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South/Central America & Caribbean PET Markets, Applications & Recycling

12-13 Jun, 2018 - Cartagena, COLOMBIA

InterContinental Cartagena de Indias

“Towards Next PET Packaging Innovations & Recycling Initiatives”

"El futuro hacia las iniciativas de reciclaje e innovaciones
de envasado de PET"

Key Highlights:

  • Global PET /RPET market trends to 2024
  • PX/PTA/MEG market outlook
  • Brand Owners on Packaging innovations, Trends & Sustainability
  • Focus on Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Venezuela etc.
  • Extent of Regional PET recycling & collection rates impacted by China’s plastic waste ban
  • Sustainable solutions in PET thermoform packaging
  • Technology Advances : Barrier materials, Blow molding & injection technology, Chemical Recycling of PET

Comments from 5th SCAPET,
Jun 2017 - Medellín, Colombia

“An incredibly well-organized event that places a spotlight on PET in the region” ~ Nexant


“Excellent!” ~ China Resources Packaging Materials


“Good experience to learn more about PET” ~ PET Caribe


“Exceeded my expectation” ~ TP Colombia


“Worthwhile” ~ Sukano Polymers

Puntos clave:

  • Tendencias globales del mercado PET / RPET hasta 2024
  • Perspectiva del mercado PX / PTA / MEG
  • Dueños de marcas en innovaciones de embalaje, tendencias y sustentabilidad.
  • Enfoque en Colombia, Brasil, Perú, Ecuador, Honduras, Venezuela, etc.
  • Alcance de las tasas regionales de reciclaje y recolección de PET impactadas por la prohibiciónde desechos plásticos de China
  • Soluciones sustentables en envasestermoformados PET
  • Avances tecnológicos: materiales de barrera, tecnología de moldeo por soplado e inyección, reciclado químico de PET

Comentarios de 5th SCAPET,
Jun 2017 Medellín, Colombia

“Un evento increíblemente bien organizado que pone de relieve el PET en la región” ~ Nexant


“Excelente!” ~ China Resources Packaging Materials


“Buena experiencia para aprender más sobre PET” ~ PET Caribe


“Superó mis expectativas” ~ TP Colombia


“Vale la pena” ~ Sukano Polymers

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News Feed

Brazil’s Braskem Plans Sugar Based MEG Production

Posted on : 16 Mar, 2018

Braskem, Americas’ largest producer of thermoplastic resins, estimates that global demand for monoethylene glycol (MEG) – a key ingredient in PET production – will be between 25 to 30 million tonnes per year, with 85% going into PET production.

Meanwhile as companies are more keen on sustainable solutions, some buyers are looking at biobased or green plastics to achieve carbon emission targets. As such the demand for green plastics is expected to manifold in the coming years. 

Braskem – that already has a plant in Brazil that produces green plastic from sugar cane, is now planning to venture into sugar based MEG production. The company has collaborated with Denmark’s Haldor Topsoe to experiment the use of sugar to produce MEG. 

Already there are few instances where MEG is produced from renewable sources such as ethanol. Braskem is confident that its research could reach better industrial yields to produce MEG from sugar compared to ethanol.

The pilot project to test the use of sugar to produce MEG will be located in Denmark – which is expected to start operations in 2019.

Braskem wants to keep a flexible system in the pilot. Initially cane sugar will be used, but they are also open to using other sources such as beet sugar or even second generation sugar, made from biomass.

Based on the pilot project and financial feasibility, Braskem expects to build a large sugar based MEG plant by 2020 or 2021.

More about green plastics, PET and MEG production at CMT’s 6th SCAPET on 12-13 June in Cartagena, Colombia.

Contact Grace Oh at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more information.


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Usted se contactará con:
• Productores / proveedores de resinas de PET • Proveedores de materias primas (PX, PTA, MEG) • Fabricantes/Comerciantes de Poliéster • Convertidores • Fabricantes de preformas, Proveedores de tecnología de maquinaria de moldeo por soplado, preformas para moldeo por inyección, sistemas robóticos, etc. • Empresas de reciclaje, Embotelladores / rellenos • Dueños de marcas

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