2nd Palm Oil Summit: Sustainable Yields, The Way Forward

09-10 Dec, 2010 - Bali, INDONESIA

The Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua Bali
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About our Event Speakers
We pride ourselves in presenting to you accomplished leaders, authors and advocates with strong track records of achievement and vision in a wide array of backgrounds, professional fields and life experiences. We believe you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward.
Mr. Midzon Johannis

Midzon Johannis

Graduated  from Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agriculture University.   He has been working with PT Syngenta Indonesia and its legacy company for over 22 years.   He has extensive experience in Sales  & Marketing and Technical fields of crop protection.  Mr. Johannis has deep knowledge of product stewardship,  including safe & responsible use of agrochemical in oil palm plantations.  Currently he is the Head of  Development of PT Syngenta Indonesia

Mr. Midzon Johannis, Head of R&D
PT Syngenta Indonesia
Chairman’s Opening Introduction
Day 1 [Thu 09, December], at 09:00 AM
Safe Handling of Agrochemical Spraying in the Oil Palm Plantations
Day 2 [Fri 10, December], at 03:30 PM

Mr. M R Chandran Nair


M.R Chandran


Mr Chandran is a 50 year veteran of the agro-commodities industry. Having served for 35 years he retired as Director and Head of Plantations of Franco-Belgian multi-national, Socfin Company  Berhad .  He was the start up Chief Executive of the Malaysia Palm Oil Association  (MPOA) , a private sector entity  tasked  with the function of balancing the needs and interests of the Malaysian plantation industry. Has a wealth of professional experience in the agro-commodities  sector with particular focus  on the oil palm industry .  He was involved in the establishment of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in 2003  and currently holds the position as  Advisor to the Executive Board. He still serves the industry in an advisory capacity to various plantation crop related business ventures Has been honoured with the fellowship awards of the Incorporated Society of Planters  , Malaysian Oil Scientists & Technologists Association  and the British Institute of Management 

Mr. M R Chandran Nair, Group Specialist Advisor
Platinum NanoChem Sdn. Bhd.
Opening Address
Day 1 [Thu 09, December], at 09:10 AM

Dr. Didiek Goenadi


Dr Didiek Goenadi

Dr. Goenadi joined Biotechnology Research Unit for Estate Crops, formerly known as Bogor Research Institute for Estate Crops, soon after finishing undergraduate study at Bogor Agriculture University in 1981. After three years working at the institute, he pursued graduate studies at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA. He got MS and PHD degrees in 1986 and 1989, respectively, both with recognition. In 1991-1993 he served as Head of Soil Science Research Group. He became Research Professor in 1995 in the field of Soil Sciences and Fertilizers. . In 1998 he received Satyalencana Wirakarya Award from the Government of Indonesia. Since 1999 he has been serving as the President of Indonesian Soil Science Society and the Indonesian Inventor Society

Dr. Didiek Goenadi, Investment Committe for Agribusiness Affairs
Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (BKPM) (Head Office) - Indonesia Investement Coordinating Board
Oil Palm Business in Indonesia – Opportunities and Challenges
Day 1 [Thu 09, December], at 09:40 AM

Dr. Soh Aik Chin ***


Prof. Dr Soh Aik Chin

Dr Soh is a Special Professor at the University of Nottingham Malaysia and an Advisor to Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn Bhd where he was the Head and Principal Plant Breeder.  Dr. Soh has been involved in oil palm breeding and tissue culture for the past 30 years and was responsible for the development of the high oil yielding semi –dwarf Dumpy related DxP  hybrid variety, AAHybrida1, and tissue culture clones AAVitroa1.  For his scientific contributions, he received the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation Outstanding Scientist Award in 2005, was appointed as Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia in 2006 and Special Professor at the University of Nottingham Malaysia in 2007.. 

