, Manager
Kotagala Plantations Ltd
Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction
Day 1 [Mon 06, February], at 09:00 AM
Case Study: Sri Lankan Rubber Cultivation and Manufacturing Techniques
Day 2 [Tue 07, February], at 10:50 AM

Mr. Jom Jacob
-As an analyst in rubber industry for the past 25 years, Jom Jacob is specialised in economic and statistical aspects of the global rubber industry. Currently he is with the ANRPC as its Senior Economist, a position he has held since 2007, and the key analyst for the ANRPC's monthly bulletin, Natural Rubber Trends & Statistics. Prior to that, from 1985 onwards, he was with the Rubber Board of the Government of India, holding various positions, including the head of its Planning Division. Jom Jacob holds a Master's degree (M. Phil.) in Applied Economics from the Jawaharlal Nehru University and a Master's in Statistics from the University of Kerala.

Mr. Jom Jacob, Senior Economist
Rubber Board of India
Yield in Rubber Growing Belts: A Comparative Assessment across Countries
Day 1 [Mon 06, February], at 09:40 AM
Volatility in Natural Rubber Prices: Causes & Consequences
Day 2 [Tue 07, February], at 11:25 AM

Mr. Pawan Kumar
-Pawan Kumar is an Associate Director with the Food & Agribusiness Research & Advisory South East Asia team, and a sector specialist in Grains & Oilseeds, Animal Proteins (feed, poultry, meat, seafood) and soft commodities focusing on South East Asia and India.
Based in Singapore, Pawan is responsible for research, advisory and market intelligence of various agribusiness sectors. Before joining Rabobank, Pawan worked for Olam International Ltd for over three years, an agricultural commodity trading and supply chain management company. During that time, he was responsible for overseeing and managing Olam's edible nuts operations in Africa and India. An electronic engineer by training, Pawan also holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India.

Mr. Pawan Kumar, Associate Director (Food & Agribusiness Research & Advisory)
Rabobank International
Rubber Market Fundamentals
Day 1 [Mon 06, February], at 10:15 AM

Dr. Romulo L. Cena
-Dr. Romulo L. Cena is the present director of the Philippine Industrial Crops Research Institute, based at the University of Southern Mindanao, North Cotabato. He finished his Ph.D. in Plant Breeding at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, Laguna. He is the present chairman of the Technical Working Group for Plantation Crops (Rubber, Coffee, Cacao, Palm Oil and Spices) of the National Seed Industry Council, Bureau of Plant Industry, Department of Agriculture. He is also a member of the Plant Breeding and Physiology Group of the International Rubber Research and Development Board as well asthe present Chairman of the Technical Working Group for Rubber of North Cotabato province. He attended several International Forum and Conferences on Rubber and Cacao both as Resource Person and participant in Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ivory Coast and France.

Dr. Romulo L. Cena, Director, Agricultural Research Center
University of Southern Mindanao
Challenges for Philippines Natural Rubber Developments
Day 1 [Mon 06, February], at 11:20 AM
Chairman’s Remarks
Day 1 [Mon 06, February], at 02:00 PM

Mr. Ramesh Veloo
-Mr. Ramesh obtained his B.A. in Economics from University Malaya in 1988 and MSc. in Plantation Management from UPM Serdang in 2000. He has a total of 22 years of experience and has served in companies like Golden Hope Plantations, IOI Corporation and Boustead Estate Agency. His area of expertise includes plantation management with specialization in for major crops - palm oil, cocoa, coconut and rubber. He also established and headed a plantation training academy in Sabah from 2004 - 2007. Currently, Mr. Ramesh is the Plantation Advisor with Tradewinds Plantation Berhad and involved in providing advisory services by conducting field audit, training and appraisal of plantation performance.

Mr. Ramesh Veloo, Director of Plantation, Peninsula
Tradewinds (M) Berhad
Issues and Challenges in Reviving Rubber as a Plantation Crop – A Planter’s Perspective
Day 1 [Mon 06, February], at 11:55 AM
Chairman’s Remark
Day 2 [Tue 07, February], at 09:00 AM

Dr. Chairil Anwar
-Dr. Chairil started his career at the Indonesian Rubber Research Institute (IRRI) in 1980, and obtained his Ph.D. from the Bogor Agricultural University in field Agriculture Economics in 2005. Since 2005, he is the Director of IRRI. There are three Rubber Research Centers under IRRI: Sungei Putih (North Sumatra), Sembawa (South Sumatra)and Getas (Central Java). Dr. Chairil is also member of Board and Chief Executive of International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB), and also member of Committee on Strategic Market Operation (CSMO) of International Rubber Consortium Limited (IRCo) from 2005 to 2008.

Dr. Chairil Anwar, Director
Indonesian Rubber Research Institute
Rubber Forest Plantation - New Strategy for Rubber Plantation Development in Indonesia
Day 1 [Mon 06, February], at 02:10 PM

Mr. Alistair Monument
-Alistair Monument has worked as FSC Asia Pacific Director since January 2011 and has established the FSC Asia Pacific Regional Office, based in Hong Kong. Key activities include, developing markets and key client relationships, maintaining the credibility of FSC certification and trademarks, securing the accreditation and certification operating environment, enhancing government relations and overseeing and developing FSC's network in Asia Pacific. A qualified auditor and forester, Alistair has experience in over 30 countries in the private sector and with non-governmental organizations, as well as with national and inter-governmental agencies in sectors including ethical standards, accreditation and certification systems, corporate social responsibility, supply chain management, forestry, oil and gas.

Mr. Alistair Monument, Asia Regional Director
Forest Stewardship Council
Sustainability in Rubber Plantation Management
Day 1 [Mon 06, February], at 02:45 PM

Dr. Thomas Wijaya
-Dr. Thomas Wijaya obtained his Bachelor of Science from Bogor Agricultural University and went on to complete his Masters in Agricultural Science and later on Phd, both from the University of Queensland, Australia. Dr. Thomas has been working as a research scientist at the Soil and Agro-climate Division of Sembawa Research Centre, Indonesian Rubber Research Institute since 1985. He has been the Principal Research Scientist since 2005. Dr. Thomas is also the research coordinator of International Research collaboration with ACIAR on rubber growth modeling, and ICRAF on rubber agroforestry research and a consultant of land suitability assessment for various companies.

Dr. Thomas Wijaya, Research Coordinator
Sembawa Research Centre
Rubber Development on Non-Traditional Area
Day 1 [Mon 06, February], at 03:50 PM