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MPS Myanmar Power Summit

28-31 Jan, 2013 - Yangon, MYANMAR

Sedona Hotel Yangon

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28 Jan, 2013 - Monday

~ Separately Bookable ~
Pre-Summit Forum: Doing Business in Myanmar


Registration & Coffee


Chairman’s Welcome & Remarks


New Foreign Investment Laws – Key Significant Clauses and New Developments

-   Foreign ownership and restricted sectors

-   Clauses relating to land leases, tax incentives & repatriating funds

-   Foreign investment approval process and procedure

-   Prospects of M&A

-   Roles of DICA & MIC

Cheah Swee Gim, Director & Foreign Consulting Attorney

Kelvin Chia Yangon

Daw. Mae Thi Lynn, Director
Union Attorney General's Office

Yoshiyuki Morii, Chief Representative
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


Structuring Partnership with Local/Foreign Investors – Panel Discussion

- Various business arrangements – JV, distributor, service provider & etc

- Negotiating & matching needs of foreign & local parties

- Local distribution procedures and regulations

- Due diligence on foreign & local partners

Dr Win Zaw Aung, Managing Director
Sea Lion Co. Ltd

Ms. Thida Thant, Managing Director

New Link Marketing Ltd

Mrs. Nandar Thaung, Contract Manager
Parami Energy Group of Companies

Dr. George Soe Win, Senior Bank-Business-Investment Consultant


Discussion followed by Networking Coffee


Latest Modified Import & Export Trade Policy

-  Foreign trade policy

-  Export & import of commodities: trade volume, export destination, sources of import

-  Trade agreements and current liberalization in international trade

Dr. Htein Lynn, Deputy Director
Ministry of Commerce


Myanmar’s Socio, Economic & Geographical Outlook

- Developments and economic outlook in different states

- Regional considerations including language, scripts and living standards
- Culture of doing business in different areas

Mr Stuart Larkin, Myanmar Specialist

Policy and Investment Research & Advisory


How to Structure a Build-Operate-Transfer Project in Myanmar: Key Legal, Tax and Regulatory Points

- Why does the Myanmar Government favor BOT structures in power and infrastructure deals?
- Local legal particularities of Myanmar BOT contracts you need to know
- Use of land and foreign ownership restrictions in BOTs
- What are the different steps to license a BOT project? Practical case study
- Tax structure of BOT projects: profit extraction and withholding tax update
- Special practical points of attention for Ports, Airports, Power Plants, Railroads and Pipelines


Discussion followed by Networking Lunch


Afternoon Chairman's Remarks


Updates on the New Foreign Investment Law for Oil, Gas & Power Sector

Daw Cho Cho Wynn, Deputy Director General
Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA)

Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development


Banking and Financial Services in Myanmar

-  2003 Banking crisis and banking climate in Myanmar nowadays

-  The new role of the Central Bank of Myanmar

-   Penetrating the banking market of Myanmar: joint-venture in the banking industry

-   Existing players

-   Micro-finance industry

-   Yangon Stock Exchange

Alessio Polastri, Managing Partner
P&A Asia


Overview of Payment & Remittance System

-  Fund transfer issues and Remittance Process & Procedures

-  Contract execution relating to receipt and payment of foreign exchange

Mr Soe Tin, Advisor
Myanmar Apex Bank


Discussion followed by Networking Tea


Opportunities in Manufacturing Operations & Relocation including selecting suitable IE sites

- Automotive parts manufacturing
- Textile/garment/ Polyester Resin manufacturing in SEZ and IE sites
- IE site selection including wage and labor availability
- Infrastructure  issues
- Comparison of the 3 SEZ sites and other emerging IE plans
- Logistics issues for export market
Mr. Dennis James Meseroll, Executive Director
Tractus Asia Ltd


Outlook for Skilled Executives and Technical Engineering Staff

- New Minimum Wage Law and Settlement of Labor Disputes

- Remuneration Packages

- Retraining local workforce and attracting PMET in overseas

Prof. Dr. Aung Tun Thet, Senior Advisor
UN Resident Coordinator’s Office


DICA Clinic

DICA Officials will be available to Answer your Queries and Concerns

Ms. Aye Sandar Lwin, Assistant Director, DICA
Ms. San San Win, Assistant Director, DICA

Prof. Dr. Aung Tun Thet, Senior Advisor, UN Resident Coordinator's Office


End of Day 1


18:15 - 20:00 hrs.

