7th Global Rubber & Tire Markets

03-04 Jun, 2013 - Bangkok
Sofitel So Bangkok
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Day 1 - [03 Jun, 2013 - Monday]
Registration & Coffee
Chairman’s Welcome Remarks & Introduction
Mr.Christoph H. Kalla, Vice President Marketing and R&D
Lanxess International SA
Global Economic Outlook
- Slow recovery in US - implications on Asia and its impact on rubber & tire industry
- Performance of SE Asia with moderate growth in China and India
- European crisis & the impact on ASEAN market
- Market volatility and its impact on currency movement
- Reality of consumer demand in China & India, is it slowing down?
Dr.Kirida Bhaopichitr, Senior Country Economist
The World Bank Group
Global Natural Rubber Market Outlook

-NR growth potential & development trends

-Will price stabilize with new plantations in emerging NR producing countries in South East Asia: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam?

-Strategizing to meet long term NR shortage/surplus

Dr.Chayo Trangadisaikul, Secretary General
Rubber-Based Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries, Thailand
Tire Technology Overview and Challenges Ahead
-Towards a sustainable Tire & Rubber Industry
Mr.Shunichi Usui, General Manager, New Composites Development Dept
Bridgestone Corporation (HQ)
Discussion Followed by Networking Refreshment
Butadiene Outlook and the Impact of Shale Gas
- Shale gas production and impact on synthetic rubber
- Update on shale gas development
- Impact of oil/natural gas trade on butadiene markets
- On-purpose Butadiene prospect
- How will U.S. shale gas production and China's CTO impact global butadiene markets
- Downstream market demand forecast
Mr.Andrew Lee Fagg, Principal, Energy & Chemicals Consulting
Nexant Singapore
Synthetic Rubber Market Outlook
- Price pressure from upstream market
- When will demand catch up with supply?
- Market trends and new technologies
- Emerging markets and applications- Industrial and agri markets
- New project update (Singapore, Brazil, Europe)
Mr.Virendra Rathod, Head Synthetic Rubber Biz
Reliance Industries Limited
Discussion Followed by Networking Lunch
Afternoon Chairman’s Introduction
Mr.Rajeev M Pandia, Director
Latex Market Outlook: Opportunities and Challenges Arising from Government Policy and Correlated Futures Market
- Market demand/supply
- Intervention shocks
- Impact from rubber futures market
Dr.Paitoon Wongsasutthikul, Managing Director
Agrowealth Co., Ltd
Will Vietnam Become the Major Rubber Product Maker?
- Vietnam's rubber industry development
- Demand and supply outlook
- Role as exporter, challenges and opportunities for domestic and foreign investor
- Project update and production capacity in 3-5 years
Mrs.Tran Thi Thuy Hoa, Office Manager
Vietnam Rubber Association
Tire Labeling and its Effect on Global Market Dynamics
- EU tire labeling legislation & its impact on tire industry
- Will Asia push for tire labeling?
Mr.Christoph H. Kalla, Vice President Marketing and R&D
Lanxess International SA
Discussion Followed by Networking Refreshment
Is China Ready for Green Tyre Era?

- The implications of EU legislation
- Developing markets for green tire
- Product development updates

Professor, Dr. Chen Qiubo, Advisor

China Rubber Research Institute

China Natural Rubber Association

Hainan Natural Rubber Group Co. LTD

Green Tyre Technology and Markets

- R&D trends in green tire developments

Dr. Rabindra Mukhopadhyay

Director (R&D),  JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.

Director & CE, Hari Shankar Singhania Elastomer & Tyre Research Institute (HASETRI)
Chairman, Indian Rubber Institute (IRI)

The Evolution of the Retread Industry in Asia Pacific

- Understanding of the retread industry history and how it impacts the transport industry and overall economy and environment.

- Retreading today.The transformation that the industry has went through in the past decades from the perspective of technology, business model and the benefits gains by the user.

- The future of retreading.To examine the outlook of the retread industry in overall. The business is no longer about cost saving but its contribution to the safety of the end-user, environment and also the future generations.

Mr.Tai Qisheng, Corporate Strategy Manager (Group Strategic & Communications Division)
Goodway Integrated Industries Berhad (GIIB)
Discussion followed by End of Day 1
Networking Reception for All Speakers and Participants
Day 2 - [04 Jun, 2013 - Tuesday]
Chairman’s Remark
Mr.Tai Qisheng, Corporate Strategy Manager (Group Strategic & Communications Division)
Goodway Integrated Industries Berhad (GIIB)
New Market Concept for Green Oil in Rubber/ Tire Applications
- Tire labeling in the EU, Korea and Japan
- Challenges concerning regulations for label free oils & fuel economy
- New carcinogenic concept
- The monitoring of carcinogenic risk of components for tires
- The influence of green oil on the tire performance
Dr.Alexander Shchepalov, Project Manager, Petrochemicals Development R&D Dept
ORGKHIM Biochemical Holding
Apollo Tyres - Driving Sustainable Growth
Mr.Shubhro Ghosh, Head of ASEAN
Apollo Tyres (Thailand) Ltd
Discussion Followed by Networking Refreshment
Indonesia - New Growth Strategies
- Key drivers of growth & emerging applications
- Raw materials availability for tire production
- Investments in new plantations
Dr.Kartika Dianningsih Antono, Managing Director
PT Multistrada Agro International / PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk
Global Tire & Tire Cord Market Outlook
Mr.Joko Widjaya, Marketing & Sales Director
PT Bekaert Indonesia
Carbon Black Development & Global Market Outlook

- Applications and grades

- Manufacturing processes and feedstocks

- Performance characteristics

- Demand and supply, major producers

- Key trends

Mr.Rajeev M Pandia, Director
Final Discussion Followed by Closing Lunch
End of Conference

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