Dr. Soh Aik Chin ***, Advisor
Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn. Bhd. (AARSB)
Commercial Planting of Oil Palm Clones: Prospects & Challenges in Yield Breakthrough
Day 1 [Thu 09, December], at 10:50 AM

Dr. Suan Choo Cheah


Dr Cheah Suan Choo

Dr. Cheah Suan Choo was appointed Chief Scientific Officer of ACGT in August 2006 to spearhead the establishment of the company as a centre of excellence in genomic science. Dr. Cheah was with the Malaysian Palm Oil Board, prior to joining ACGT. She graduated with a PhD in Microbiological Chemistry from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK in 1982, under the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship Award. Following this, she served as a post-doctoral Research Associate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US. In 2004, Dr. Cheah earned an Executive MBA degree from the Asian Institute of Management. She has managed projects on various aspects of oil palm and palm oil research for the last 27 years.

Dr. Suan Choo Cheah, Chief Scientific Officer
ACGT Sdn Bhd
New & Improved Oil Palm Materials through Increased Precision in Selection
Day 1 [Thu 09, December], at 11:20 AM

Dr. Abdul Razak Purba

Razak Purba

Dr. Razak Purba is now a deputy director in Indonesian Oil Palm Research Institute  (IOPRI). He has been almost 30 years in his career as an oil palm breeder at IOPRI. Graduated from ENSA de Montpellier (France), his focus of research is integration of new biology molecular technique into the oil palm conventional breeding programme in IOPRI. He is a member of TP2V (Variety Released and Assessment Team of National Seed Board, Ministry of Agriculture). He is also the Asia Pacific Representative of International Society of Oil Palm Breeder (ISOPB).

Dr. Abdul Razak Purba, Plant Breeder
Indonesian Oil Palm Research Institute (IOPRI)
An Update on Oil Palm Planting Material Producers in Indonesia
Day 1 [Thu 09, December], at 12:00 PM

Mr. Joshua Mathews ***

Joshua Mathews

Started working with IOI Group as an Agronomist in the field of oil palm breeding, agronomy, quality control and sustainability. He was involved in work on dry matter production of oil palm for the selection of palms with highest bunch index (BI).

He formulated oil palm fertilizer recommendations based on site yield potential concept, soil type and its nutrient contribution with the objective to have a highest potential yield of fresh fruit bunch per hectare per year.

IOI Group today has been successful in achieving such high yields by putting the site yield potential concepts in a practical way


He was promoted as Research Controller in 2008 and is involved in management aspects of research activities covering a work force of 200. Currently, implements the company's sustainability programmes. Involved in preparing standard operating procedures, environmental impact assessment and management plans, and social impact assessment and management plans for each operating units. Successfully implemented RSPO Principle and Criteria for 6 IOI oil mills.

Mr. Joshua Mathews ***, Research Controller (Plantation Division)
IOI Corporation Bhd -Research Centre
IOI Group’s Yield Performance and Potentials
Day 1 [Thu 09, December], at 02:00 PM

Mr. David Ogg ***

David Ogg

David is Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, having started his forestry career in 1976. Between 1998 and 2006 David developed and managed 6 group schemes for both forest management and chain of custody certification with over 700 members in 5 European countries. He joined Control Union Certifications in 2006 and is now a senior lead auditor for 9 certification programs including RSPO. He has been auditing oil palm plantations and mills over the past 3 years and led the audits that resulted in the world's first RSPO certificate, and the first RSPO certificates in both Malaysia and Indonesia. His work takes him all over the world but he is constantly drawn back to Asia.

Mr. David Ogg ***,
Peterson Consultancy
Areas in Which Managers have Difficulty in Demonstrating Compliance
Day 1 [Thu 09, December], at 04:10 PM
Oil Palm and Downstream Processing in Relation to the RED and ISCC
Day 2 [Fri 10, December], at 08:40 AM

Indirect Land Use Change and Palm oil
Day 2 [Fri 10, December], at 09:30 AM

Dr. Paramananthan Selliah


Dr S. Paramanathan

Dr. S. Paramanathan graduated from the University of Malaya with Hons in Geology and subsequently completed his Diploma in Tropical Agronomy – Queensland and a Doctorate in Science from Ghent, Belgium.  He has been a soil surveyor since 1966 and has carried out soil surveys in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Madagascar and Gabon.  He just completed the soil survey of 82,000 ha Peatswamps in Miri Sarawak.  He is the author of a number of books on the Soils of Malaysia.  He has been the Managing Director of Param Agricultural Soil Surveys (M) Sdn. Bhd. since 1990

