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SCAPET 2013 (South/Central Americas & Caribbean PET)

11-12 Jun, 2013 - Cartagena, COLOMBIA

Las Americas Resort & Convention Center



A one stop forum to gain first hand insight on the growth and dynamicsof PET packaging markets & Technology in the South& Central Americas including the Caribbean region.


Translation in Spanish


The rapidly developing countries of South, Central and the Caribbeans are experiencing accelerated demand for PET conversion and packaging with their growing affluent middle class income population and consumerism patterns. The growth in demand is seen across the polyester resin sectors including film and sheet.


The hike in demand is matched by PET resin imports from Asia, Middle East and North American suppliers. The conference explores and identifies the new applications for the growing demand as well assesses the various supply sources and new capacity expansion projects.


Whilst PET growth is steady in the region, there is a growing number of recycling projects. What are the technological demands for recycling PET at its various stages starting from washing the bottles?


South America is now a significant importer of PX & PTA. How will the new Petroquimica Suape plant change the trade dynamics? What are the other feedstock projects? Bio- resin is the buzz word in the industry! What are the new developents in this area?


SCAPET – last held in Panama city… comes this year to the lovely Colombian city of Cartegena.

Multiple Benefits from the detailed and valuable sessions including...

  • Are you fully aware of the changing global PET resin trade dynamics and impact for your region ?
  • Determine Feedstock capacity and significance for your value chain
  • Evaluate Domestic Demand, Projects and Opportunities in key markets like
    ~ Colombia
    ~ Peru
    ~ Argentina
    ~ Dominican Republic
    ~ Brazil and others
  • Forecast Demand/ Supply balance for your strategic plans
  • Meet global suppliers and determine your needs and logistics issues
  • Latest update and emerging perform technology
  • Discuss new developments in bottle to bottle recycling
  • Gain insight on next emerging 'hot" or what is cool beverage and food packaging trends
  • First hand perspective of key Brand owners sharing their challenges and plans

SCAPET 2013 unveils new trends and developments in PET resin conversion, recycling, bio resin and many more… Do not miss this vital opportunity to network with key and strategic players and leaders in this booming region of the world.

In Spanish


2nda SCAPET (mercados y nuevas Tecnologias de PET

en Sur/Centro America y Caribe)
11-12 Junio 2013 * Cartegena, Colombia


"Nuevas areas deoportunidad de crecimiento 

para el negocio del PET en centro y Sudamérica"

  • Perspectiva Global del PET y dinámicas de comercio

  • Actualización en intermediarios de Poliéster, Equilibrio y 

    negociación de la oferta/demanda

  • Perspectivas por país deconvertidores y dueños demarca

  • Ultimas tecnologías en Preformas y nuevas tendencias de reciclaje

Quienes asisten: 

  • Proveedores de materia prima (PX/PTA/MEG)

  • Productores y proveedores de la resina de PET  

  • Fabricantes de poliéster 

  • Negociadores de Polímeros/Petroquímicos 

  • Convertidores y fabricantes de Preformas  

  • Proveedores tecnología de punta

  • Compañias Recicladoras

  • Embotelladores/llenadores

Who You Will Meet

- Feedstock suppliers (PX/PTA/MEG)

- PET resin producers and suppliers

- Polyester manufacturers

- Polymer/Petrochemical traders

- Converters & preform manufacturers

- Technology providers

- Recycling companies

- Bottlers/fillers





Visa requirements for Colombia


Overview of visa requirements for Colombia, including which nationalities may enter without obtaining a visa in advance





 Profile of past attendees in Panama City on 26-27 April 2012Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor
 Profile of past attendees in Panama City on 26-27 April 2012

This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry.


Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor. Exhibition / catalogue display can be arranged upon request.


Contact cynthia@cmtsp.com.sg





News Feed

SCAPET CMT de 2013 en Cartagena en junio define Central / del Sur América y el Caribe industria PET

Posted on : 02 May, 2013


Los principales representantes de la industria de PET y las partes interesadas en la región Sur, Centro/ America y el Caribe  se reunirán en CMT SCAPET 2013 en Cartagena los dias 11 y 12 de junio 2013, en relación con la demanda acelerada para la conversión del PET y envases.


