Sustainable City Development
22-23 Feb, 2010 - Abu Dhabi
Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

Building a Sustainable City in the Current Economic
Climate: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges


"Sustainability must remain high on the agenda for developers during the global downturn, or they could find themselves lagging behind once markets begin to improve, says Limitless, the Dubai-based global master developer." ~ April 2009 MENAFN press.


There has been a lot of emphasis in MENA about sustainable development. Policies are being implemented on energy consumption, green buildings, renewable energy production, green transportation systems, waste recycling and water management. Governments are beginning to realize the impact of global warming and rapid urbanization on the environment. The urgency for cities to become fully sustainable is extremely important to ensure that the effects of climate change are reduced. What are the constraints and opportunities for designing cities today?


Abu Dhabi's Masdar City has created an economic city that was truly sustainable. When completed, it will be the world's first zero-carbon, zero-waste city, powered entirely by renewable energy sources. What should developers and contractors take away from this initiative? There are also a number of sustainable projects embarked on its green building standards. What are the progresses of these projects and where are the opportunities?


Saudi Green Building Council has been formed to promote sustainability in construction. Some Saudi clients are already requiring green building standards. A total of 31 buildings being built the King Abdullah Financial District near Riyadh are being designed to conform with LEEd ~ November 2009 MEED  


Abu Dhabi's new building code, regulations that make sustainability compulsory in all buildings and major retro-fits throughout the emirate, come into force on 1 January 2010. ~ November 2009 MEED


The emirate is creating its own green-building rating system through the Estidama initiative. Although its ratings are not compulsory, Estidama is one of several initiatives that are increasing the pressure on developers and contractors. The variety of green building rating systems in the UAE has been the source of some confusion for developers. Will developers, who already achieved the Abu Dhabi building regulations and development codes, sign up to achieve Estidama rating or others? Why certification should be pursued? What green building ratings systems are and how they differ with existing regulations?


Several equipment and building materials manufacturers claim that their product allows a project to obtain additional credits toward its green building rating. What are the factors to consider when selecting an appropriate green building material?

Attend CMT's Sustainable City Development conference to find out the sustainable strategies and technologies that can help you maximising ROI and minimising environmental footprint.

Key reasons to attend

  • Global climate change policy and regulations driving
  • sustainable city development
  • Government initiatives driving sustainable city planning
  • Sustainability case studies presentation: Masdar City, Al Naseem Project -Al Ain, Al Raha Beach development, Xeritown, Energy City, Waitakere-New Zealand's First Eco City Qatar
  • Financing, risk management & investment opportunities for sustainable city
  • An overview of the Al-Naseem Project and meeting criteria of Estidama guidelines
  • Analyzing Masdar city development plan and how it fits into Masdar initiative - solar energy and carbon capture
  • Estidama guideline update: Its policies, planning & the key role construction professionals play
  • Analysing the cost-benefits and availability of green materials and technologies
  • Learn architectural practices, high ecological quality and energy conservation, and socio economic sustainability
  • Reviewing how to balance priorities on large scale developments
  • What green building ratings systems are and how they differ to regulations?
  • Review the latest water development needs and plans in the MENA region
  • Building tall building facades with an environmentally responsible approach

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You will network with

- Director Generals - MDs / Directors / CEOs / CFOs / VPs
- Head of Infrastructure and Project Finance - General Managers / Project managers
- Heads of Planning and Town Planning council - Legal Counsels
- Architects and Designers - Urban Designers and Developers - Retail operator
- Real Estate investment specialists From
- Government Department - Federal, State and Local Council
- Municipal and Regional Government Authorities - Regional Development Agencies
- Construction and engineering firm
- Banking and financial industry including investment bank - Institutional investors
- Leisure and hospitalities industries - Transport industry - Real Estate Developers
- Legal Firms - Environmental, Contract Lawyers - Environmental Consultants

Sustainable City Development gaining momentum in Middle East. Conference in Abu Dhabi on 22-23 Feb 2010 explores latest trends in region.
Posted on : 14 Dec, 2009


Cities around the world are looking at a sustainable future, optimizing infrastructure to minimize environmental impact, reduce CO2 emissions and improve overall quality of life. Many cities are taking bold steps towards creating smart cities, and are learning from each other’s plans.


As the concept of Sustainable City Development gains momentum throughout the Middle East, an increasing majority of property developers are 'going green' as they recognise the environmental, social and economic benefits associated with the initiative.


