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PET Outlook Asia
24-25 Apr, 2013 - Jakarta
Le Meridien Jakarta
"Indonesia's Accelerating PET Conversion as the Preferred Packaging"

"Asia: Looking Inwards for Opportunities Amid Global Volatility"

As PET capacities increases worldwide from the Middle East to the Americas, Asia is seeing a challenging time with greater margin squeeze and changing dynamics of PET trade. In spite of the situation; China and the South East Asia are still the cardinal lifeline of the industry as Asian PET and feedstock prices are major drivers of the global PET markets.


Within Asia, major markets are unfolding with huge opportunities for the food and beverage packaging sectors. Indonesia, with a dense population of over 200 million is shifting to PET and seeing an increased growth in new market segments such as ready-to-drink tea and functional drinks in PET bottles. Meanwhile, Myanmar is the golden investment ground for PET converters and packaging companies as the country offers great potential for beverage manufacturing and retail. Whereas China has always been the largest and most important global PET market.


On par with market requirements and consumers' behavior, the PET industry is driven by continuous improvement in packaging technologies to meet greater sustainability and flexibility. From recycling to light-weighting to aseptic filling, the PET supply-chain has a pressing need to be abreast with the new trends in order to meet customer requirements.


PET Outlook Asia will unveil key issues facing the PET industry, from markets to technologies and give your company the arsenal to strive in a competitive business environment.


Profile of attendees at PET Outlook for Asia 2013


PET Outlook Asia 2012

Key Highlights

  • Hear from large brand-owners in Indonesia:
    - Danone Aqua Group on future packaging trends for water & beverages
    - Suntory Garuda on their packaging strategies and introducing light-weighting technology for Indonesia's market
  • Assessment on the global overcapacity & Asia's unsustainable capacity growth
  • Update on the polyester intermediates market & potential of bio-feedstock
  • Opportunities in Myanmar for the F&B industry and beverage consumption trends
  • Commissioning of the 1st B2B recycling plant in Bangladesh and prospect for export
  • Recycling trends and innovations in preform/bottling technologies

And many more!


So don't miss this chance and register with your team to enjoy a group discount!




PET Outlook Asia dengan fokus bahasan Pasar Indonesia dan  PET Conversion sebagai kemasan utama  
Topik-topik penting pada acara PET Outlook Asia:

  • Pembahasan oleh Para brand-owners di Indonesia:
    - Danone Aqua Group akan membahas mengenai Tren kemasan untuk Air Mineral dan Minuman dimasa mendatan
    - Suntory Garuda akan berbicara mengenai strategi kemasan mereka dan memperkenalkan teknologi light-weighting untuk pasar Indonesia
  • Kajian pada kelebihan kapasitas global dan pertumbuhan kapasitas Asia yang tidak berkelanjutan
  • Update mengenai pasar polyester-intermediate dan potensi bio-feedstock
  • Peluang pasar di Myanmar untuk Industri F&B dan tren konsumsi minuman
  • Pembangunan pabrik daur ulang B2B yang pertama di Bangladesh dan prospek untuk ekspor
  • Tren daur ulang dan inovasi dalam teknologi preform/bottling
ACCOLADES... Who Will You Meet Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor!

“A very well organized conference with good, relevant content.” – Jebsen & Jessen Packaging


“The conference gave an excellent insight to the latest trends in PET developments in Asia and the rest of the world context.” – Nextek


“Great platform to keep up to date with the latest in PET packaging – must visit.” – Manjushree Technopack Ltd


“Great networking environment with like-minded professionals in the entire PET value chain.” – Sojitz Asia

  • Feedstock suppliers (PX/PTA/MEG),
  • PET resin producers and suppliers,
  • Polyester manufacturers,
  • Polymer/Petrochemical traders,
  • Converters & preform manufacturers,
  • Technology providers,
  • Recycling companies,
  • Bottlers/fillers

This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry.


Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor.

Exhibition / catalogue display can be arranged upon request.


Contact cynthia@cmtsp.com.sg

Sri Lanka to build world’s largest PET plant in export zone of southern port city Hambantota
Posted on : 03 Apr, 2013


Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) has signed an agreement with Singapore-based Hambana Petrochemical to build the world’s largest single location PET plant with an investment fund of more than USD 500 million. The new plant will be the island’s first petrochemical downstream project, and is expected to begin operations by 2015.


A subsequent plant will also be built in the second phase of the project to complement operations. According to Director/CEO of Hambana Petrochemicals, Mr. Abhijit Sen, the “total tonnage for the port through this industry in phase I and II is close to 4 million tons”.