Welcome Cocktail & MPS Registration

29 Jan, 2013 - Tuesday

Welcome Address by CMT

G. Seelan, Managing Director, CMT


Opening Speech:

Official Address by

Khin Maung Soe, Union Minister of Electric Power
Myanma Electric Power Enterprise

Chairman’s Remarks

Kaung Kyaw Say Engineering Co. Ltd

Role of Electric Power Ministry & Master Plan to Meet the Increasing Energy/Utilities Needs

- Demand Mapping for Electricity/Power Utilities Demand/Requirement
- Master Plan of Thermal Power to meet the increasing Electricity Demand & Opportunities for Foreign Investments

Aye San Dar Myo, Assistant Engineer
Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE)


Ensuring Sustainable Power Utilities Infrastructure Development in Myanmar - Perspective and Role of World Bank


Discussion followed by Networking Coffee


Fuel-Mix Requirement and Supply – Selecting, Contracting & Pricing

- Proposed fuel-mix (Coal, Natural Gas, etc)
- Ensuring Sustainable Supply of Fuel Resources, E.g. Imports of Coal, etc

Kyaw Swar Soe Naing, Executive Engineer
Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE)

Role of Hydropower in a Changing Climate and As an Integrator of the Overall Renewable Energy Mix

International Hydropower Association (IHA)

Strategies for Sustainable Hydropower Development in Myanmar

Myanma Electric Power Enterprise

Outlook in Power Sector from Private Sector Perspective

Parami Energy Group of Companies

Discussion followed by Networking Lunch


Afternoon's Chairman


Power plant development – How do other SE Asian countries attract investment?

- Three models - State-Owned, Single Buyer & Competitive Market
- Overview of Development in SE Asia
- Key Determinants of Successful Development
- Possible Directions for Myanmar

The Lantau Group (HK) Limited

Roadmap for getting a power deal through: legal, tax issues and government approvals

- Which Government approvals are needed for a power project and in which order?
- The Myanmar BOT Model: how will it affect your project structure?
- How can profit be repatriated overseas? Tax and regulatory issues
- 5 legal issues that will be addressed in your MOU
- Tax implications of financing and operating power plants in Myanmar
- 100% foreign owned or JV?
- Key local points of attention for your gas/coal supply agreement


ADB's Myanmar Power Sector Initial Assessment

- Enhancing Electricity Access
- Investment Needs & ADB's Engagement in the Power Sector (going forward)
- Need for Regulatory and Sector Reforms


Experience in SPP & IPP Business in Thai Energy market – View of a Private Company


Discussion followed by Networking Tea

Sponsored by
Sarawak Energy


Taking Vision to Reality: Sarawak's Story of Harnessing Sustainable Hydropower to Drive Massive Industrial Development


Hydro Power - Renewable Energy for the Future


Establishing an Efficient Electricity Transmission System in Myanmar

- Examining the importance of developing Myanmar's electricity transmission system
- With the growing investment in power plants, what are the plans forward to ensure an efficient transmission systems?
- What are the current challenges? The way forward?

Barons & Fujikura EPC Co., Ltd.

Enhancing Power Delivery & Transmission Grid

- Upgrading options for the grid

Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE)

Discussion followed by End of Day One


18:45 - 20:00 hrs.

Networking Reception for all
Speakers & Participants

30 Jan, 2013 - Wednesday

Integrating Decentralized & Grid Power Systems – Can This Be Done in Myanmar?

- Update on social license to operate issues and due diligence needs for power projects
- Thoughts on what system approaches to use and where
- Proposals on renewable energy and efficiency incentives appropriate for Myanmar
- Recommendations on community engagement relevant for sector performance improvement.


Learning from KEPCO's Development History

- Cooperation between MOEP and KPECO to-date
- Overview of KEPCO
- Lessons learned by KEPCO & Recommendation for MOEP


Financing Development for Power & Infrastructure Projects in Myanmar

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Key Consideration for Infrastructure Investment/Project Financing - Requirement & Due Diligence for Bankable Projects


Panel Discussion: Funding the Growth of Myanmar’s Economy & Infrastructure - Power Utility & Distribution

Moderated by:


International Finance Corporation (IFC)


Discussion followed by Networking Coffee


Smart Power Generation for Myanmar


Ensuring Sustainable Coal Supply for Power Generation in Myanmar

Hydropower Generation Enterprise (HPGE), Ministry of Electric Power

Biomass Power & its Potential

Kaung Kyaw Say Engineering Co. Ltd

Regional/City Development Plans for Power/Electricity Supply

- Yangon

U. Thant Zin, Superintendent Engineer
Yangon City Electricity Supply Board (YESB)

- Mandalay

U. Kyaw Hlaing Win, Executive Engineer
Yangon City Electricity Supply Board (YESB)

Final Discussion followed by Closing Lunch

Day 3 - 30 Jan, 2013 - Wednesday


Post-Summit Workshop #1
Power Plant Rehabilitation & Modernization

(14:00 - 17:30 hrs.)

