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4th Africa CemenTrade

27-28 Feb, 2012 - Accra, GHANA

Labadi Beach Hotel

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view upcoming event. Information here is outdated


Impact of New Players on Africa's Cement Market & Competitiveness of the West African Sector


Pakistan's Lucky Cement Plans $175 Million Congo Plant With Groupe Rawji. 5/8/11, Bloomberg


India-based Banco Products is investing $65 million in its cement plant in Tanzania, which targets the East African market. The company acquired 51 per cent stake in Tanzania's Lake Cement Company Ltd. The plant is expected to produce about 500,000 tonnes of cement a year.


The continuous rise of Africa is prompting massive cement investments and expansions. Many new players are entering into East, Central & West Africa's high growth cement sectors.


Dangote has announced plans to build cement plant in Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Senegal, Zambia and Benin, with a combined capacity of 11.1 million tonnes per year. Cement Co. of Northern Nigeria, through its subsidiary Sokoto Cement, is expanding capacity by 0.5 million tonnes per year. It is building a second kiln line, costing $146 million. Mr. DVG Edwin, Group MD & CEO of Dangote Cement will be sharing their plans and directions in Africa while Mr. Finn Arnoldsen, Sales & Marketing Director of Cement Company of Northern Nigeria will present on Nigeria as a major player in the Sub-Sahara context.


According to cement analysis by Imara, West Africa's cement consumption is growing at an average 12.4% in recent five years while East Africa averaged 13.5%. Massive government infrastructure expenditure and industrial projects are continuing to push cement demand upwards. With a deficit in cement production, the region has been importing cement to meet the demand. How long will the trend last? Where do the cement come from?


With the slowdown in global economy, will Africa escape unscathed? Will it affect banks lending decision? Power supply consistency is always a challenge to investors in Africa, including cement sector. Are plans in place to resolve this challenge and what are the alternatives available?


CMT's 4th Africa CemenTrade Summit to be held in Accra, Ghana on 27-28 Feb 2012 brings together industry's leading experts to share insights on the opportunities & challenges facing the fast developing region!


Why attend

  • Hear from the Minister of Trade & Industry, Ghana , H.E Ms Hanna Tetteh providing insights on creating an enviable environment for cement production in Ghana
  • Find out what are the strategies for cement producers in Africa
  • Performance of the East African Markets
  • Cement outlook in North & South Africa
  • Challenges & opportunities of cement trade into Central & West Africa
  • Meeting cement demand in Southern Sudan
  • Executive and management strategies for an African cement plant
  • Energy efficiency & alternative fuels consideration
  • Financing options in today's context
  • Freight market projections & changing trade flow

Don't hesitate! Sign up with your team today to enjoy group discount.


Register online at www.cmtevents.com or contact grace@cmtsp.com.sg for more information.

Note to delegates:

Ghana Visa Regulations - Entry Requirements


Opening Address


Confirmed Speakers:

- Ghacem Ltd
- Dangote Cement
- Databank Group
- Baobab Advisory SARL
- Auto Chartering

- Gebr. Pfeiffer

- Cemengal SA

- Aumund Group
- Fortress
- Cement Company of Northern Nigeria Plc
- Africa Finance Corporation
- East African Portland Cement Company
- Binani Industries Ltd


You will network with:

Senior executives / traders from international / regional cement companies, ready-mix concrete companies, pre-cast & building materials companies, cement raw materials suppliers (slag, fly ash, steel, coal), construction / infrastructure / building / equity / research analysts, project financiers / banks, engineering, environmental & CDM consultants, technology & equipment providers, logistics & shipping companies (dry bulk and cement carriers)


This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry. Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor. Exhibition /catalogue display can be arranged upon request. Contact nisha@cmtsp.com.sg or (65) 6346 9130


Here's what delegates said about our 3rd Africa Cementrade held in Nairobi on 8 to 9 March 2011

Photo albumWho Says What?


Aumund France SARL

- It was very interesting to note the evidence of progression and development in the market since the same conference one year ago. The mood seems much more upbeat & optimistic for the cement industry since 1 year ago.


Garcia Capital SA

- Very good, enriching


Africa Finance Corporation

- Good exposure to cement markets in Africa


Baobab Advisory SARL

- Well attended and well balanced conference. Right mix of cement producers, suppliers, traders and diversified content.



Profile of Past Attendees


Profile of Past Attendees


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News Feed

Over 100 already registered to attend 4th Africa Cementrade on 27-28 February in Accra.

Posted on : 23 Feb, 2012


CMT’s 4th Africa CemenTrade is all poised to be an important industry-networking platform, with an excellent mix of participants coming from key sectors across the industry value chain. Here is a breakdown of attendee profiles:


Delegate profile for 4th Africa CemenTrade


These attendees are all looking forward to 1.5 days of meaningful exchanges with industry’s most influential names and many top executives from around the globe!


Those interested to participate can still register online here or email grace@cmtsp.com.sg for details.


