Document Purchase Cost
Regular fee for 1 (per person) 1295.00
Group fee for 3 or more (per person) 1095.00
Credit Card Payment
  1. VISA and/or Master cards are accepted for payments in USD/EURO/SGD
Quick Online Credit Card Payment
  1. A special link will be sent to you together with invoice.
  2. Currency charged in USD/EURO/SGD as per invoice amount.
  3. You can print the receipt online after successful transaction.
  4. After payment you will receive a payment confirmation.
Cancellations, Refund & Transfer
  1. No refund of registration fees would be made for whatsoever reasons once any conference materials and/or proceedings has been downloaded .Conference Materials/proceedings can be downloaded with a unique user name and password which will be made available 1 week before the event to PAID delegates only
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