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Battery, EV & Storage APAC

25-26 Apr, 2018 - Bangkok, THAILAND

Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 Bangkok

“Towards Exponential Growth – Lithium-ion Batteries
in Mobility & Energy Storage”

From earth to energy, Lithium, Nickel, Cobalt and other battery metals have shot up in prices and demand, while investment kept pouring in to meet the emergence of the green mobility solution. Riding this Electric Vehicle (EV) wave, activities pace up through the supply chain, from metals mining, cathode & battery production, automotive technologies, second-life battery and etc.

Battery chemistry and production technologies is undergoing steep learning curve with KPI to increase charging speed, with cost and weight reduced.  Also, investors and battery companies are laying out geographical plans for their production sites in Asia and Europe.

While the region is trailing behind Japan, China and the US in developing charging infrastructure and offering tax incentives for consumers and manufacturers, the potential of Southeast Asian battery and EV market is promising and yet to be realized.  Framework on incentives and mandates are in development for battery and EV production/adoption.

Thailand is leading other Southeast Asian countries in providing incentives for consumers, investors and production to boost its battery and EV industry.  Recently, Nissan Motors have announced their consideration for EV and batteries production in Thailand, aiming for export potential to the rest of Southeast Asia.  Malaysia is getting on the speed wagon with Chinese manufacturers to speed up adoption of EV, and Indonesia has announced plans to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, and aims for market share of EV to reach 20% by 2025.

Also on energy storage, EGAT, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, sets out new policy promoting battery energy storage.  Recognizing that renewable energy is still not able to generate stable supply of electricity to fulfil continued power demand in the Kingdom, battery energy storage becomes the significant auxiliary and an important key which could complement renewable energy usage. 

Key Highlights of CMT’s Battery, EV & Storage:   

  • Strategic roadmap to realise battery & EV foundations in Asia Pacific
  • Thailand’s booster roadmap to groom and grow domestic batteries & EVs industry
  • Insight (by country) on updates on EVs (BEVs & Hybrids) policy, adoption, charging infrastructure, production & etc
  • Development in batteries cathode materials supply and collaboration opportunities
  • Breakthrough in lithium-ion battery charging performance & cost reduction
  • Next-Gen EV - automotive technologies setting new standards
  • Demand for Charging Infrastructure to support EV growth
  • Adoption of energy storage systems for greater battery penetration

Sign up for CMT’s Battery, EV & Storage APAC conference before 9 March 2018 and enjoy attractive early bird discount! Contact huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg today for the benefits and registration.

News Feed

Taiwan to set up over 3,000 charging stations to support growing number of EVs

Posted on : 14 Feb, 2018


Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) plans to add 3,310 electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations across Taiwan in the course of next five years. Taiwan had already installed 1,700 electric vehicle charging stations in 2017. The new additions will increase the number of EV charging stations in Taiwan to over 5000. 

Taiwan is focused on cutting CO2 emissions and air pollution and is planning to popularise electric vehicles. The planned expansion of EV charging stations will help to support about 226,000 electric vehicles – anticipated to ply on Taiwan’s roads by 2022.

State-owned oil company CPC Corp Taiwan will build 1,000 EV charging stations – with the help of government funds. The remaining 2,310 stations are expected to be set-up in parking lots near railway stations and other areas.

The ministry has also confirmed that the Industrial Development Bureau will provide subsidies of up to TWD 300,000 (USD 10,131) to install electric vehicle charging stations at PX Mart chain stores and 7-11 convenience stores.

Taiwan aims to phase out gasoline-powered motorcycles in Taiwan by 2035. To meet this target, Taiwan has planned to replace the motorcycles and scooters used by government agencies with electric-powered versions over the next five years. 

To promote electric motorcycles, the ministry, in 2009, had installed 1,800 charging stations for electric motorcycles across Taiwan. The government also launched a trial run of electric cars and buses in 2011.

More about EV charging stations will be discussed at CMT’s Battery, EV & Storage APAC on 25-26 April, 2018 in Bangkok

Contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details.


