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Food Proteins Asia

09-10 Nov, 2017 - Bangkok

Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view upcoming event. Information here is outdated
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DuPont Unveils New 90% Protein rich Plant-based Nuggets

Posted on : 02 Nov, 2017


DuPont Nutrition & Health has recently launched a new series of protein rich nuggets – that allow food manufacturers to experiment and use them in snacks, bars and cereals.
The new plant based nuggets under the brand name - SUPRO® - contains 90 percent protein. In addition these nuggets are also clean label and they have a neutral flavor and crispy, crunchy texture. DuPont says that their high protein level can help formulators achieve desired protein levels while using liberal amounts of nuts, seeds and fruit to add visual appeal.
DuPont is also credited for being the first supplier to offer a 90 percent protein nugget with the initial introduction of SUPRO® Nuggets 570, a light, crispy textured nugget with a barrel shape.
The three new nuggets added to DuPont’s portfolio have each nugget featuring a unique shape, size and texture.
DuPont uses plant based proteins from peas and soy. Its TRUPRO™ Pea Protein Nuggets provides plant-based protein derived from Canadian yellow peas. Pea protein has an added advantage as it does not require to be labeled as an allergen and is non-GM. It is beneficial for food manufacturers that are looking at meeting the demand for plant protein rich food items. 
More about plant protein will be discussed at CMT’s Food Proteins Asia 2017 on 9-10 November in Bangkok.
Contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details.

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Who Should Attend?

• Food ingredients companies
• Companies that produce proteins from plant-based sources - peas, pulses, wheat, rice, soy, from animal protein dairy – eggs, whey, meat, and novel ingredients - insects
• Food manufacturers & processing industries investing into protein markets, nutritionists, private retail manufacturers, retail & food services channels
• Process technology suppliers, regulatory officials
• Companies into food for sports nutrition, food for elderly, muscle building, health & wellness

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