Que abarca más de un día y medio, SCAPET 2013 está diseñado para explorar la dinámica del comercio, retos y oportunidades en la región en respuesta a la creciente riqueza, la creciente demanda, el cambio de las tendencias del mercado y la dinámica del comercio. El crecimiento de la demanda de PET viene como efecto de las expectativas de nuevos envases y los avances tecnológicos.


Presidida por el Sr. Augusto Liparachi Knudsen, Director Comercial de Ravago las Américas y el Sr. Alfredo Netto, Director de Negocios Estratégicos de embalaje Plastipak do Brasil, la conferencia comenzará con una descripción general de expertos y una perspectiva global sobre el suministro de PET y cadena de demanda, así como la dinámica de comercio de la región.


Sr. David Swift, director general de PCI (PET Packaging, resina, y reciclaje), entrara en detalles de la cada vez más desequilibrada oferta / demanda de la cadena. También se examinarán las perspectivas de crecimiento de la región establecidas en las perspectivas frente a la oferta actual y futura, las dinámicas comerciales cambiantes, estrechamiento de márgenes, el reciclaje y el desarrollo sustentable en la industria de PET de la región.


Consultor de Nexant, la Sra. Marisabel Dolan, los participantes serán guiados a través de la oferta, la demanda, el comercio y la economía de los productos intermediarios del poliéster. Flujo del comercio,importaciones especiales, se espera que cambie una vez que las nuevas capacidades entren en funcionamiento en la región.


Los oradores en la SCAPET 2013 compartirán sus evaluaciones sobre las perspectivas y tendencias regionales en medio del crecimiento ascendente en la conversión del PET y las nuevas aplicaciones a través de múltiples sesiones que figuran bajo el paraguas de la fibra de PET / Mercado debpreformas y sesión de dueños de marcas.


Representantes de alto nivel de las diferentes especialidades de la industria como Corplas, Soluciones de Embalaje, Nestal, Canadean, SIPA y Starlinger abordarán temas como preformas / tecnología de botella , producción de lámina de PET, envases para leche, nuevas capacidades del PET y PTA y su impacto en las importaciones de PET y negociaciones con Asia y EE.UU.. Sesiones enfocadas a diferentes países que incluyen la evaluación de los mercados de PET en Colombia, Perú, República Dominicana, Brasil y Argentina.


Representantes claves de empresas como: Total plastic, Cristalpet, Sorema / Previero y Gneuss se enfocaran a la sustentabilidad y la innovación del diseño, el crecimiento del nuevo segmento de mercado incluyendo el cuidado personal, la hoja / película, licor / espíritu y mucho más. Además, al sesion de dueños de marcas se enfocara a la evaluación de los consumidores, así como el enfoque en sesiones de países como Venezuela y Uruguay.


Más detalles sobre el evento y los ponentes están disponibles aquí: http://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=130415.


Para cualquier consulta, por favor comunicarse con:

Hafizah en tel. +65 6346 9218 o al

+52 555 635 2672 con Tanya 


Gneuss and Starlinger participates in SCAPET 2013 as Associate Sponsors

Posted on : 25 Apr, 2013


Industry leader Gneuss recently announced its MRS Extruder technology that allows for the processing of PET without pre-drying or crystallizing, making it an economically efficient alternative with reduced footprints compared to other conventional technologies.


As the industry moves towards sustainability and reduced impact on the environment, the new Gneuss technology is a vital addition to the industry’s green technologies. Mr. Andres F Grunewald, MD Brazil of Gneuss – America do Sul will elaborate on the “New possibilities for PET Reclaim-Efficient decontamination with the MRS Extruder” as an Associate Sponsor at the regional PET conference, SCAPET 2013, organized by CMT.


Global industry leader in machinery and process technology, Starlinger, also joins the event as an Associate Sponsor. A major player in packaging, Starlinger viscotec division will focus more on “Food grade without compromise – 100% consumer safety and highest flexibility in PET sheet production”. Key executives Mr. Christoph Niederhuber and Ms. Lisa Straub will be participating as speakers to explore consumer-based packaging with other regional leaders.