Booming Cement Demand in East Africa

Posted on : 03 Feb, 2012


Cement demand in East Africa expected to rise dramatically at a rate of approximately 5 – 6% in the next few years. The main driver of cement consumption is the construction and housing sector compounding at annual growth rate of about 10%, thus pushing up demand for the commodity. With the spurt in infrastructure activities most companies in the region are aggressively expanding their capacities to meet the rising cement demand. Reportedly, there is growth in cement demand in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and the recovering regions of East DRC and South Sudan.


Eastern African region is witnessing a substantial growth and exciting developments in the cement industry. CMT’s 4th Africa CemenTrade on 27-28 Feb, 2012 focuses not only on Performance of the East African Markets, but also North & South Africa, Central & West Africa. Sharing his views on New entrants & its impact on cement market,  Demand/supply projections,  Penetrating a highly competitive markets and Supplying into regional markets including Southern Sudan, DRC & Rwanda is Mr. Kephar Tande, Managing Director of East African Portland Cement Co Ltd via his presentation entitled The East Africa cement market – performance and outlook”


Review the Complete Agenda or email grace@cmtsp.com.sg for additional details and submission of queries.


Source: AfricanReview


La participation du Ministère du Commerce et de l’Industrie, Ghacem Ltd, Dangote Cement Plc et des experts du secteur à la quatrième édition de l’Africa CemenTrade à Accra!

Posted on : 19 Jan, 2012


Avec un intérêt sans précédent des investisseurs porté sur les économies africaines, la série Africa CemenTrade du Centre de la technologie du Management (CMT), organisera sa quatrième édition qui aura lieu en 2012 à Accra au Ghana, dont la mission est de fournir des perspectives sur la tendance de l’offre et de la demande relatives au ciment ainsi que les défis et les opportunités du commerce du ciment dans les pays africains.


ACCRA, Ghana--(BUSINESS WIRE)--La quatrième édition de l’Africa CemenTrade qui aura lieu le 27et 28 Février 2012 sous le thème : l’Impact des nouveaux acteurs sur le marché du ciment en Afrique et la compétitivité du secteur en Afrique de l’Ouest, offrira les dernières perspectives sur les projets d’investissements dans le secteur du ciment et servira également de plateforme de mise en réseau professionnel durant la réception spécialement organisée à cet occasion et sponsorisée par PEG S.A.


En plus de PEG dont le directeur du projet est M. Piet Heershe qui aura une intervention dans une session consacrée aux projets d’investissements dans le secteur du ciment et à la mise en œuvre des stratégies et à la gestion du contexte africain, un autre aspect important de l’édition de cette année est la session d’ouverture par Ms Hanna Tetteh du Ministère du Commerce et de l’Industrie du Ghana qui offrira une perspective sur la création d’un environnement enviable pour la production du ciment au Ghana.


De plus, Mme. Morten Gade, directrice général de Ghacem Ltc qui présentera le discours d’ouverture porté sur le développement du marché, la situation de l’approvisionnement et un aperçu sur le secteur du ciment au Ghana.


La liste des autres organisations importantes censées avoir des interventions comprend :

  • Devakumar .V.G. Edwin, directeur général du groupe et PDG de Dangote Cement Plc
  • Finn Arnoldsen, Directeur des Ventes et Marketing, Cement Company of Northern Nigeria
  • Kephar Tande, directeur général, East African Portland Cement Co Ltd
  • Henrique Caine, Responsable Pays – Libéria / Gestionnaire des investissements en Afrique, Fortress
  • Tony Hadley, directeur général, Baobab Advisory SARL et plusieurs autres…

Gebr Pfeiffer rejoint la liste des personnes ci-dessus en tant que représentant distingué de l’exposant avec une session sur le développement des broyeurs verticaux à cylindres pour le broyage du ciment, des matières premières et du clinker ; Un représentant de Cemengal CA dont l’intervention portera sur les stations modulaires et transportables de broyage et un autre représentant de Aumund Group qui parlera des technologies et des innovations les plus récentes dans le domaine des systèmes de transport mécanique et du stockage dans les cimenteries.


Les inscriptions sont ouvertes pour ceux qui désirent participer et rejoindre plus de 400 représentants de la chaîne de valeur mondiale du ciment provenant de 30 pays du monde entier qui ont profité des trois dernières éditions de l’évènements. Veuillez visiter ce site internet pour vous inscrire en ligne.


Source: Centre for Management Technology


Veuillez consulter ce communiqué de presse en ligne en cliquant sur le lien suivant: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20120117005617/fr


Le texte du communiqué issu d’une traduction ne doit d’aucune manière être considéré comme officiel. La seule version du communiqué qui fasse foi est celle du communiqué dans sa langue d’origine. La traduction devra toujours être confrontée au texte source, qui fera jurisprudence.


