4th Algae World Europe

22-23 May, 2012 - Munich, GERMANY

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munchen

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Are algae players geared for new levels of complexities?


Algae business is an ongoing transition. Complexities of cultivation, scale up and processing increase while innovations in conversion technologies have yet to materialize. Rapid shake outs favour only those players with improved strategies and scalable technologies. On the research front, diverse challenges have been thrown up.


This has led to new strategies addressing complex issues of sustainable and competitive large scale production of micro and macro algae. Still, algal strain development to improve quality and yield pose stiff challenges. What has been the response to these developments?


To produce novel products, genetic engineering of microalgae, as well as catalytic and membrane technologies are being leveraged by companies to be front leaders. How is the industry planning to ensure competitive scale-up? Are competences available?


The need to produce drop-in fuels from microalgae and blue green algae is a high priority and those players with scalable technologies hold the key. Despite the investments and well placed business models, why are some algae companies attracting capital and scaling up their enterprises while others continue to perish? What are the key factors to success in commercializing algae?


A diversified portfolio of fuels, chemicals and biopolymers are as key as other areas such as pigments, omega 3s, health products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, which has spurred research in new cultivation, harvesting, extraction and purification technologies. With so many commercial possibilities available with algae, how are industry players planning to balance their market strategy?

These and other complex issues will be addressed at CMT's 4th Algae World Europe as key industry players gather and share their views and expertise on:

  • Key Factors to Success in Commercialization of Algae
  • Genetic Engineering of Microalgae for Novel Products and Increased Productivity
  • Pioneering Technology for Large Scale Algae Biomass Production
  • CO2 Sequestration from Power Plants Using Microalgae
  • Latest Developments in Cultivation, Extraction and Purification of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • New Catalytic Approaches to Produce Higher Grade Fuels from Algae
  • Potential of Aviation Biofuel from Algae
  • Suitable Algae Strains for Biofuels and Co-Products
  • Microalgae Biorefinery and Co-Products
  • Waste Water Treatment and CO2 Capture Projects using Microalgae

Mark your calendar in May to attend this important event!


You Will Network with

  • Algae Technology Developers
  • Cleantech Entrepreneurs
  • Research Institutes
  • Aquaculturists
  • Financiers and Investors
  • Heavy Industries including Mining Companies, Power Plant Operators, Cement Plant Operators
  • Biofuels Network, Animal Feed Companies, Nutraceuticals/ Pharmaceutical Cos, Fertilizer suppliers, Aircraft/Engine Manufacturers
  • Technology suppliers for Downstream processing
  • Water Treatment & Waste Water Professionals
Hear what the industry said about the last event!

"Impressive assembly of the top players in the industry" - Aqualia Gestión Integral del Agua S.A.

"Very good information" - PTT Public Company Thailand

"Very interesting congress, high quality presentations and good focus" - AlgaeStream

"An opportunity to exchange experiences" - ENI

"Fantastic opportunities for networking and encouragement from Long term pioneers and visionaries in this rapidly growing field" - Spicer Biotech

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Pall’s ASCF solution receives LoI for second commercial project

Posted on : 08 May, 2012


Pall Corporation, a New York- based filtration and separation equipment and products manufacturer recently received a LoI for a commercial scale project from a European Technology Developer.  This is the second European Technology Developer to have chosen Pall’s ASCF solution. Approximately 16 cu.mph of algae harvest will be processed and 60 g/l concentrate of algae stream will be used in downstream processing, or further de-watered.


Algae bioMass applications for waste water remediation, bioMass for bioFuels and bioChemicals, and for CO2 sequestration are the primary goals of Pall’s algae project. Pall has researching and modelling scale systems, as well as two different sized Field Evaluation scale ASCF systems for use in the Americas. This year, the company is also scheduled to build another Field Evaluation System for use in Europe.


More details of Pall Corporation’s research and modeling, advances in commercialization with membranes, will be presented by Mr. Doug Dilillo, Global Marketing Lead Industrial Biotechnology at the 4th Algae Word Europe in Munich on 22-23 May. His paper entitled “Pall’s Algae Separation & Concentration Program” will also cover areas such as harvesting, water & nutrient management, waste water as feedstock, and scale up among others.


The 1.5 day conference in Munich has already attracted the interest and participation of various industry players like Eco-Solution, Erber Group, EW Nutrition GmbH, Fermentalg SA, K Development Ltd, ICECHIM, Olmix, PTT Research & Technology Institute, The KAITEKI Institute and many others are expected to join the meeting which will open in under 3 weeks.


Register for this event to reserve seats, or email huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg for further queries.


European Union funds 1.7 million euros ALL-Gas project that will convert wastewater effluents into viable biofuel

Posted on : 20 Apr, 2012


The European Union has set in motion its aim for Europe to achieve independence from fossil fuels for energy. The goal is to produce 20% energy from renewable resources by 2020, which should cover the annual consumption of 400 vehicles. The ALL-Gas Project, a project with a funding of 7.1 million euros by the FP7 program of the European Union will get bioenergy from wastewater treatment. Aqualia, a Spanish utility company, presented this 10-hectare project in London.


The project is said to be developed within 5 years following an initial prototype phase and a second construction and operation phase of two and three years respectively. Aqualia is to make its contribution through the conversion of biomass obtained by transforming the effluents from wastewater treatment plants into biogas. The idea is that deriving energy from biodiesel, biogas and biomass will prove to be efficient, sustainable and self-sufficient as the system will produce its own energy.