The SCAPET 2013 in Cartagena on June 11-12, 2013, serves as a one-stop forum for regional players to gain first-hand updates on PET packaging markets, technology, outlook and trends. More details on SCAPET 2013 are available here.


For more information or enquiries, please contact:


Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. 65 6346 9218 (English) or
Ms. Tanya at tanya@cmtsp.com.sgor Tel. 52-55 5635 2672 (Spanish)

South & Central America part of PET Packaging market growth equation

Posted on : 14 Mar, 2013


Market research by Smithers Pira, authority on packaging, paper and print industry supply chains, revealed a forecasted growth in global PET packaging consumption. Growing at a rate of 5.2% per annum, PET packaging is likely to hit 19.1 million tonnes in 2017 standing at $57 billion. Regions contributing to the growth include APAC, South & Central America, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.


PET packaging market tonnage by world region, 2007, 2012 and 2017 forecast (percentage share).

PET packaging market tonnage by world region, 2007, 2012 and 2017 forecast (percentage share).
Source: Smithers Pira


The growth is attributed to:


1.      Growing real incomes of the region

2.      Growing trend towards use of PET packaging over traditional pack formats

3.      Growing PET recycling trend due to environmental concerns caused by PET bottles


PET recycling is increasingly prominent amongst consumers. Benefits such as fossil fuel conservation, energy usage reduction and decreased greenhouse emissions are influencing legislations and spurring resource protection programs. These environmental factors are also driving global brands to take on PET recycling in their products.


However, there are still uncertainties regarding rPET economic viability and the readiness of the region to undertake rPET on a business level.


Industry leaders are scheduled to convene at the SCAPET 2013 Summit in Cartagena, Colombia on June 11-12, 2013 to address these concerns as well as explore areas of sustainability, light-weighting and innovations including compression technology for PET preform production.


Details on SCAPET 2013 will be revealed soon. Meanwhile, please refer to the SCAPET 2013 Event Page for more information, or contact:


Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. 65 6346 9218 (English) or
Ms. Tanya at tanya@cmtsp.com.sg or Tel. 52-55 5635 2672 (Spanish).


Read more: The Future of Global PET Packaging to 2017

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Speaker Profile

Mr. Alirio Andueza
Operations Manager, Total Plastic C.A.
Day 2 [Wed 12, June], at 09:40 AM

.Mr. Andueza has graduated from the University Institute of technology of the Yaracuy in Food Technology and has a specialization in quality and productivity of the University of Carabobo. He has 23 years of experience in the packaging area and the last 11 years in the industry of PET (injection, blow). He works in Totalplastic since 2008....
Read more
Mr. Dario Previero
General Manager, Sorema/Previero N. srl
Recycling technology for washing line
Day 2 [Wed 12, June], at 11:10 AM

Dario Previero did his study as Chemical Engineer Politecnico in Milan and obtained his Master Degree in Material Science at EPFL in Lausanne in 1982.


He started his professional career in their company taking care of the product line of rubber machineries and plastics size reduction produced with Previero brand .


In 1998, he joint Sorema division and became one of the board directors.

He is responsible for Central and South America market (e....
Read more

Andres F Grunewald
Director, Gneuss
New possibilities for PET Reclaim- Efficient decontamination with the MRS Extruder
Day 2 [Wed 12, June], at 11:40 AM

Andrés Grunewald is a Graduate in Engineering at Escola Politécnica da Universidade de Sao Paulo – Brazil since 1989. From 1982 until 1997 worked for Textile Machinery Industries. In 1997 started as sales engineer for plastic machinery (Ferrostaal- Brazil) and in 2005 started at Gneuss as area director, responsible for the activities in South America.....
Read more
Mr. Carlos Humberto Fernández Isaac
General Manager, Lamiempaques S.A.S
Day 2 [Wed 12, June], at 09:10 AM

.Carlos Fernandez is a Graduate in Production Engineering from EAFIT University in Medellin, Colombia & a Business Management Certificate from Georgetown University in Washington DC. He has been in the plastic industry since 2001, working for Lamiempaques as its General Manager and cofounder. He has specialized his work in developing....
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