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Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations

21-22 Jan, 2010 - Jakarta, INDONESIA

Gran Meliá Jakarta

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Policies & Investment Opportunities, Sustainable Guidelines & Plantation Management

Indonesia remains the choice location for oil palm cultivation. Despite the constant disruptive changes in terms and regulations, plantation companies from across the world including China, India and Malaysia are flocking to Indonesia to acquire additional green fields or existing oil palms plantations.


Since 2007, Indonesia has taken over Malaysia's spot as the world's leading producer of palm oil with a total of approximately 20 million tons of
crude palm oil (CPO) production out of which approximately 50% of the plantations belong to Malaysian companies.

Limited agriculture land in Malaysia will continue to make Indonesia attractive for planters to expand their land bank.

While there is interest among planters, there are incidents of investors pulling out of Indonesia oil palm scene simply because of the operational challenges and discouraging returns on investments.

What are the key criterias to expand in Indonesia? Is finding the right Indonesian partner the only solution to long-term success?

Indonesian has hopes to produce up to 40 million tons of palm oil in the year 2020. According to Ir Achmad Mangga Barani the Director of Estate Crops, Ministry of Agriculture, the world market right now is interested in palm oil, especially for food and contributes 34% of the food oil. In the future it should be 50%. Second, the palm oil is used for biofuel, especially in the European countries.


40 million is a big ambition, as environmentalists and consumer groups campaign to ban palm oil citing unsustainable practices and deforestation reasons. Cadbury New Zealand recently said it would exclude palm oil from its chocolate bars following an uproar by consumers. On the other hand, sustainable palm oil has proved to be a hard sell, with retailers shunning the product due to its higher price over unsustainable oil.


How are palm oil manufacturers responding to this challenge? Throwing woes to the already beleaguered industry is latest announcement from the World Bank to halt funding to the industry until a complete review on the environmental performance of investments in this sector and a clear strategy is put in place.


Whether you are a new investor or already have plantations, CMT's timely Sustainable Oil Palm Plantation conference will prepare you for the
latest insights on the industry.

  • Opening Address by the DG of Estate Crops - What are the Government Plans & Incentives for Encouraging Palm Oil Investments in Indonesia
  • Opportunities in Central Kalimantan & Sumatera - two of the choicest locations for plantation
  • Resolving disputes from land acquisitions to land settlement schemes
  • Awareness on tax and share holding ownership when you establish a JV in Indonesia
  • Plantation Management from Land to Human Resources to Fertiliser management
  • Sustainable practices including utilising oil palm effluents and waste
  • RPSO Certification process & pitfalls
  • Agriculture Best Practices and application of Genome Technology

    and many more

Sign up now and enjoy group discounts, For an updated programme, visit us at www.cmtevents.com. Send your enquiries to Sasha@cmtsp.com.sg



You will network with

Plantation Cos, Agriculture Industry, Inspection & Quality Testing Cos,
Investors, Plantation Analysts, Government & Private Financial Institutions,
Commodities traders, Government Officials for Estate Crops/Agriculture,
Palm Oil Associations, Planters


News Feed

Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture Directorate General of Estates confirms support for Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations Conference.

Posted on : 05 Jan, 2010


The Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations conference in Jakarta on 21-22 Jan 2010 is now supported and endorsed by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture Directorate General of Estates (Department Pertanian Indonesia).


The department’s support of the conference comes at a crucial juncture, with Indonesia emerging as the world’s largest Crude Palm Oil Supplier.


Representing the Ministry is Ir. Achmad Mangga Barani, Director General of Estate Crops who will present government plans for sustainable palm plantations at the January conference. Regional officials from Central Kalimantan and Riau Province will also discuss investment opportunities, and sustainability and land access issues.


>>Click here to reserve your seat << to attend the Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations conference on 21-22 January in Jakarta.

Indonesian Crude Palm Oil supplies 14.73% of the world market …

Posted on : 17 Dec, 2009


Antara News reported on 2 December, that Indonesia’s Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Production supplies 14.37% of the world’s vegetable oils market.


They were citing statements made by Indonesian Agriculture Minister Suswono, who added that Indonesia’s CPO accounted for 44.7% of the world’s CPO market, with total experts exceeding 12 million tons.


For 2009, Indonesia`s CPO exports are expected to reach over 14.2 million tons, Indonesia`s CPO production was also expected to exceed 20 million tons from a total plantation area of seven million hectares.

HE Suswono also acknowledged the many challenges in developing Indonesia’s palm industry, including persistent reports and accusations that Indonesia was clearing rainforests for oil palm cultivation.

However, Indonesia continues to promote and enforce sustainable palm oil.


Ir. Achmad Mangga Barani, Director General of Estate Crops at Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture will touch on the Indonesian government’s plans for sustainable palm plantations when he delivers his opening address on “Government Plans, Policies & Incentives for Expansion of Palm Oil Plantations” at the Sustainable Palm Oil Plantations conference.


The conference will also outline upcoming investment opportunities in Central Kalimantan and Riau Province, where regional regulators will discuss their commitment to sustainability access to land use issues.


To find out more about investment opportunities in Indonesia, do clear your schedules to fly into Jakarta to attend the Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations conference on 21-22 January, where you will get to hear from and interact with Indonesia’s leading Oil Palm regulators, and Palm Oil industry executives.