مشاركة وزارة التجارة والصناعة وشركتا جاسم ودانجوت وخبراء في مؤتمر تجارة الإسمنت في أكرا

Posted on : 19 Jan, 2012


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Africa's Rise Prompts Heavy Cement Spending

Posted on : 09 Dec, 2011


To meet growing construction demands in African continent, at least 9 new cement plants are being set up in the coming few years costing billions of dollars.


Some of the noteworthy ones are:  Zurich-based Holcim Group, Paris-based Lafarge, Lafarge Cement Wapco Nigeria and three other Lafarge subsidiaries, including Nigeria-based Ashaka Cement , Morocco-based Lafarge Zimbabwe and Lafarge Maroc, Dangote , Lucky Cement, Athi River Mining are building additional plants that will increase the largest global cement maker's capacity in the coming years.


Moreover, the rebuilding of Libya, new government review of construction sector policies in Egypt, Algeria and Libya, private investment in social building and by the public-works sector in Morocco, have also accelerated the boom in demand for cement in the region.


With this backdrop, CMT is pleased to host 4th Africa CemenTrade to be held on 27-28 Feb, 2012 in Accra, Ghana bringing together experienced players to deliberate on issues like bridging cement shortages in Central & West Africa through new investments & supply sources, Financing new cement project & options amidst global financial challenges and many other pertinent topics.


Those keen on finding out more may obtain a copy of the prelim program here or send  email request to  grace@cmtsp.com.sg


Read complete article here

Dangote’s US $350 Million Congo Cement Plant Plans Production 2014

Posted on : 08 Nov, 2011


On Oct 6 , 2011 , the Dangote Group signed an agreement with the Republic of Congo to establish a 350 million dollars cement plant in Brazzaville. Alhaji Aliko Dangote, President of Dangote Group, signed on behalf of his company while Mr Pierre Moussa, Congolese Minister of Planning, Economy, Integration and Coordinator of the Economic Pole signed on behalf of his government.


Mr Dangote said that they will invest 350 million dollars in the construction of a fully integrated cement factory with an installed capacity of 1.5 million metric tonnes per year within the next three years. The factory would be located in the territory of the administrative district of Bouenza in the southern part of the Republic of Congo. Dangote has also recently announced the construction of cement plants in Gabon, Algeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Zambia, as the company taps into an African building boom.


South Africa is in the process of reshaping its future and is becoming a hot spot in the Cement industry . Robust growth in the construction industry has had many implications for the African  cement market.  CMT’s 4th Africa CemenTrade to be held on 27-28 Feb, 2012 in Accra will reflect on sustainability of construction boom in Africa and financing new cement project & options amidst global financial challenges and more.


Designed to run 1.5 days , the program details are currently being finalized and anticipated to be completed soon. For now, to reserve seats, one can pre-register here. or email grace@cmtsp.com.sg for any queries.


Source: allafrica.com


Fee Info

Register a team of 3 or more & SAVE min. USD1200!


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Speaker Profile

Dr. Igor Zakharov
Head of Technical Assistance, West African Power Pool
Day 2 [Tue 28, February], at 09:35 AM

Dr Zakharov worked for the main French electric utility  Electricité de France (EdF) in France, where he lead teals for evaluation and due diligence of foreign electrical utilities that were targeted for acquisition.   Over the past 12 years, Dr Zakharov  developed a consulting career and has been  involved with West African Power Pool  leading external assistance programmes since 2001, based in Abuja, Nigeria. He was also a main contributor to the  planning of the development of the....
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Mr. Tony Hadley
, Tony Hadley African Advisory
Afternoon Chairman’s Introduction
Day 1 [Mon 27, February], at 01:55 PM

Tony HADLEY is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from London's Imperial College in 1980. He has been involved in Africa for over 25 years and running Cement operations for over 12 years.


For 18 years, Tony worked in the oil industry for Schlumberger in many roles, living and working in North and South America, Europe and Africa. In 1999, he joined Blue Circle Industries in the U.K. with responsibility for Africa. Following the acquisition of Blue Circle by Lafarge in 2001, To....
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Day 1 [Mon 27, February], at 12:10 PM
Mr. Nii Anyetei Ampa-Sowa
Head of Research, Databank Group
Day 1 [Mon 27, February], at 02:00 PM
.Nii has more than six years experience working in the investment banking industry. He heads the research unit of the Databank Group - Ghana's largest investment bank (by assets under management), with investments and trading relationships in 15 SSA countries. Nii has a degree in Economics and a postgraduate degree in Investments from the University of Birmingha....
Read more
Mr. David Canabate
Broker , Auto Chartering SA
Day 1 [Mon 27, February], at 02:30 PM
David Cañabate Concha has a degree in nautical and maritime transports, a postdegree title as director of maritime operations, a professional title as officer of the spanish merchant marine and presently is finishing the Phd in nautical science and engineering. He has been with Auto Chartering for the last 9 years. Before he was the director of a container depot in Barcelona. He has been during all his career dedicated to the shipping and maritime transportation.....
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