Active infrastructural developments in the region, including the new PET plant located in the investment zone adjacent to the USD 360 million Chinese-funded Hambantota Port, and the nearby USD 210 million airport that is due to open in March, are expected to attract international investors and further support and funds.


Join international and regional experts at PET Outlook Asia in Jakarta on April 24-25, 2013 as they examine APAC opportunities amidst emerging markets and rising consumerism in the region.


More details and Program Agenda of the event are available on the PET Outlook Asia event page.


For enquiries or more information on program agenda, please contact Ms. Maureen at maureen@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. 65 6346 9145.



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Sri Lanka signs deal to build world’s largest PET plant

Singaporean firm signs deal to build a Petrochemical plant in Hambantota

Jakarta Bakal Menjadi Tuan Rumah Pet Outlook Asia yang diadakan oleh CMT pada 24-25 April
Posted on : 14 Mar, 2013


PET Outlook Asia yang akan diadakan oleh CMT di Jakarta pada tanggal 24-25 April membahas secara mendalam berbagai kesempatan yang timbul dari bisnis pengemasan dan produk konsumen di pasar kelas menengah di berbagai kota di seluruh Indonesia, Cina, India, Bangladesh, dan Myanmar.


Setelah sebelumnya menggelar acara serupa di Bangkok, Singapura, Shanghai, dan Ho Chi Minh City, CMT mengambil langkah tepat dengan menggelar PET Outlook Asia selanjutnya di Jakarta – karena bertepatan dengan booming industri Makanan & Minuman, berkembangnya pasar konsumen serta percepatan konversi kemasan PET di Indonesia.


Direktur of PCI PET Packaging Resin & Recycling, Andrew Noone membuka ajang yang mengetengahkan krisis kapasitas global yang berpengaruh pada bisnis pengemasan PET di kawasan tersebut, dengan fokus pada pertumbuhan di Asia, perubahan yang dinamis pada perdagangan, menyempitnya margin dan pengaruhnya pada daur ulang. Kemudian Mazlan Razak, Senior Consultant di Nexant melanjutkan dengan peralihan penggunaan poliester di Asia.


Seperti yang diharapkan, terdapat penelitian mendalam terhadap segmentasi pasar Indonesia – Makanan dan Minuman, teh dan minuman fungsional RTD, begitu juga dengan analisis arah laju perekonomian Indonesia oleh Ibu Destry Damayanti, Ketua Ahli Ekonomi PT. Bank Mandiri. Presentasi berikutnya oleh Bapak Benny Rachmantio, Direktur R&D PT. Tirta Investama (Danone Aqua Group) menyoroti masa depan pasar konsumen dan pengemasan untuk makanan dan minuman di Indonesia. Setelah itu Ariel Dewanto, GM PT. Indo Tirta Abadi menggambarkan tren dan pertumbuhan kemasan PET di Indonesia dari perspektif para pelaku konversi, sementara Tatsuya Murase dari Suntory’s Packaging Material Development Team berbagi strategi pengembangan pengemasan yang dilakukan perusahaan ternama.


Juga diulas sesi yang membahas munculnya pasar produk konsumen di Myanmar, sektor makanan dan minuman, dan permintaan pengemasan, plus pasar minuman ringan di RRC. Direktur Pelaksana Regional TNS Indochina, Ralf Matthaes, dan Penasehat Senior Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultants (BOABC), Martin Lu, akan membahas dinamika dan strategi pasar produk konsumen di negara mereka masing-masing.


Sesi penting lainnya yang digelar oleh merek-merek terkenal:

  • rPET dengan kualitas yang hampir menyamai kemurnian asal Australia - VISY rPLASTICS - oleh Robert Dvorak, Manajer Pengembangan Bisnis Teknis ( Technical Business Development Manager)
  • Fasilitas daur ulang dari botol ke botol asal Bangladesh - Akij Group, oleh. PB Barua, Direktur Umum
  • Tren berkesinambungan dari India - Himalayan Group of Industries, oleh. Suresh Singhal, Direktur Pelaksana

Sesi mengenai Teknologi mencakup:

  • Simulasi single-stage blow molding & prediksi performa kontainer - Plastic Technologies, oleh Sumit Mukherjee, Direktur CAE dan Simulasi
  • Stoples PET untuk sistem hotfill dan pasteurisasi - Nissei ASB Machine, oleh Paul Atkin, Ketua Tim Divisi Penjualan

Kunjungi http://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=130421&pu=220992 untuk informasi lebih lanjut.