Panasonic to Produce lithium-ion batteries for EVs from its Himeji plant in 2019

Posted on : 02 Jan, 2018


Japanese electronics major – Panasonic Corp is planning to produce lithium-ion batteries for electric cars at its Himeji plant in Hyogo Prefecture. Panasonic plans to start manufacturing in 2019. It is going to use its existing unused space at the plant which was earlier used for LCD TV panel production. Currently, Panasonic’s Himeji plant manufactures small and medium-size liquid crystal display panels for vehicles and medical equipment.

Global demand for electric vehicles is expected to grow manifold. Already several automakers are shifting towards low-emission vehicles as governments across the world enforce tighter emission regulations. China, the world’s biggest car market, is pushing the move toward electric cars. The country is also planning to ban fossil fuel cars. 

Panasonic plans to sell the batteries for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids to domestic automakers in Japan. 

Panasonic already has five other lithium-ion battery production plants in Japan. It is also supplies lithium-ion batteries to Tesla in USA. Besides, Panasonic has also partnered with Tesla to operate the Gigafactory in Nevada, USA – that mass-produces lithium-ion batteries.

More about Asia’s electric vehicles and lithium-ion battery production at CMT’s Battery, EV & Storage APAC on 25-26 April, 2018 in Bangkok. 

Contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details.


Energy Absolute to add 1,000 electric-vehicle charging stations in Thailand

Posted on : 26 Oct, 2017


As demand for electric vehicles rise, Energy Absolute has planned to provide necessary infrastructure via 1,000 electric-vehicle charging stations in Thailand. The Thai government aims to attract production sites for cutting-edge electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, but there is a dearth of infrastructure to make the system work. Lack of charging infrastructure and high vehicle prices have led to a low demand for electric vehicles.

Energy Absolute’s investment of 600 million baht ($18 million) into charging stations is expected by end of 2018.

The Thai renewable energy company has already started a free charging service at two shopping centers in Bangkok. The charging stations are supposed to be branded as EA Anywhere. Energy Absolute plans to focus on capital area initially with plans to expand to regional gas stations.  

As of March, 2017, Thailand had a total of 30 electric-vehicle charging stations – of which 6 are operated by oil and gas company PTT. PTT plans charging stations at another 20 locations within this year while German automaker BMW has plans to open 50 stations.

More about electric vehicles and charging stations at CMT’s Battery, EV & Storage APAC on 25-26 April, 2018 in Bangkok. 

Contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details.


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Speaker Profile

Mr. Terence Siew
Regional Manager, Asia, Greenlots
EV Charging Infrastructure Present & Future
Day 2 [Thu 26, April], at 09:35 AM

Terence Siew is the Regional Manager at Greenlots, a global provider of open-standards based technology solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) and grid management. He oversees business operations in Singapore, and is responsible for business development for the regional markets of Thailand and Malaysia. His role also requires him to engage closely with key stakeholders and....
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Mr. Jacques Borremans
Representative, CharIN Coordination Office - ASIA (Asia Managing Director), Charging Interface Initiative e. V. (CharIN e. V.)
Combined Charging Standard (CCS) & Outline to Applications
Day 2 [Thu 26, April], at 10:05 AM

Engineering degree from the University of Brussels (VUB), Belgium, and MBA degree from Rutgers University, New-Jersey, US.

Director of Wyatt & Wang Ltd, with offices in China and Hong Kong, provides consulting services to technology companies &am....
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Mr. Junill Yoon
Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy Office, Hyosung Corporation (HQ)
Application of ESS & Renewable Energy + Opportunity with Climate Change
Day 2 [Thu 26, April], at 11:35 AM

Junill Yoon headed the ESS business of Hyosung Corporation, which is the largest energy storage system integrator in Korea as well as the largest electrical equipment provider in Korea with annual revenues of $12 billion. While serving Hyosung, he is also supporting and advising several energy storage related governmental organizations, and serves as the ESS Committee Chair of Korea Smart....
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Mr. Wilhelm van Butselaar
Area Manager Energy Storage and Integration, Wartsila Singapore Pte Ltd
Understanding the Value of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in Thailand & South East Asia
Day 2 [Thu 26, April], at 12:05 PM

Wilhelm van Butselaar has worked in the hybrid-, storage and minigrid area for over fifteen years. Previous roles in the industry included Product Manager for off grid inverters, installer and trainer for remote electricity supply systems in the USA, across Europe and Australia as well as Sales Director for sol....
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