NEW Myanmar Investment Summit 2013
28-29 Jan, 2013 - Yangon
Sedona Hotel Yangon
PLEASE CLICK HERE to view upcoming event. Information here is outdated

Presenters, Papers and Discussions
Above all else it is the quality of our speakers that singles out CMT as the conference presenter par excellence. And the selection of speakers is a major part of the planning process. Due to our wide ranging areas of expertise from petrochemicals to alternative energy (e.g., gas to liquid, LPG, biofuels, etc.), to specialty chemicals (e.g., surfactants, coating, etc.) and commodity markets (e.g., sugar, cement, steel, etc.), CMT undertake an extensive selection process for its conference speakers. Most if not all our speakers are Industry or Government or Research leaders in the industries we specialize in.

CMT research teams carefully study all paper proposals that are presented for discussion at our conferences. Each member of the research teams are themselves expert in one or more of our fields of specialty (alternative energy, petrochemicals, commodities).

Getting Selected to Be a Speaker
The first step to becoming one of our speakers and becoming recognized as an expert by your peers is to complete and submit the application form below. Upon receipt, the application will be carefully vetted and checked by our research teams. We do not guarantee that you will be accepted as a Speaker but we can guarantee that your application will be given fair and careful consideration. If you have something to share that is novel or ground breaking or new, please do not hesitate to submit your proposal and details now.

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