Coca-Cola Amatil acquires PT San Miguel’s Indonesia bottling plant
Posted on : 25 Feb, 2013


Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has announced its move in acquiring the PT San Miguel’s non-alcoholic beverage bottling assets that will boost their capacity by 35-40% in Indonesia, where consumer market is continuously growing.


Group Managing Director, Terry Davis said,


“The acquisition of this large and modern facility is a very important acquisition for CCA as it fast tracks our expansion plans for the Jakarta region, providing a well located complement to our Cibitung manufacturing operations.”


Adding to its portfolio, CCA’s acquisition includes a 20,000 square meters purpose-built beverage production facility  with a high-speed PET bottling line, a 5,000 square meters warehouse, as well as a 100,000 square meters land which can be used for expansion in time to come.


According to reports, CCA is prepared to spend an estimated USD 46.7 million on the San Miguel facilities. This cost includes the acquisition of facilities as well as expenses that will go into developing the site and capacity this year.


CCA’s acquisition comes at a time when optimistic growth is forecasted in the densely populated Indonesian market of over 200 million, with new market segments such as ready-to-drink tea and functional drinks in convenient PET bottles gaining favor from consumers.


Businesses from the PET packaging market, including converters and brand owners such as PT Indo, Suntory and Danone Aqua Group will convene in Jakarta on 24-25 April 2013 to share insights of Asia’s PET development at the PET Outlook Asia


More details of the event are available on the PET Outlook Asia event page.


For enquiries or more information on program agenda, please contact Ms. Maureen at maureen@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. 65 6346 9145.

PET Packaging Making Headway in Asian Market
Posted on : 06 Feb, 2013


Brand owners and PET bottlers are riding on lower price points and consumers’ favor in affordability and convenient packaging to boost the market. This has prompted strategies that leverage on the two factors, leading to a phenomenon of downsized beverage bottles that come in 300ml bottles and at a lower unit price.


These products are much more convenient for today’s end consumers, who are often on-the-go. By the looks of the trends and consumer behavior, the PET market has much to thrive on in the coming years. 


Growth in the PET industry is not just limited to affordability and convenience. The widening of PET applications is increasing the stakes in the industry, with the entrance of functional beverages giving the PET market a boost. Milk and alcoholic beverages such as wines are forecasted to join the force in giving the market a bump, upping the market’s potential by 2016.


In response to the evolving PET industry, CMT is putting together  PET Outlook Asia summit this April to provide latest updates on market trends and growth .


For more information on program agenda or if you have any query, please contact Ms. Maureen at maureen@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. 65 6346 9145.



Read more: PET Succeeds in Emerging Markets

Exhibit at this event
Mr.P.B Barua
Executive Director, Akij Group
Bangladesh Recycles: Commissioning the 1st Bottle to Bottle Recycling Plant
Day 2 [Thu 25, April], at 09:35 AM

.Mr. Punya Bardhan Barua is a diploma holder in Food Technology from CFTRI graduated from Dhaka University and did master of science in Organic Chemistry from the same university. His working experience Is more than 38 Years in the area of processing and packaging technology of carbonated soft drinks, water and various natural fruit juice at home and ab....
Read more

Mr.Suresh Singhal
Managing Director, Himalayan Group of Industries
PET in India: Innovations in Packaging & Sustainability Trends
Day 2 [Thu 25, April], at 10:05 AM

.Mr. Suresh Singhal, MD, Himalayan group of Industries is an Engineering graduate (B.E. Mechanical) and also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management. He is a seasoned professional having an experience of more than one and a half decade in the petro-chemical and steel industry.


Prior to his maiden venture of establishing Himalayan Group,....
Read more

Mr.Tatsuya Murase
Supply Chain Management Division, Packaging Material Development Dept, Suntory Business Expert Limited
Suntory's Packaging Development Strategy in Indonesia
Day 2 [Thu 25, April], at 11:05 AM

-Mr. Tatsuye Murase graduated from the Tohoku University with a degree in Mechanical and Electronics Engineering in 2008 and joined Suntory. He has been involved with the packaging development team in Suntory for over 5 years.....
Read more
Mr.Sumit Mukherjee
Sr. Technical Director, Plastic Technologies, Inc.
Single-Stage Blow Molding Simulation & Container Performance Prediction
Day 2 [Thu 25, April], at 11:35 AM

-Sumit Mukherjee is the Director of CAE and Simulation at Plastic Technologies, Inc. His 18 years of experience includes PET preform and container design, PET materials characterization, PET process computer simulation and modeling, and finite element analysis (FEA) for package performance prediction. Mr. Mukherjee's expertise has included applications in ....
Read more

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