>>Click here to reserve your seat via our online registration form.<<

Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations conference meets in Jakarta to chart growing industry demand for sustainable palm oil.

Posted on : 15 Dec, 2009


Sustainable Oil Palm plantation conference meets in Jakarta on 21-22 Jan 2010 to offer clarity on sustainable palm oil plantations and pinpoint opportunities & challenges of investing in Indonesia's oil palm sector.


The Sustainable Oil Palm Plantation conference, which meets in Jakarta on 21-22 Jan 2010, will provide a window of opportunity for the Oil Palm industry to seek clarity on managing a sustainable oil palm business.


The conference meets at a time when Consumer product companies are increasingly buying sustainable palm oil for use. After a slow start, product manufacturers and retail companies began purchasing sustainable palm oil in 2009, bringing millions of dollars in extra revenue to certified producers. Over the last twelve months, certified producers were able to sell over 22 percent of their sustainable oil at a premium price. In September and October, market uptake rose to about 50 percent.


The timely conference is for oil palm plantation owners seeking information on complying with sustainable cultivation standards. Providing a complete view of the value chain, the conference will address plantation management, covering land, human resources and fertilizer management, and other agricultural best practices, and even genome technology for improved oil palm yields.


Also on the agenda, is a session on the RSPO certification process and potential pitfalls, and another on tapping on carbon credits to enhance sustainable practice and secure additional revenues.


The Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations conference will also focus on the Oil Palm industry in Indonesia, where plantation companies from China, India and Malaysia are acquiring additional green fields for plantations, or investing in local oil palm companies.


In fact, Ir Achmad Mangga Barani, Indonesia’s Director General of Estate Crops will provide the Opening Address at the conference. Ir Achmad will discuss “Government Plans & Incentives for Encouraging Palm Oil Investments in Indonesia” in his speech. Other key Indonesian regulators speaking at the conference include Agustinus Teras Narang, Governor of Central Kalimantan, and Herliyan Saleh, Head of Department of Industry and Trade in Riau province. Both will provide an update on oil palm plantation investment opportunities in their respective regions.


Legal experts from Hanafiah Ponggawa & Partners and Price Waterhouse Coopers will weigh in on resolving disputes from land acquisitions, land settlement schemes, and tax and share holding ownership for JVs in Indonesia. Experts from Nexant are also expected to discuss the realities of biofuels from palm oils.


Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations conference is now accepting registrations for the conference, as well as enquiries on sponsorship packages, media partnerships and exhibition space. For more information, visit the Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations website at http://www.cmtevents.com/?ev=100102&

Upcoming Conference in Jakarta explores options in Developing & Maintaining Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations!

Posted on : 23 Oct, 2009


The Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations conference meets on 21-22 Jan 2010 in Jakarta and offers an interactive platform for discussion on sustainable oil palm cultivation around the world. Highlights include:

  • Legal issues in plantation investments,
  • Resolving disputes & overlapping claims
  • Critical Success Factors for Developing & Managing Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations
  • Planting techniques to improve yields & maximise palm oil extraction
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

…plus many more…


A key contributor to this event is Ir. Achmad Mangga Barani, Director General of Estate Crops- Ministry of Agriculture Indonesia who is slated to deliver the opening address at the conference, touching on Government Plans, Policies & Incentives for Oil Palm Plantations.


Watch this space as we share more updates on other panel of experts you will hear from at theSustainable Oil Palm Plantations conference.


To participate in the Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations as delegates, media partners, exhibitors and/or sponsors click >>HERE<< or contact Ms. Jaime Ng at +65 6346 9145 or email jaime@cmtsp.com.sg.


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Speaker Profile

Ms. Connie Lo
Senior Consultant, Nexant Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Current Realities on Utilisation of Palm Oil for Biofuels
Day 1 [Thu 21, January], at 04:15 PM

Connie is a Senior Consultant with Nexant Asia Limited. Since joining Nexant, she has worked on numerous assignments in the region covering the developments of the renewable energy sector. Prior to Nexant, Connie was responsible for developing Lurgi’s Bio-Fuels activities across South East Asia and China. During that time, she had also gained extensive experience in leading projects in the areas of Oleochemicals and Edible Oils. Connie holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from the University....
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Mr. David Ogg ***
, Peterson Consultancy
Chairman’s Introduction
Day 2 [Fri 22, January], at 09:00 AM

David Ogg

David is Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, having started his forestry career in 1976. Between 1998 and 2006 David developed and managed 6 group schemes for both forest management and chain of custody certification with over 700 members in 5 European countries. He joined Control Union Certifications in 2006 and is now a....
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RSPO Certification : The Process and Pitfalls
Day 2 [Fri 22, January], at 09:05 AM
Ms. Kyoko Tochikawa
Managing Director/ Chief Carbon Advisor, Carbon Partners Asiatica
Exploring Opportunities for Utilising Oil Palm Biomass Including Empty Fruit Bunches and Palm Kernel Shells
Day 2 [Fri 22, January], at 11:00 AM


Kyoko Tochikawa





Kyoko graduated from Sydney University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. She has been working in the carbon industry since 2002 when she joined Mitsubishi Securities (now Mitsubishi UFJ Securities) and has overseen numerous CDM projects. She also has multiple successful CDM met....
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