Having established that, Dr. Geert Feye Woerlee, Company Founder, Feyecon will share more about energy derived from wastewater effluents in his paper titled “AllGAS Project – Products from Waste Water”, at CMT’s 4th Algae World Europe on 22-23 May 2012 in Munich.


Register for this event or email huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg .


View complete article here.


4th Algae World Europe shares progress and results on GMB's Green MiSSiON algae project!

Posted on : 22 Mar, 2012


In Germany, the Swedish energy group Vattenfall  launched a pilot project 2 years ago in which algae is used to absorb carbon dioxide from a coal-fired power plant. The company’s goal is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by its power to ensure long- term use of brown coal in power generation. The research project, called "green MiSSiON" (Microalgae Supported CO2 Sequestration in Organic Chemicals and New Energy), is supported by Vattenfall and funded by Vattenfall and state and European Union subsidies.


Get first-hand information on the green MiSSiON algae project at CMT's 4th Algae World Europe conference on 22-23 May, 2012 in Munich when Mr. Werner Fahle, Managing Director, GMB GmbH presents his paper entitled 'GMB's Green Mission algae project- Experiences and First Results’ wherein he will outline the project aims, algae plants and reactor technologies, suitable algae species, experiences and first results including his views on next steps.


Access complete agenda here. Register your team here or email huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg.


Read full article here.

Algae-based fuel could power motor vehicles according to German Scientists

Posted on : 06 Mar, 2012


Johannes A. Lercher and his team of scientists at Munich Technical University (TUM), Germany have introduced a process to turn algae into diesel fuel. It is a new catalytic process that allows the effective conversion of bio petroleum in microalgae into diesel fuels. The TUM project is supported by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS). Algae is emerging as a promising alternative to fossil fuel. In 2010 a twin-engine airplane ran on biofuel from microalgae at the Berlin Air Show.


On 22-23 May, 2012 CMT will be welcoming Professor Johannes Lercher from Munich Technical University as a contributing speaker at its 4th Algae World Europe conference in Munich. Professor Lercher is slated to present a paper   entitled New Catalytic Approaches to Produce Higher Grade Fuels from Algae”.


The final agenda with speakers details and sessions are currently being finalized and will be available soon. Meanwhile one can contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg  or +65 6346 9113 or Pre-Register now


Read complete article here.


Algae.Tec, Lufthansa inks deal to use algae for aviation biofuel

Posted on : 07 Feb, 2012


German airline carrier Lufthansa and Australia biofuels company Algae.Tec have signed a milestone agreement where algae-based jet fuel will be trialled by the German airliner. Algae.Tec will produce fuel for evaluation as a sustainable source of aviation fuel at its bioreactors. In July 2011, Lufthansa launched a six-month biofuel trial on regular scheduled flights flying on a 50/50 mix of biosynthetic kerosene and regular fuel.


Read complete article here.


Following the success of past conferences in Rotterdam, Brussels and Madrid, the highly anticipated and 4th edition of Algae World Europe moves to a brand new location – MUNICH, Germany - a gateway to the rising EU markets of Southern and Eastern Europe.


The conference on 22 -23 May, 2012 will feature an updated and refreshed agenda with in-depth debate on many topics including case studies of large scale production of macro and microalgae, commercialization of microalgae in nutrition, skincare, animal & aquaculture feed, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and more.


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Speaker Profile

Mr. Jean Blehaut
Director, Innovation and Marketing, Novasep
Advanced Chromatographic Technologies and their Application to the Industrial Scale Purification of Omega-3 from Algae
Day 1 [Tue 22, May], at 03:50 PM

.Jean Blehaut holds a MS degree in Chemical Engineering from ENSIC (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques in Nancy, France) and a MS degree in Biochemistry from INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées in Lyon, France).


Jean first started in R&D and was involved in the development of a purification process for omega-3 po....
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Dr. Peter van Gelderen
General Partner & CIO, Icos Capital Management B.V
Attracting Funding and Capital Investment for Algae
Day 1 [Tue 22, May], at 09:40 AM
Peter van Gelderen has a PhD in theoretical physics and worked in the PHILIPS RESEARCH LABORATORIES in materials science and nanotechnology. Thereafter, he spent 5 years in DELOITTE CONSULTING, advising energy, water and waste recycling coroporations on strategy and innovation. Peter co-founded cleantech investment company ICOS CAPITAL in 2006 together with two partners from ALPINVEST, the private equity investment arm of the two largest Dutch pension funds. ICOS CAPITAL has partnered with large....
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Mr. Nuno Cortez Coelho
Chief Executive Officer, A4F-Algafuel, SA
2012 Secil Microalgae Project - The World's Largest PBR Unit
Day 1 [Tue 22, May], at 04:50 PM

.Nuno Coelho was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1963, and is the father of 3. 

He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has over 15 years experience in managing innovative and technological companies, namely in telecommunication, and biotech. In 2006 he decided to found A4F, AlgaFuel, as a spin out of one of the most well known microalgae producers in....
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Dr. Hywel Griffiths
Chief Scientific Officer, Photonz Corporation
Commercialization of Omega-3 Fatty Acid EPA from Microalgae
Day 2 [Wed 23, May], at 09:05 AM
Hywel started life as a molecular microbiologist, having received his degree and PhD from the University of Cambridge. After several postdoctoral appointments in Europe he moved to the other side of the world, and since 2006 has been leading the research and development efforts of Photonz and has expanded his horizons to include phycology, lipid chemistry and large scale fermentation. In March this year Dr. Griffiths was named Young Biotechnologist of the Year by NZBio....
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