Dr. Paramananthan Selliah, Managing Director
Param Agricultural Soil Surveys (M) Sdn Bhd
Best Practices in Land Selection and Management for Oil Palm Cultivation
Day 2 [Fri 10, December], at 10:50 AM

Dr. Thomas Fairhurst

Thomas Fairhurst

Dr Thomas Fairhurst has spent over thirty years working in tropical agriculture accumulating knowledge and experience as a field agronomist and developing software for oil palm data collection and analysis. Dr Fairhurst gained a PhD from London University and was employed by various international companies in SE Asia asagricultural advisor and agronomist before returning to the UK in 2008 to establish his own consultancy company, Tropical Crop Consultants Ltd. One of the top priorities of TCCL is to contribute to the intensification of crop production by increasing crop yields
on land already under cultivation to satisfy increasing demand for food, fibre and fuel in response to growing populations. By increasing productivity of cultivated land, the need to develop remaining forest land is thereby reduced. In 1998 Dr Fairhurst co-authored a series of handbooks relating to the production and management of rice and oil palm which have been translated into several languages: these are currently being updated and will be published in 2013.

Dr. Thomas Fairhurst, Director
Tropical Crop Consultants Ltd
Yield Improvement in Oil Palm Planted on Degraded Land – An Indonesian Experience
Day 2 [Fri 10, December], at 11:30 AM
Chairman's Remark
Day 1 [Thu 09, December], at 10:48 AM

Mr. Peter Lim Kim Huan ***

Peter Lim


Dr. Peter Lim graduated from the State University of Ghent, Belgium with a Doctorate in Agricultural Science. His area of specialisation is in Soil Chemistry and Soil Physics. He is presently the General Manager R&D of PT.TH Indo Plantations, Riau, Indonesia. He has worked for more than 10 years on R&D relating to sustainable cultivation of oil palm on tropical peat soils in Sarawak and Sumatra.

Mr. Peter Lim Kim Huan ***, General Manager - R & D
PT TH Indo Plantations
Best Agro-Management Practices for Oil Palm Planted on Peatland
Day 2 [Fri 10, December], at 02:10 PM

Mr. Teh Chong Lay ***


Teh Chong Lay

Chong Lay holds a BSc degree in Biology from National University of Singapore (Nanyang).  He has been in the discipline of Plant Protection for perennial crops for the past 33 years.  He is the person-in-charge of R&D Sabah cum the Chief Plant Protectionist for Sime Darby estates in Sabah and Sarawak.  His area of expertise is Integrated Pest & Disease Management of oil palm, cocoa, coconut, using biological agents such as insect predators and parasitoids, entomopathogens, antagonistic fungi, and beneficial plants/cultivars.  He does extension services and training of estate executives, both within and outside the Group, and has authored and co-authored 25 scientific papers, a Bio-remedies Book and some Standard Operation Procedure Manuals

Mr. Teh Chong Lay ***, Chief Scientist I / Plant Protectionist
Sime Darby R&D Center
Update on Pest & Disease Management For Sustainable Yield in Oil Palm - Sime Darby Experience
Day 2 [Fri 10, December], at 02:50 PM

Mr. Sam Tidhar

Currently employed by Netafim as the sales director for Indonesia and Malaysia.

Sam has a degree in irrigation engineering.

Sam has been with Netafim for the past 20 years based in both Australia and the USA.

Sam is currently the business director for Indonesia and part of a joint venture established earlier this year with a local Indonesian company operating together as Nutrigation

Mr. Sam Tidhar, Director - Indonesia & Malaysia
Techno Economic Analysis of Drip Nutrigate'd Oil Palm
Day 2 [Fri 10, December], at 12:10 PM