In order to bridge the gap between demand and supply, especially when financial resources are limited and demand is pressing, it is imperative to look for options which are less capital intensive than new capacity and could be implemented in a comparatively shorter time frame. Optimum utilization of existing installed capacity to maximize generation through Rehabilitation and Modernization (R&M) can be an attractive option.


Workshop Speaker & Facilitator:
Royal (Roy) Daniel
, Managing Director of Burns & Roe Asia, an international engineering company specializing in the electric power industry with over 80 years of experience. Roy is very experienced in major power plant maintenance, operations, & equipment upgrades to ensure the high availability, good fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions of the unit.


Workshop Outline:

1. Opportunity for R&M and the Value Proposition
2. Key Guidance for Early R&M Project Planning
- How to ensure that R&M project is competitive?
- How to avoid huge scope and cost increases?
- Issues associated with life assessment.
3. Overview of the Four Step R&M Process
4. Planning and Implementing of R&M Projects
5. R&M Project Assessment: Levels I - III
6. Procurement Strategy
7. Sample Terms of Reference - Thermal Plant
8. Application to Thermal Plant
9. Application to Hydro Facility
10. How R&M can be part of the Electricity Supply solution for Myanmar


Who Should Attend:
Ministries for Energy and Economic Development, Electricity Regulators, Utility Operators of Power Plants, Independent Power Producers, Plant Operators, Power Plant Investors, Financial Institutions, Financial Advisors, Hydro Equipment & Technology Providers, Thermal Power Equipment & Technology Providers, Construction Contractors, Maintenance Contractors Power Consultants, Project Developers, and Non-Governmental Organizations


Burns and Roe Asia Co Ltd
31 Jan, 2013 - Thursday

Welcome Remarks


- Why Private Sector Participation (PSP) in Power Generation? (e.g. Pros & cons of BOT /IPP/PPP from various views)
- Variations of PSP Models: BOT/BOOT/IPP/PPP - what's behind these acronyms?

Discussion followed by Networking Coffee

Power BOTs and PPAs in Myanmar: Detailed Analysis of the Contract Terms, Approval Process and Project Legal Structure

- Myanmar's standard BOT and PPA template: important points of attention
- How are energy BOT projects structured? JV, 100% foreign owned, dual or single local entity?
- Step-by-step overview of the licensing process from MOU to Investment Permit
- Economic terms: tariffs, gas/coal supply and tax costs
- Local legal and contractual issues
- Which documents and approvals are needed to conclude a power BOT/PPA?
- Application in practice of taxes and customs duties for power projects
- How to ensure that revenue from supplying electricity can be remitted abroad?

Tendering Versus Negotiation

- The importance of structuring the Request for Proposals
- How to ensure maximum levels of competition in the tender
- When to tender and when to negotiate?
- How to ensure fair evaluation

The Lantau Group (HK) Limited

Discussion followed by Networking Lunch

Key Issues for Regulators to Note in Structuring IPPs and PPAs

- What role can (and should) the regulator play?
- Regulatory involvement in IPP development in SE Asia
- Negotiation or competitive solicitation?
- Keys for success - and failure

The Lantau Group (HK) Limited

Key Elements to a Sustainable IPP/PPA Deal

- Tariff calculation: relevant parameters and criteria
- Roles & responsibilities of involved parties

Discussion followed by Networking Tea

Financing Aspects of Developing Power Projects in Myanmar:

- Requirements of project lenders
- The Asian experience
- What the GoM needs to do to attract project debt
- Possible ways forward

Success & Failure: Lesson Learnt from Regional Developments

- Examples of projects Fichtner/VDB Loi/Lantau Group were involved (in the region) - subject to approval from our respective clients

Final Discussion & Summary

End of Workshop.

It may be necessary for reasons beyond CMT's control to alter the content, timings, dates or venue of an event. CMT will not accept liability for any kind of disruptions or any claims whatsoever and in such circumstances CMT's normal cancellation terms apply.

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