CMT’s Sustainable City Development conference on 22-23 Feb 2010 meets in Abu Dhabi, home to Masdar City and the most ambitious sustainable city development in the world today. When completed, it will be the world's first zero-carbon, zero-waste city, powered entirely by renewable energy sources.


As part of the Masdar Initiative, a long-term strategic commitment by the government of Abu Dhabi to accelerate the development and deployment of future energy solutions, Masdar City plans to take sustainable development and living to a new level and lead the world in understanding how all future cities should be built.


Elsewhere, Qatar’s iconic “Energy City”, the Gulf's first hydrocarbon industry business cluster, is also incorporating green building' practices into its operations designed to benefit both developers and residents.


In the mean time, Egypt which plans to start its first thermal solar power unit (El Kuraymat) in 2010, announced its intention to expand solar power production for export.


Sustainable City Development conference aims to examine how project developers across the Middle East and North Africa driving sustainable city developments. Business leaders and Top Regulators will share the latest on Masdar, Egypt’s Iconic El Kuraymat Solar Power Plant, Energy City Qatar, and other upcoming iconic sustainable city developments in MENA and around the world.


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Conference in Abu Dhabi on Feb. 22-23 to unveil MENA Sustainable City master plans & more...
Posted on : 01 Dec, 2009


Senior decision makers from across the MENA region, from Municipal and Regional Government Authorities & Departments, Regional Development Agencies, Construction and engineering firms, Investment Banks, Institutional investors, Leisure and hospitalities industries, Transport industry, Real Estate Developers, Legal Firms &  Environmental Consultants plus many more are expected to convene at CMT’s  Sustainable City Development Conference in Abu Dhabi on 22-23 February 2010.


Aimed at exploring trends, opportunities and challenges in building a sustainable city in the current economic climate, the conference will offer insights on:

  • Estidama accredited pilot projects and how they will affect project economics
  • Cost-benefits and availability of green materials and technologies
  • Viable projects in MENA
  • Latest financing options available
  • Best practices on building management
  • Applying environmental strategies to enhance sustainability
  • Specific Case studies from MENA and abroad

Still in the midst of finalizing program agenda, CMT welcomes interest from businesses to participate as delegates, speakers, media partners, exhibitors and / or sponsors at Sustainable City Development conference. You may submit your registrations, enquiries and proposals >>HERE<< or contact Ms. Nadia Albahar at +65 6346 9114 or email at


Exhibit at this event
Exhibit at this event
Mr.Jim Heid
President & Founder, Urban Green LLC
Building a Sustainable City: Emerging Trends, Opportunities and Challenges
Day 1 [Mon 22, February], at 10:10 AM

-Jim Heid is a real estate advisor, land planner and sustainability expert, whose focus is the creation of developments that provide a positive contribution to their environment, region, and residents.  In 2000, he founded UrbanGreen to advise established development companies, governments and legacy NGO’s that seek better development models.  With o....
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Mr.Sanad Humaid Ahmed
Senior Project Manager, Masdar
The Challenges and Opportunities in Building the World’s First Carbon Neutral, Zero Waste, Clean Technology Cluster
Day 1 [Mon 22, February], at 11:10 AM

Sanad Humaid H.Q. Ahmed is a Senior Project Manager at Masdar City, responsible for
managing the design, project development and contracting of the Masdar Institute of
Science and Technology (MI) campus within Masdar City. This includes working with
architects, designers, engineers, contractors and consultants to ensure the project is
delivered on time, on budget and to specifi cations, all while ensuring full harmonization with the overall Masdar City mandate.

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Mr.Samuel Keehn
Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Energy Management Services, Int
Developing Green Solution for the Energy City Qatar Development
Day 1 [Mon 22, February], at 11:40 AM

Mr. Keehn was raised in California, United States, where he attended undergraduate university at California State University, San Francisco, with a bachelor’s in Liberal Studies.  He then attended American University, in Washington, DC, for his Masters in Global Environmental Policy.  His master’s thesis research addressed the existing and emerging green building and LEED certification market in Washington, DC.  He was also the student representative to the university’s building committee for....
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Eng.Ibrahim Khalil Ismaeel Kutubkhanah
Deputy Mayor for Constructions & Projects, Mayor''s Office - Jeddah
Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Masterplan: Latest Development and Project Opportunities
Day 1 [Mon 22, February], at 02:00 PM

-Engr. Ibrahim Kutubkhanah holds the position of Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Jeddah. In this capacity he is responsible for the management and administration of the Construction and Projects Division, overseeing projects and services in regard to infrastructure for the city.   This includes the planning and construction of transportation facilities suc....
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